Citizenship by Investment: What You Need to Know

Citizenship by Investment: What You Need to Know

Your Perfect Villa

is waiting for you at casa linda

Are you one of the many families across North America and Europe that are looking to make a change, shake up your day to day and relocate to a tropical paradise? Whether you’re coming up on retirement and want a change of pace to settle into or are a savvy investor that’s eager to make the most of relaxed property investment rules, the Dominican Republic is the perfect Caribbean escape to call home. With endless beauty, a vibrant community of fellow expatriates waiting for you, and countless ways to explore, there’s no better time to take the leap and make your dreams of beach living a reality!

For over 25 years, Casa Linda Quality Communities has been one of the Dominican’s trusted builders on the northern end of the island (just outside Cabarete). We’re thrilled to welcome newcomers to our beautiful piece of paradise, and to help you settle into your new home with ease. Below, we’ll chat about some of the logistics to have in mind if you’re planning on making a permanent move to the DR. Read on to learn more!

What to Expect When Living in the Dominican Republic

There’s a reason that many retirees and expats from all over the world choose to relocate to the Dominican Republic. Alongside it’s attractive low cost of living, the DR also boasts exceptional infrastructure, a stable government/economy, and a world class healthcare system that treats you to unbeatable medical care when it matters most. With plenty of familiar shops, service widely available in English as well as Spanish, and a bustling culture that’s always ready to welcome you, you may be surprised to find that paradise is a lot like your home country…only better!

Residency Requirements

If you plan on staying in the country permanently, you’ll need to be aware of the various rules pertaining to residency and remaining in the country. When you first come to visit, you can stay in the country for up to 60 days at a time (extendable to 120 days). If you wish to stay longer, however, you’ll need to take a closer look at residency requirements. First steps towards residency include:

dominican republic citizenship by investment

Obtaining a Residency Visa

Residency visas are obtained in your country of origin and are stamped into your passport. Once received, you will have 6 days to enter the DR and move toward the next step in the process.

Obtain A Provisional Residency

While most people may be aware of the “standard” provisional residency visa that requires you to re-apply for a visa year after year for 4 years (after which you can apply for permanent residency), one of the lesser-known ways to achieve citizenship in the DR is citizenship via investment. Unlike the standard process mentioned above, citizenship via investment can actually fast-track the application and have you acquire your citizenship in a year. To qualify you’ll not only need to pass a detailed health exam and background check but will also need to make a sizeable economic contribution to either a government fund or approved real estate transaction.

In the case of purchasing real estate, your home must be a government-approved option for investment and must be at least $200,000 USD in addition to a $25,000 USD fee for the main applicant and $10,000 USD fee for spouses. After purchasing the home, ownership must be maintained for a minimum for 4 years, at which point it may be resold.

Casa Linda Quality Communities: Luxury Living in Paradise

Looking for affordable luxury living in paradise? Casa Linda has you covered! Our villas offer you plenty of comfort and freedom to customize and are located in a safe gated community that grants you peace of mind and convenience.

Residency in the Dominican Republic offers the best of both worlds to anyone looking to experience paradise without ever having to sacrifice on the quality of life, and we’re happy to help you leave your dream sunny lifestyle in style! Contact us today to learn more!


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Cost of Living in the Dominican Republic: Basic Breakdown

Cost of Living in the Dominican Republic: Basic Breakdown

Your Perfect Villa

is waiting for you at casa linda

Are you and your loved one on the hunt for the perfect locale to retire and enjoy long sunny days, warm weather, and endless white beaches? Finding a new country to settle down in can feel like a daunting process for prospective expatriates, but, with the right information, making your decision can become much easier. At Casa Linda Quality Communities, we’re here to make retiring in the Dominican Republic straightforward and exciting. In addition to offering luxurious villa living, our team of experts is here to assist you with making the move simple.

If you’ve been trying to find the perfect place to call home, we’re happy to show you how you can live the affordable lifestyle you’ve always wanted in paradise. Below, we’ll break down some basic expenses you’ll encounter when moving abroad, and what they might look like for you in the Dominican Republic. Read on to learn more!


