How To Prepare To Retire In The Dominican Republic

How To Prepare To Retire In The Dominican Republic

Is retirement just around the corner? Congratulations! If you’re excited to tackle this new phase of life and are hoping to make a major change by starting a new adventure abroad, Casa Linda is here to help! Embrace life on the island can be the perfect way to let go of the busyness of everyday life, as well as say goodbye to long, dreary winters. For those who are considering taking the leap and moving aboard, below are a few key factors you’ll want to keep in mind to make the transition as simple as possible!

Where To Begin

Regardless of what your plans are once you retire, it’s important to take time to evaluate all of your options and make an informed decision that’s best for both your short and long term goals. Whether you’re hoping to permanently relocate or simply spend part of the year on sunnier shores, you’ll need to do some homework to determine what works for your needs and current financial situation. While it can often seem daunting to consider moving abroad, it’s important to remember that foresight and planning can go a long way towards making your dreams of island life a comfortable reality! Factors you’ll want to consider before making the leap include:

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Your Current And Projected Financial Standing

Think your finances are a limiting factor? While it’s important to stay within your budget to protect your long term happiness, many couples fail to realize just how versatile retirement options can be abroad. Casa Linda, for example, offers affordable custom villas in the Dominican Republic for retirees, snowbirds, and everyone in between. Coupled with the low cost of living in the Caribbean, your savings tend to go much farther than you may expect by simply relocating within North America.

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Medical and Healthcare Needs

Did you know that the Dominican Republic is home to world class medical facilities and healthcare providers? Despite being often mislabeled as a third world country, the DR offers residents access to exceptional levels of medical and healthcare, with plenty of English speaking professionals readily on hand. With this in mind, it’s important to speak with your current medical team about any existing conditions, medications, and more before making a move.

Create The Lifestyle You Want To Lead

What’s your style of retirement? Contrary to the popular image that many have in mind, there’s no “perfect” way to retire. While some may prefer to unwind on the beach in peace, others need to stay active and get their fair share of thrills. Choosing a location, as well as a new culture that’s best suited to your desired lifestyle will help you settle in quickly and enjoy retirement to its fullest!

Know The Requirements For Purchasing Property

Finally, it’s integral to be aware that different countries will have varying rules and guidelines for foreigners wishing to purchase land, especially with or without resident status. The Dominican Republic, for example, has no rules prohibiting foreign investments and makes offers a straight forward residency process for those wishing to live on the island full time.

Experience The “Life Tranquilo” With Casa Linda

As a premier builder located on the north end of the Dominican Republic, Casa Linda is proud to have spent over 27 years building dream homes for our owners. With multiple luxurious floor plans to choose from, as well as plenty of options for customization, living the life tranquilo (laid back and easy going) is a walk on the beach!

Ready to take the first step?

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What You Need To Know About Retiring In The Dominican Republic

What You Need To Know About Retiring In The Dominican Republic

Are you in the retirement planning stage? Or have you begun your retirement but you’re looking for something more? Retirement can be a bit of a shock to people who are used to the structure of work and days filled by their careers. You’ve worked hard your whole life, raised your kids, and now it’s your time. Purchasing a retirement villa in the Dominican Republic is easier than you may think, and this island nation has a lot to offer.

There’s A Lot to Love about the Dominican Republic

First, of course, is the weather. When you have spent your winters in a cold climate the idea of spending a January afternoon at the beach is beyond appealing! In addition to the perfect weather are the friendly island residents who are always happy to welcome new people to their island. The Dominican Republic has one of the most stable currencies and strongest economies in Latin America. It is popular with ex-pats and retirees for a whole host of reasons beyond the weather.  Wholly owned villas or condos in the Dominican Republic are affordable – helping you make the most of you retirement dollars.  And even though these villas and condos are budget-friendly, they are nothing short of luxurious.

Accessible, Safe, and Welcoming

Casa Linda communities are gated,  with full time security gate and guards looking after property and owners alike.  The island itself is very safe and stable. The DR has top-notch medical facilities and services, with many doctors and nurses speaking English. The infrastructure is comparable to what you are used to and there is reliable internet connectivity. The DR is a tourist Mecca which means there great flight from the United States and Canada; many direct.

