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5 Tips for Moving to the Dominican Republic

5 Tips for Moving to the Dominican Republic

Moving to a new place is incredibly exciting—and incredibly stressful! Casa Linda has the inside scoop on moving to the Dominican Republic (DR) that can make your move less challenging and more exhilarating. Below are five tips that anyone moving to a new country should know about. 

Exchange Your Money Before You Travel

The last thing you want is to be caught in the airport on your first day here, ready to take a long nap and realize that the currency exchange office onsite is closed. That’s why at Casa Linda, we recommend that if you plan on moving to the Dominican Republic, you exchange your dollars for Dominican Pesos (RD$) before hopping on your flight. This way, you can research the best exchange rates in your area and prevent yourself from being overcharged.

Be Prepared to Slow Down

Dominicans value their time. In the Western world, people are used to “hustle culture,” but in the DR, life is slow. If you are moving to the Dominican Republic with the mindset that every hour of your vacation needs to be filled, you may find yourself out of sorts. Take this time to appreciate the little things. Slow down and take a three-hour dinner with your loved ones. Walk without a destination. Admire the colors of the wildflowers. Your time in the Dominican Republic is time to make memories.

Know Your Source of Income

When you make the move, you’ll need to know your source of income. You could plan on working or on starting your retirement life: both will benefit you! Many careers have adapted to go remote recently, so the chances of finding remote work have drastically increased. It’s up to you if you want to find a DR job or if you want to stick closer to what you know (maybe you already have a remote job). Retiring? Congrats! Enjoy everything your new home has to offer.

Get Appropriate Healthcare

The Dominican Republic has an amazing healthcare system, which is perfect for the expat life. No need to give up world-class healthcare when you move to the Dominican Republic! Currently, the medical system comes in 3 tiers: contributive, subsidized, and contributive subsidized. Make sure you look into what tier is right for you and set it up as soon as you can. 

Have a Citizenship Plan

Arguably the most important part of taking the leap and moving to the Dominican Republic is your plan for getting into the country. There is both a residency visa and a provisional residency to choose from. However, a residency visa will not grant you permanent residency, and a provisional residency can be tricky for the average foreigner. 

Want to know the smoothest route for moving to the Dominican Republic? Invest in DR real estate. Casa Linda offers customizable luxury villas with different options for style and comfort so you can choose the right feel for your new property. The DR government is friendly to foreign investors; and at Casa Linda, we price our villas reasonably so that you can participate in all of the fun island events that you find intriguing!

The Dominican Republic Awaits

Need to know more about moving to the Dominican Republic? Read more here. We are so excited that you’ve decided to join us in island living! If you have any questions, we would love to answer them. Contact us today!

Villa Sunset: Your Perfect Dominican Get Away

Villa Sunset: Your Perfect Dominican Get Away

The Dominican Republic is known for its sun, sand, and shores—but that’s not all the benefits Casa Linda owners receive with their villa! Villa Sunset offers so much for owners: from basics like onsite laundry and a full bath to luxuries such as the backyard swimming pool and private covered terrace. All this and more, and it’s waiting for your personal touch to make it a home. Why choose Villa Sunset? Keep reading to find out!

Affordable Prices for Any Couple

Fall asleep with a view of your very own pool at a price that you can feel good about. With two floorplans both landing under $300K USD, Villa Sunset is a luxury choice for couples looking to escape the cold winter months. This smartly-planned villa has all of the amenities of our other villas and has the option to fully customize it to your specific lifestyle. The under-$300K price includes the beautiful architecture of Villa Sunset, designed in a way that you can admire the included landscaping from any of the large floor-to-ceiling windows. If you’re wondering about the foreign land purchase process, Casa Linda can help you navigate through each step.

Space for All Your Hobbies

Are you a painter that just hasn’t had the time? Do you dream of completing that grand masterpiece but lack the room to do so? Fortunately, Casa Linda’s luxury villas have you covered! The Villa Sunset lends space for a guest home to be added to the property, which can be converted into your dream art studio, your own pottery shed, or any other space to let fly your creativity while onsite. If you’re itching to find inspiration for your next project, exploring more of the Dominican Republic’s North Coast is a fantastic opportunity! The Dominican Republic (DR) is welcoming to foreigners from all walks of life, and there are numerous clubs, theatre groups, churches, and community initiatives that you can join. At Casa Linda, we even host several annual events for our villa owners to mix and mingle! Let your creative side grow to its full potential in the DR!