The number one priority for anyone relocating to a new country is securing, safe, affordable, and comfortable housing. Thanks to the overall low cost of living in the Dominican Republic, purchasing a dream villa can easily be done on a wide variety of budgets, with Casa Linda offering exceptional floor plans that start as low as $199,000 USD. When you need to extend your dollar without compromising on the luxury of your home, the DR is the perfect fit!

dominican republic villas


As with your current living situation, you can expect to pay for standard utilities when arriving in the Dominican. However, unlike at home, you’ll spend significantly less! Basic utilities like water, electricity and garbage are about $60 USD a month, and broadband internet connect averages around $50 monthly as well.

The one thing you’ll kind in mind is that, in spite of the DR’s strong infrastructure, power outages are a common occurrence in the DR, so purchasing a backup generator will go a long way towards minimizing any disruptions.

Food and Groceries

One of the best parts of moving to the DR is that you can expect to spend far less on food, both for groceries, as well as when eating out. Thanks to a bounty of fresh produce and food options on the island, your weekly average for groceries will typically be much lower than you are used to. For those who love to eat out, you can relish the fact that dining is generally much cheaper as well!


Alongside housing, healthcare is one of the biggest concerns for expatriates. You’ll be pleased to learn that the Dominican Republic has exceptional healthcare that is incredibly accessible, as well as affordable, meaning you’ll never have to worry about your quality of care. With state-of-the-art facilities and services available in both English and Spanish, you can rest easy knowing you’ll always have the help you need when it matters most.

Ready to Learn More About Budgeting For Life Abroad?

Contact Casa Linda to learn more about purchasing your dream home in paradise today!


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Building a Home in the Dominican Republic

Building a Home in the Dominican Republic

Building a Home


By Vicki Tetley

My name is Vicky Tetley, I am originally from Canada. My husband, Dave, and I are currently going through the process of becoming a DR homeowner.

We recently became DR property villa owners in Casa Linda, follow us through the creative process, construction site, and legal steps of our buyer’s journey. 

Picking Your Materials

Once you meet with the Architects and your lot reservation is signed, the next step is to choose your materials. We’ve selected the colors white and gray for a modern look, we’ve selected the tile that offsets that as well.

The selection process was very easy, we focused on a clean modern look for our villa. Janine and Indiana will make this easy for you they’ll send you a sheet of some of the selections before your visit, to the showroom. Many of these items can be picked in advance and that leaves a good time to look at the ones you want to see, touch, and feel in the showroom.

Meeting at Construction Site

If you have the opportunity to be here during your construction, you can arrange an appointment to come see your villa in person escorted by the construction team, so, don’t wear flip-flops, bring some running shoes, if you want to do this because it’s not safe to go on flip-flops on site.

At the moment I came to visit, they were just placing the plaster that covers all the blocks. Once the plaster is ready the next process is to paint the house, start cleaning all around and place the floors. So very soon the house would be ready. The construction manager and team are there to help you at any time to ensure you’re happy with your home.

Final Contact of Sale

This is the final document that will be registered ath the DR land titles office. SIgning the contract will be the detrimental step to close the process before your keys are handed.

Thank you for keeping up with our buyers’ journey I can’t wait for the villa turnover where we’re finally moving in. We look forward to you being there with us.

If you are planning for retirement or seek a home base with a lower cost of living, it’s time to check out the Dominican Republic! 🌴 Learn more about Dominican features and amenities through our video series on Youtube: “Buying Real Estate in the Dominican Republic”.


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Who Buys in the Dominican Republic?

Who Buys in the Dominican Republic?

Who is the Typical Buyer

in the dominican republic?

Colleen Valerio

Certainly, from the people that I’ve at least sold to, most of our buyers come from cold places, although we get a lot of buyers from Florida, which is always amazing to me, having said that, our buyers are mostly Americans and Canadians. There are tons of Europeans too.

Find out all traits that our owners have in common below:

TRAIT #1: Adventurous, Well-Traveled

I can usually tell fairly quickly if someone’s going to be a good fit here, and if you’re not, I’ll tell you because we want you to be happy. People tend to be from cold climates. They tend to be adventurous. They tend to be well-traveled. They are looking for something different.

TRAIT #2: Tired of cold

Generally, they just want to get out of winter and that is always a common denominator. Why do they come here? Full-time? Part-time? Most of our buyers don’t move here full-time. Most people buy pre-retirement so they can pay for it. Still there working with people. Many let their properties rent and we´ll caution you.

