Expat Support & Information

Foreign buyers and expats have always been welcome in the Dominican Republic. You have the same rights as a Dominican citizen with regard to property ownership.



  • Simple residency process
  • Entire police force (CESTUR) devoted to tourism/tourists
  • Local mayors very involved in community and local culture
  • Low taxes
  • Fully owned real estate/titles


  • Most countries have consulates in the Dominican Republic. Canada has two, one in Santo Domingo, the other in Puerto Plata. The United States consulate is located in Santo Domingo.


  • Affordable healthcare (approx $1200/year for a couple) can be purchased from local companies. Hospitals are modern, well equipped and have English speaking doctors/specialists. Dentistry, plastic surgery, naturopathy and physiotherapy are also well catered here.


  • The North Coast abounds with social groups. We are a large community with diverse interests. From churches to book clubs, theater groups, gardening clubs, sports themed activity clubs, and much, much more.  Whatever activities you enjoy in your home country, you’ll find new friends here to do them with too.


  • That age of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have changed the way we communicate. Events, buy/sell, groups, concerts and almost everything else is advertised on specialized pages devoted to expats in the Sosua/Cabarete area.


  • There are three excellent international schools catering to kids from age three to high school. American and Canadian curriculums are followed with English spoken as the instructional language.


  • Property and Vehicle insurance is handled similarly to North America with prices and policy choices following client needs. For full coverage on a villa (depending on value and size) prices range from $500 to $2,000 US per year. Vehicle insurance depends on age of vehicle and type of coverage required. A good estimate is $1,000 to $1,700 US per year.


  • Currency in the DR is the Peso. In order to open a DR bank you will need the following: your passport; letter of recommendation from your own bank (this is generally a standardized form); and a personal recommendation from a person known to the bank (this can be provided by us). You may then open a bank account in dollars or pesos or both.


  • For owners who don’t make the DR their permanent home or who travel a lot, a gated community provides piece of mind. It’s great knowing that someone is watching over your property, doing maintenance, cleaning, paying the bills, etc.

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