Everything You Need, Right Here

Your Casa Linda neighbours may be avid bird watchers, dedicated athletes, community enthusiasts or many other things. We know that no matter your interests, there’s a community here waiting to meet you.

From schools to consulates and private pools to affordable health care, the Villa Sunset is close to anything you may need. Your favourite parts of home can be found here, minus the snow shovels! At Casa Linda, we have dedicated staff in our gated communities watching carefully over your home while you are away, so you can have peace of mind no matter where the moment takes you, for however long it takes you. We understand that no matter how perfect a place is, you will run into inconveniences. That’s why we have an owner’s liaison at your disposal at all times! Our owner’s liaison is here to help you smooth out any rough edges you may experience so that you can get back to your best vacation life: whatever that means for you. 

Escape to the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is calling your name! Browse the Villa Sunset online and start daydreaming of your future in the DR. Our fully-staffed team are available to reach right now, and will answer any questions you may have. Contact Casa Linda today!

Embrace Luxury Living by Investing in a Villa from Casa Linda

Embrace Luxury Living by Investing in a Villa from Casa Linda

Imagine waking up to the gentle sounds of swaying palm trees, basking in the warm Caribbean sun, and indulging in a life of luxury and relaxation. Nestled on the North end of the Dominican Republic, Casa Linda offers an enticing opportunity to own a slice of tropical paradise. With our years of experience and a stunning portfolio of villas, Casa Linda provides an easy and affordable way to start fresh in the Dominican Republic. Next are a few reasons why investing in one of Casa Linda’s luxury villas in the Dominican Republic is a fantastic option. Continue reading to find out more! 

Exclusive Location

The Dominican Republic (DR) is a tropical paradise blessed with captivating beauty and a vibrant local culture. Casa Linda’s luxury villas are strategically located in prime locations in the DR, allowing residents to embrace the best of what this stunning Caribbean island has to offer. From the breathtaking beaches of Cabarete to the lush greenery of Puerto Plata, each Casa Linda villa provides a unique experience tailored to your desires. Embrace the tranquillity of the quiet island life or revel in the excitement of a bustling coastal town filled with endless adventures– with Casa Linda, the choice is yours! 

Impeccable Design and Craftsmanship

Casa Linda’s villas in the Dominican Republic are a testament to the architectural design and meticulous attention to detail our in-house architects and designers can achieve. Crafted with precision, these luxurious residences combine traditional Caribbean charm with modern sophistication. While spacious floor plans, high-end finishes and seamless indoor-outdoor integration create an ambiance of tropical elegance and comfort. Whether you’re looking for a cozy villa for intimate living or a grande estate for lavish entertaining, Casa Linda has the perfect villa in the DR to cater to your unique tastes! 

Endless Recreational Opportunities

The Dominican Republic is a playground for adventure enthusiasts. With Casa Linda’s villas, you can live right in the heart of it all! Whether you’re an avid golfer, water sports enthusiast, or nature lover, this island offers something for everyone. Tee off at world-class golf courses, dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, explore lush tropical forests, or embark on cultural excursions– the possibilities for adventure and exploration are endless! Casa Linda’s gated communities are strategically located to give our residents easy access to these thrilling experiences.

Lucrative Investment Potential

Investing in a stunning Casa Linda villa not only unlocks a world of luxury but also offers an excellent investment opportunity. The Dominican Republic is a thriving tourist destination, attracting visitors from across the globe. With the high demand for vacation rentals, Casa Linda’s approved Rental Hosts can assist you in attaining significant rental income and the opportunity for capital appreciation. As a trusted builder in the Dominican Republic, Casa Linda provides a secure and reliable avenue for investment. 

Ready to Come Home to Paradise?

Owning a Casa Linda villa in the Dominican Republic is a gateway to a new, more relaxed or adventurous lifestyle. Every aspect of our stunning luxury villas is designed to surpass your expectations. Are you ready to indulge in the joy of Caribbean living with Casa Linda? Contact us today to learn more about our villas and life in the Dominican Republic!

Embrace Luxury Living by Investing in a Villa from Casa Linda

The 5 Best North Coast Beaches in the Dominican Republic

Take it all in at the top five north coast beaches that the Dominican Republic (DR) has to offer. Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to set up camp during your next vacation, or researching for your dream move to the DR, Casa Linda knows everything there is to know about Dominican Republic beaches! Keep reading to learn about our favorite beaches on the island.

Cabarete Beach

This well-loved beach is calling your name! If you want a beach with a peppy community, Cabarete is your place. Not only is it close to our Casa Linda villas,  it has quick access to the town of Cabarete. Cabarete has the ideal weather for learning to surf. Not a fan of the water? Stay on the sandy white shores and take up volleyball, dive into a good book, or take a nap. You’ll love the view no matter where you are.

