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Dominican Republic Residency

What are the steps?

Getting Your DR Residency

Tourists are allowed to spend 60-days (extendable to 120-days) in the Dominican Republic.  If you plan to spend longer in the DR, then it’s advisable to obtain a legal residency status.

What do you need if you want to actually “live” in the Dominican Republic?  Please read below to learn all about Dominican residency:

Steps to take in order to obtain Dominican Republic residency:

OBTAIN A RESIDENCY VISA: This is the first requirement to enter the country if you wish to start living in the DR. This visa is obtained from your country of origin and is stamped into your passport. Once you have this visa, you then have 6-days to enter the DR and start the next part of the process.

OBTAIN A PROVISIONAL RESIDENCY: This residency classification is designed for those who wish to reside or work in the country for a period of up to one year. After obtaining residency, the foreign national has the option of renewing provisional residency on a yearly basis until the fourth year. On the fourth year the foreign national will qualify to apply for permanent residency.


The DR government is looking for several documents to prove you can sustain yourself in the country, are in good physical health, and have no criminal record:

  • Bank statements for the last three months.
  • Two frontal photos (2×2).
  • Lab Test (HIV, drug test) and a letter from a Doctor stating that you do not have communicable diseases. For those already in the D.R. we provide information of facilities that perform the medical test and provide the medical certificate.
  • Birth certificate (apostille or legalized)
  • Certificate of good conduct from police (apostille or legalized)
  • Copy of valid passport
  • Provide the required documentation according to the visa category. (Work, retired, investment, married to a Dominican or a resident; proof that you have been living in the country for long period). If you are a missionary or NGO you will need a letter confirming your status from your organization.

The DR consulate in your home country can help you with the residency process, or we are happy to recommend several excellent law firms that specialize in assisting with the process.

Join us and have fun in the sun!

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