Rental is because you want to cover your costs, not because you think you’re going to get rich and I can tell you honestly, 10 years ago people made a lot of money on the rentals. Now, there’s a lot more competition Airbnb happened and that changed the scope and face of rental.

All of our owners are part of property management companies that are on Airbnb, Expedia, Trip Advisor, they’re doing marketing project levels. I always say, if you make a lot of gravy, that’s great, expect to cover your costs, these are vacation homes, not investment properties. You want to have an investment that’s a whole different realm of opportunity. You’re buying here because you want to. 

cabarete luxury villas

TRAIT #3: Pre-Retirement age

Our buyers are between 50 and 70 years old, usually, and looking towards retirement and what’s been really kind of a gift for us is this business has been engaged all around. We’ve made friends from all over, but what’s been cool is watching the progression from the time where they bought where they still worked, then seeing them come more often to where all of a sudden, this property becomes their primary residence.

The other thing that it’s important to know is as you’re getting older your body doesn’t work so well anymore. If you are 62, 14 years from now, the knees hurt, the hips aren’t so good, the heart condition is not at its best.

What’s important to know is that the medical care is here, and, they work with your doctor from the place you come and they find specialists to help you with whatever condition, so you can get old here. People think I got to go back forever, but you can have a full-time nurse here. Do you need home care? This is the place to do it; It’s better to be elderly in the Dominican Republic where climate is not as rough for the joints.

TRAIT #4: Sense of community

I once had a client who said something that I thought was so incredible I have never forgotten. It went “I want to choose who I grow old with”. I said: “what do you mean?” and she said to me: “I want to have my court group of friends to be together, for when I get old because your kids are always around you but they have their own lives”. Then I realized that I’ve been doing that for 14 years with all these buyers.

This is a great place to have friends to be with you as you get older, you’re stuck with us forever and that is something people don’t think about when they buy here, again, back to the community. 

So, we’ve seen this happen time and time again. However, I also see it as us. We used to spend as much as 11 months a year here. Now with grandchildren, we’re going home for 4 months a year during the summertime. So, what is cool I guess is that you have a massive amount of flexibility and you can do what you like. 


If you are planning for retirement or seek a home base with a lower cost of living, it’s time to check out the Dominican Republic! 🌴 Learn more about Dominican features and amenities through our video series “Buying Real Estate in the Dominican Republic”. 


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colleen valerio

Colleen Valerio, Marketing Director

Originally from western Canada, Colleen came to the DR over 15-years ago. She has been helping buyers find their tropical dream homes ever since.

Work From Home in the Dominican Republic!

Work From Home in the Dominican Republic!

Work From Home

in the dominican republic

Have you spent the majority of 2020 and 2021 working from home and found yourself contemplating making the shift to “WFH life” a little more permanent? With recent events influencing a massive shift to remote working for many companies all around the world, more people than ever are experiencing the benefits that come with a flexible workspace. Whether you’re an entrepreneur that needs a change of pace or a remote-based worker that’s tired of being stuck staring at the same 4 walls, there’s never been a better time to seriously consider giving yourself the ultimate office upgrade: the Dominican Republic.

As a foreign investment-friendly country that loves to welcome newcomers to our sunny shores, the DR is an ideal locale for those who wish to work from home while enjoying the benefits of settling down in paradise. At Casa Linda, we’re happy to help expatriates from all over the world explore their potential and create a new life on the island, complete with their very own custom villa to call home. If you’ve been considering working from home in the DR, below are a few logistics you’ll need to keep in mind. Read on to learn more!

dominican republic working from home

Visas Are Necessary

For all non-residents, you will need a work visa in order to legally conduct business on Dominican soil. At present, there are two kinds of work visas available: one that allows either one entry for 60 days or multiple entries for one year (only for a maximum of two consecutive months at a time) or a full-on business visa that is issued for up to one year. The latter is preferable for those wishing to work on a fixed-term contract as it allows you to do everything you’ll need to in order to operate fully, including getting a driver’s license, opening a bank account, etc.

