Create Your Perfect Dominican Home With Casa Linda

Create Your Perfect Dominican Home With Casa Linda

Are you looking to settle down and enjoy the benefits of island living? If you’ve been eyeing tropical destinations to settle down in for the longterm, the DR is ready and waiting to welcome you to its sunny shores. Ideal for retirees looking for a safe and stable country to settle down in, the DR has plenty of benefits to explore. Learn more about creating your dream life in paradise with a custom villa by Casa Linda below!

Kiss Winter Goodbye

Tired of long winters and a hectic schedule that keeps you on the go 24/7? The Dominican Republic will give you plenty of relief from cold weather and treat you to average temperatures of 28°C/84°F, along with 300 days of sun each year. The north section of the island, where Casa Linda builds is hurricane-free and keeps you sheltered from extreme weather, meaning that all that’s left to do is sit back and relax in paradise.

Peace of Mind

The Dominican Republic is safe and ranked 71st internationally, above other common expat destinations, including Mexico, Cuba, Belize, The Bahamas, and more. Casa Linda’s luxury community is gated and offers 24/7 security for added support, including assistance when you’re out of town.

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Dependable Infrastructure

The Dominican Republic has advanced infrastructure that gives you easy access to high-speed internet, round-the-clock electricity, and many of your favorite brands readily available, you’ll find that the Dominican is just like home…only better!

Discover Your Life of Luxury With Casa Linda

As a leading builder on the island for nearly 30 years, Residential Casa Linda is proud to offer our homeowners access to our vibrant community as well as our breathtaking villas. Casa Linda’s gated community makes it easy to feel safe and secure as you get used to life on the island, as well as the opportunity to meet your fellow homeowners, partake in regular activities, and experience your life in paradise to the fullest! Each of our floorplans is highly customizable, giving you the chance to let your sense of style shine with standout features, comfy furniture, and everything in between.

If you’re ready to make your dream of island life a reality, contact Casa Linda today to learn more!

Dominican Living: Focus on Healthcare

Dominican Living: Focus on Healthcare

Are you in the process of considering making a permanent move abroad and researching ideal locations before house hunting? Thanks to its stable economy and infrastructure, as well as its affordable housing, the Dominican Republic has become a top favourite among expatriates from around the globe. With constant sun, a low cost of living, and no shortage of activities and places to explore, the DR has plenty of perks to offer residents. One of the most important benefits that comes with living in the Dominican that you may not know about is our world-class healthcare system. If you’ve been eyeing the DR and are wondering what your medical care might look like once you’re here, read on below to find out more!

Top-Tier Care in State of the Art Facilities

Despite misconceptions and rumours that may say otherwise is, the fact is, the Dominican Republic is home to a remarkable healthcare system that has seen vast improvements and expansion since 2001. Since the introduction of the country’s reformed approach, a multi-tiered system has emerged that gives residents access to world-class facilities and highly-qualified medical professionals. Lesser known still is that, not only is the Dominican leaps and bounds ahead of other Caribbean countries in terms of the quality of care, but the medical system often provides such services at lower costs and with shorter wait times than many North American counterparts!

Health Insurance

In addition to having one the most advanced medical systems in Latin American, the Dominican also makes it extremely easy to obtain affordable health insurance that includes both medical and dental care. There are several types of plans available to choose from and the average cost of an advanced plan ranges from approximately $700 to $1500 USD annually (per couple). Plans cover doctor’s visits, hospital stays, in-hospital medicines, dental procedures, ambulance services, etc. and can be purchased on a yearly or quarterly basis, making them a perfect choice for Snowbirds and PR seekers alike.

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As we’ve mentioned above, the DR is home to exceptional care conducted in top-tier facilities, just like you would find back home. For example, just five minutes from Casa Linda is Centro Medico Cabarete, a full-service hospital that provides specialists for all medical issues, a full-service surgery, excellent diagnostic equipment like an MRI, as well as English speaking professional to assist. Advanced treatments are available at HOMS Hospital in Santiago (1 hour away), which specializes in oncology, heart health, and even has robotic surgery options.


If you have existing prescriptions, you can rest at ease. Doctors here prescribe the same as other places in the world, and local pharmacists are well trained and able to advise on health issues and medicines in both English in Spanish in the majority of pharmacies.

Rest Easy In Paradise

The World Health Organization ranks the Dominican Republic healthcare system within their top 100 systems worldwide, meaning that you can move here and expect the same kind of care you would see back home, if not better in certain instances. Medical care in the DR should never be a barrier to your life in paradise, giving you peace of mind and help when it matters most.

Are you ready to discover life in the sun? Contact Casa Linda today to learn how you can get started building your dream home!

