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Island Life.

What’s it Really Like?

It's Like Home...Only Warmer!

DR life is about noticing the little things like flowers blooming in January, or a lawn mower running in February. It’s about evening walks and meeting friends who are out on their back terrace. It’s about sharing our life with family, and old and new friends. The crazy pace slows down and what matters picks up.

What is different is the time. Really living your life is the important thing here. We never get cold and hardly ever wear long pants. Island life is about fresh fruits and vegetables, time for new friends, good restaurants, colorful drinks, boat rides, the beach and backyard barbecues.

Island life means an upgrade in quality of life.

Don’t we all deserve that?

Everything Changes for the Better

Warm, humid air means many ailments often go away like arthritis or joint pain. We buy our fruits and veggies directly from the farm – delivered from the bed of a pick up truck. We could buy it in one of several modern grocery stores, but it’s fresher this way.

Dominican Republic island life offers the same quality of services, medical care, and shopping as North America or Europe. You may find them in a different way, or on a smaller scale, but you won’t miss out on anything that you either want or need. In the end, it’s all about escaping the cold to a place where your standard of living goes up, and stresses go down. It’s about sunny mornings on your terrace, twilight walks on the beach, and a slower, easier way of life.



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