Residency Permits

For anyone intending to working in the DR for more than 2 months, you will also need to obtain a temporary residency permit for work purposes. These are relatively easy to obtain, and give you all the same rights as legal citizens under the Labor Code, including allowing you to register in the country’s Social Security System and access social services. It’s important to note that obtaining a residency permit also means you will need to pay taxes back to the country as well. Depending on your income, you can expect to pay 15 to 25% income tax, which will be withheld and paid by employers or, as a self-employed operator, you will be required to pay these taxes on your own.

You Must Have a Written Contract

The DR also requires you to obtain a written contract from your employer containing your contract terms, compensation details, and grounds for termination. This contract must be signed and two copies will be filed with the labour department.

Know Your Rights

As with employment anywhere in the world, it’s important to remember that you have rights as an employee. It may surprise you to learn that you’ll have access to the same labour rights as Dominican Nationals, including the right to unionize, strike, bargain, to a minimum wage, to limited work hours and to specific health and safety regulations. Protect yourself by familiarizing yourself with these rights, and never be afraid to take a stand for your well-being!

Are you ready to learn more about working and living in the Dominican Republic? Take a look at our expat resources here and contact Casa Linda today!


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Casa Linda Villas Are Built With Your Needs In Mind

Casa Linda Villas Are Built With Your Needs In Mind

Casa Linda Villas:


Make the best choice for your future by choosing a beautiful Casa Linda villa in the Dominican Republic! Casa Linda offers several impressive villas that suit the different and diverse needs of our residents and visitors. Casa Linda villas are built with your comfort and happiness at the forefront of our vision. If you’re ready to live your best life in a safe, consistently sunny country, here are some important things to consider before you choose your home.

Sizing Options

Casa Linda villas come in a variety of sizes that support different needs. If you want to set up a home that accommodates several guests, look no further than our multi-master villas like the Villa Dolce Vita or the Villa Atlantis. These luxurious and affordable villas include up to 4 master suits so that you and your guests can live comfortably.

The Villa Dolce Vita includes 4 bedrooms, each with a built-in full bathroom, as well as a half bath in the house. The smaller option comes with 3 bedrooms, each with 3 built-in full bathrooms, as well as a half bath in the home. In addition, these villas include guest suits for any visitors, making sure your guests’ stay is as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Our smaller, more comfortable villas are a better option for those who are less interested in entertaining large groups in their home. The Casa Linda Villa Sunset is an excellent example of a cozier villa. The villa features an ample living space of 1,156 square feet, with an outdoor bar and bath. The lot is also large, with an impressive space of 5,382 square feet. This space features 2 bedrooms and the option of 2 or 2.5 baths. This villa also includes a beautiful 8,000 or 9,422-gallon swimming pool with a sunbed area for all your sunbathing needs.

There are several other sizing options available to you and as home builders, Casa Linda also offers customization options, no matter your specific vision. Whether it’s a cozy, smaller villa, or a large, spacious, multi-master bedroom home, we’ve got you covered.

custom dominican republic villas

Beautiful Weather Every Day

Looking for a beautiful home in paradise? Our elegant villas are the perfect place for you. Located on the stunning northern side of the Dominican Republic, this beautiful part of the world enjoys an average temperature of 28°C (82°F) year-round. Living in Casa Linda villas means that you get a tropical island experience with the added benefit of safety and convenient amenities.

Comfortable and Convenient

Casa Linda villas are located close to an international airport for travel convenience. A larger, Walmart-sized store is also close by so that you can get all of your shopping done efficiently without having to travel too far. Essential services like hospitals are also available nearby to all our community members.

Travelling for those who cannot drive is also available to all Casa Linda members. Casa Linda is happy to serve you with our shuttle bus that works all day, every day to take you from point A to point B safely and comfortably.

Healthy Lifestyle

Residents enjoy a healthy lifestyle that includes the comfort of the beach and its water sport opportunities. You can spend your morning having breakfast in your backyard, taking in the lush greenery that surrounds your villa. Then, take a trip to the beach where you can enjoy paddle boarding, kiteboarding, and windsurfing, all in the warmth and sunshine of the Dominican Republic.

If you are interested in waterpark activities, we offer a wonderful waterpark with a jacuzzi, a lazy river and fun features for children.

Casa Linda communities also has a strong focus on good, nourishing food. Restaurants with healthy food options on their menus are readily available in the area.

Ready to Check Out Your Options?

Visit our website to learn more about our catalogue of luxurious and affordable villas today.


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