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Northern DR is home to a large and vibrant ex-pat community that is friendly, active, and growing every year! Spending your days with an active group of like-minded retirees can make your retirement a much more enriching experience that brings a lot of joy to your life.

Affordable Retirement

It is possible to live in the Dominican Republic on a budget of around $1,500 to $2,500 per month US. Many of the same household and personal products and brands that you are used to are available on the island. Housing is much more affordable and custom-built luxury villas in the Dominican Republic are very much in reach. When your finances are in order and you don’t have that stress, it’s even easier to enjoy your days out on the golf course or tennis court or at the beach or your pool. The villas or condos of Casa Linda offer an excellent return on your investment!

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Casa Linda – Choose from a Variety of Floor Plans

The great thing about Casa Linda is its sense of community and the amount of activities and entertainment options. The villas and condos are stunning and contain the high-end finishes and features that one would expect from luxury villas in the Dominican Republic. There are many floor plans available and the team will work with you to design the home of your dreams! Each villa has a private pool that is designed to complement the style of the home. You will enjoy your outdoor space almost as much as the home itself, as many of the floor plans include outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas. There are also villas with courtyards for people who love to spend the majority of their time outside enjoying the perfect weather that the DR offers.  Many condos offer sea views and all enjoy an incredible central pool are and a short walk to the beach.

Discover The Dominican Republic: Your Cost Friendly Paradise

Discover The Dominican Republic: Your Cost Friendly Paradise

Life in an affordable tropical paradise is a dream for many people, not just retirees. There’s a reason that the Dominican Republic is such a popular destination for ex-pats, with more people moving to the island each year. There’s a lot to love about DR, and it all comes at a very reasonable cost of living. It’s great for anyone looking to live a more relaxed life, whether you want to move to the Caribbean full-time or are looking for a vacation or investment property. The villas at Casa Linda provide an active community that is safe and affordable. When you take a look at the custom-built villas that are available at Casa Linda you will be pleasantly surprised at just how far your money goes in the DR!

Enjoy an Affordable Retirement in the Dominican Republic

Retirement is lasting longer and longer with extended lifespans, and because of this, it makes sense to live where you can get the most for your money. Housing is reasonable, and you can truly live a life of luxury for a fraction of the cost in North America. Health care is also abundant and meets the high standards that you are accustomed to, all at an affordable cost. With those two big items covered, housing and medical expenses, you can rest assured that DR offers the opportunity to live a comfortable life on a retirement budget. You will spend less on everyday items and have more time and money to enjoy your days at the beach or on the golf course.

Budget-Friendly Life in Paradise

The cost of living in the Dominican Republic is one of the main draws to the island, besides the weather!  You can expect most of the same brands and products that you are used to at home, as well as a host of island products to love. The infrastructure in DR is similar to what you are used to, and you won’t feel like you’re giving anything up when you are living on this stable and economically-secure island. With less worry about financial issues, you are able to spend your day visiting with friends, entertaining at your fully-appointed villa, or just enjoying a day at the beach or on the golf course.

Luxury Villas at Casa Linda are a Perfect Fit

Whether you are looking for your retirement home, are looking for your next entrepreneurial opportunity, or seek a vacation or investment property, look no further than Casa Linda! And, with a two-hour flight time from Miami, it’s not a hassle to go home for visits or have your family come and visit you. Housing costs are usually what eats up most of a budget, and when you have an affordable home, it can make all the difference. Anyone on a pension or military retirement can enjoy a lifestyle that may be out of reach in the United States or Canada. If you want to really enjoy your retirement, you owe it to your self to check out the Dominican Republic and the luxury community of Casa Linda. From the VIP beach club to your private swimming pool, there’s no shortage of activities available in the Casa Linda community. It’s no surprise that the community keeps growing!

If you are interested in relocating to the Dominican Republic, whether for retirement or to just enjoy a better lifestyle, contact Casa Linda today and find out more about our custom-built luxury villas.