Come For the Adventure, Stay for the Beauty in Stunning Cabarete

Come For the Adventure, Stay for the Beauty in Stunning Cabarete

Paradise is calling, are you ready to answer? If you’ve been dreaming of embracing life on the island, it’s time to make your vision a reality. Come explore over 200 white sandy beaches, miles of coastline, and endless natural beauty that’s just waiting for you to call it home. For nearly 3 decades, Casa Linda has helped adventurers just like you find their perfect home in paradise, with our exclusive community just outside of Cabarete offering beautiful villas starting as low as $185,000 USD. Learn more about life in Cabarete, including the many activities available below!

Welcome to Cabarete

Known for soaring our temperatures (28°C) all year round, as well as for being sheltered during hurricane season and home to some of the most coveted beaches on the island, the Puerto Plata province of the Dominican Republic is home to the town of Cabarete. Located just 11 miles (18km) away from an international airport serviced by numerous airlines worldwide, Cabarete is easy to access for snowbirds and their families and puts the full beauty of the Dominican on display. With over 300 days of sun each year, Cabarete is truly a piece of heaven on earth!

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Find Your New Adventure

Are you looking to spend your retirement keeping busy, or hoping to slow down and enjoy each passing moment in quiet? No matter what kind of ‘adventure’ you’re looking for in your new home, the DR has you covered! From countless historical areas to explore, local rum and cigar factories to indulge in, endless trails to wander and thrills like deep-sea fishing and sailing all readily available, Cabarete’s many attractions are sure to delight and surprise each and every day.

Settle in the Dominican with Casa Linda

With decades of experience under our belt, Casa Linda makes finding the perfect home for your needs easy. Our comprehensive floor plans have something that’s just right for everyone, and with endless opportunities to customize, your dream home can take shape far faster than you think! From installing luxurious infinity pools to sprawling gardens, guest houses, and more, creating the perfect space is a breeze. With prices starting as low as $185,000 USD, there’s never been a better time to buy in the Dominican!

Learn more about purchasing your dream home abroad today by contacting our team now!

Poolside Paradise at Casa Linda

Poolside Paradise at Casa Linda

Do you dream of relaxing in the tropical sun and sipping Pina Coladas from the comfort of your very own poolside? If you’re looking for the perfect place to retire in paradise, the Dominican Republic is calling! Located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, the DR brings plenty of natural beauty, over 300 days of sun each year, and a vibrant culture that’s incredibly welcoming to expats. Whether you’re ready to relocate permanently or want to embrace the snowbird life for a few winters before making the jump to full-time living abroad, the DR is the perfect spot to make your island dreams a reality. Learn more about moving to the Dominican and homes with Residencial Casa Linda below!

Welcome to Paradise

If you’ve been yearning to move abroad, you’ve no doubt realized that there are numerous options to choose from. While nations like Mexico, Belize, Portugal and other destinations often perk interest, the Dominican Republic offers an ideal balance of climate, culture, and more. These factors, combined with affordable housing in gated communities like Casa Linda, make the Dominican a perfect fit for retirees and investors looking to settle down on the island. Key benefits to relocating to the Dominican include:

Peace of Mind

Choosing to uproot your life and move to another country can feel overwhelming, especially if you have concerns about safety. Fortunately, the Dominican’s stable economy and government make it an ideal location to invest in and the fact that the DR is a safe country that offers security when it matters most.

Friendly Community

The Dominican is an island teeming with culture and community. History buffs will love the many historical areas and stories of the region, and newcomers will enjoy the infamous friendliness of Dominican culture. With no shortage of events, activities and other ways to get involved, starting your new life in paradise is easy!

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Better Dollar Value

One of the most challenging aspects of moving abroad is finding a location that matches your budget, both for the immediate move and in the future. The cost of living in the Dominican is extremely cheap, from housing to day-to-day expenses. This means you’ll never have to sacrifice quality or enjoyment and can live life to the fullest!


Knowing that you’ll always be cared for brings significant peace of mind. For those with existing medical concerns or wanting to plan ahead for the future, you’ll be happy to know that the DR offers exceptional world-class care in state-of-the-art facilities and services in English. Better yet, medical costs are often lower here than back home, meaning you can rest easy knowing your health will always be in capable hands!

Dominican Republic Villas At Casa Linda

Located on the serene north end of the island, Casa Linda’s exclusive gated community offers you the chance to create the Dominican Republic villa of your dreams at an affordable price. Tailor your home to your exact needs and craft the ultimate paradise to enjoy with the help of our experienced builders. Then, relax and unwind in our stunning community full of friendly neighbours, events, activities and more.

If you’re ready to embrace life in the sun, Casa Linda is here to help! Contact us today to learn more!