Playa Grande

Ready to surf on the Atlantic? This hidden gem offers the perfect opportunity to try your hand at new activities. Enjoy the warm sand and stunning ocean for a day, then fill your stomach with the locals’ freshest catch at any of the nearby restaurants. Don’t forget to bring your camera! This beach has endless opportunities for photos that you can remember your trip by. 

Playa Teco de Maimon

For all the adventurous souls looking for a quiet beach, Playa Teco de Maimon is your best bet. Close to Puerto Plata, this beach is definitely worth the trek. And once you get there, you must try the fresh food the local restaurants offer. Maybe while you’re out of the water, you could try horseback riding or ATVing through the surrounding forest. Whatever your dream beach day looks like, we promise you’ll find it at Playa Teco de Maimon.

Playa Dorada

When you arrive at Playa Dorada, you’ll feel that you can finally breathe. Both tourists and locals adore this location for its serene waters and hospitable staff. There’s always something going on at this north coast beach; join a game of water sports, fly a kite, windsurf, or try any of the other activities happening. If you want to travel inland, it’s only a ten minute drive to downtown Puerto Plata. Retail access, surfing, and local food: what could be better than that?

Playa Bavaro

Imagine having over 40 kilometers of north coast beaches to walk. With Playa Bavaro, this is what you get! Take a seemingly-endless stroll across white sand, dip into the cool water, or lounge in your favourite beachy cove. It is by far the biggest stretch of beach and tops many lists of the best north coast beaches for many people. You won’t be disappointed at what this lovely beach has to offer.

Want Unlimited Access To These Beaches?

Casa Linda villas are a prime opportunity to stay close to the top north coast beaches in the Dominican Republic. Take your next vacation (or your retirement) up a couple notches by owning a Dominican Republic villa! Casa Linda is here to guide you on your journey. Ask us any questions that you may have today.

Embrace Luxury Living by Investing in a Villa from Casa Linda

Why Your Next Home Should be a Villa in the Dominican Republic

Beginning life in paradise starts with designing and building your dream home. At Casa Linda, our team of expert in-house architects and designers can create a custom villa for you in the Dominican Republic. Our team has decades of combined experience, meaning your custom villa will be a work of art and luxury! When you partner with Casa Linda, you can rest assured knowing that you’re one step closer to living in paradise. Below we’ll discuss why you should work with Casa Linda to design a custom villa in the Dominican Republic. Keep reading to learn more!

Opportunity for Fun in the Sun

The Dominican Republic is a sunny tropical paradise full of exciting adventures and things to do. If you’re the active type and want to spend more time outdoors, then Cabarete is the place to be! With stunning views, clean sandy beaches, and plenty of activities to try like kite or windsurfing, hiking, and more, our team at Casa Linda is sure you’ll find an abundance of things to keep you busy while you live in paradise. Our stunning gated community in Cabarete also offers a variety of activities, community events, and time for rest and relaxation. So you can take your time in paradise and soak up the Tranquilo lifestyle. Aside from the island’s many activities, the Dominican Republic offers over 200 days of sunshine with an average temperature of 28℃! In particular, Cabarete is protected from hurricanes, so you’ll never have to worry about the weather while soaking up the sun in the Dominican Republic. 

Luxury Customized for You

If life in the Dominican Republic sounds like a dream, Casa Linda Quality Communities can make that dream a reality. Our knowledgeable staff can help you determine the best floor plan for your personal needs, tastes, budget, and goals. You can even choose the base building materials, colour and style of your cabinets, doors, tiles, countertops, and the shape and size of your swimming pool. If that’s not enough customization for you, Casa Linda offers a variety of upgrades for your luxury villa. Some great custom add-ons include a jacuzzi, swim-up bar, rooftop terrace, carport, and more! So whether you decide to build your luxury villa from one of our existing floorplans, or you’re planning to create your own stunning home, our team at Casa Linda will happily work with you. 

Trust the Expert Villa Builders

For over 20 years, Casa Linda has been building custom luxury villas. Our team of designers and in-house architects has the knowledge and experience to make your dream tropical villa a reality. Our team is committed to providing you an affordable, luxurious life in paradise. Casa Linda is here to help you live your dreams in the Dominican Republic with our stunning gated community, incredible floorplans, and reasonably priced villas. Are you ready to take the next step toward paradise? Contact Casa Linda today to learn more about our villas and life in the Dominican Republic!