Fast Facts For Moving to the Dominican Republic

Fast Facts For Moving to the Dominican Republic

Tired of dreaming of island living during long winter months and getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of city living? Ready to make a change that will transform your life and open a brand new chapter full of adventure and wonder? It’s time to start dreaming and join the thousands of expatriates that call the Dominican home!

As an economically stable country with superior infrastructure and incentives for foreign buyers, the Dominican Republic is a fantastic spot to start fresh and shake off the cold while embracing all of the beauty that the island has to offer. As one of the premier builders on the island, Casa Linda has helped homeowners build their perfect villa in paradise and adjust to Dominican living. We offer multiple versatile floor plans to choose from and countless ways to customize your space, as well as a dedicated team that’s ready to help you embrace island life. Below, we’ve compiled a shortlist of some of the most commonly asked questions our team answers to help you in the decision-making process. Read on to learn more!

Q: Where is The Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is part of the Island of Hispaniola, which is also shared by Haiti and located just southeast of the United States. As a popular tourist destination, the DR is serviced by direct flights from over 26 countries, 64 cities, and over 90 airports, meaning it is accessible to expatriates from all over the world.

Q: What is the national language of the DR?

Spanish is the designated language within the Dominican, however, the increasing expatriate community means that English has become more commonplace, especially on the northern end of the island (where Casa Linda’s development is located). Most expatriates find they are able to navigate reasonably well with minimal Spanish, however, we do recommend taking lessons to get to a conversational level over time for your own benefit and enrichment.

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Q: What is the Climate Like?

The average daily temperature range between 24-28°C (60-80°F) all year round, and the island gets over 300 days of sun each year. The north end of the island is sheltered during hurricane season, and very rarely sees severe weather.

Q: How Long Can I Stay Without Residency?

Note: Those considering full-time residency should be aware of the limits stated below.

At present, Dominican law states that visitors can stay up to 30 days per visit without a residency permit. This visa is extendable up to 90-days if needed. If you plan to reside in the country permanently at any point, you will need to pursue a permanent residency application, which is a straightforward process involving paperwork from your home country disclosing your income, health, birth certificate, criminal record, etc.

Q: Is There Quality Medical Care?

Expatriates are often pleasantly surprised to learn that the DR has exceptional healthcare that often costs less than they may be accustomed to at home. Health insurance is available for as low as $700-1500 USD a year and with state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained medical professionals offering support in Spanish and English, you’ll always be cared for when it matters most.

Learn More About Island Living

Residencial Casa Linda is the premier builder on the north end of the island. With over 27 years under our belts, stunning custom villas and an incredible community available, we make it easy to bring your vision of island living to life. Learn more by contacting our team today!

Green Gardens and Paradise with Casa Linda

Green Gardens and Paradise with Casa Linda

Swaying palm trees, gentle ocean breezes and beautiful crystal blue waters: this is the Dominican Republic. If you’ve been yearning to answer the call of the island, there’s never been a better time to make your dreams a reality with Casa Linda. Known as the crown jewel of the Caribbean, the Dominican is a beach lover’s paradise and the perfect place to settle down and enjoy the life tranquilo. Whether you’re looking to retire in style or embark on an adventure like no other, Casa Linda is here to help you create the perfect fit. Our team is proud to welcome home buyers from all over the world to our beautiful backyard and to help them create stunning villas that are customized to their exact needs. Learn more about creating your dream home in paradise with Casa Linda below!

Welcome Home

With over 300 days of sun a year, average temperatures of 24°C/82°F, and over 200 beaches just waiting to be explored, it’s no surprise that the Dominican Republic is a preferred destination among those looking to leave winter behind for good. In addition to its natural beauty and fantastic climate, the DR offers a stable economy, dependable infrastructure, world-class healthcare system, a lower cost of living and affordable houses backed by a government that welcomes foreign investors. All of these factors make it easy to purchase in the Dominican with peace of mind both for today and the many years to come.

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Island Living Made Easy

What does your perfect island home look like? Whether you dream of entertaining guests and wowing them with meals prepared in a state of the art chef’s kitchen, tending to a tropical garden and soaking in peace and quiet, cooling off in your very own private pool, part of the luxury of building with Casa Linda is knowing that you have every last detail covered. Our gated community offers 24/7 security and even has services to ensure your home is safe and properly kept while you’re away. No matter what your definition of luxury is, living in your dream tropical paradise is simple with Casa Linda!

Trust Casa Linda Today

Casa Linda has over 27-years of construction, administration, and rental management experience making us one of the most trusted developers in the Dominican. We believe in going above and beyond to ensure our owners rest easy knowing they are in skilled hands.

Learn more about life in The Dominican Republic, as well as our available homes, by contacting Casa Linda today!