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Be Prepared when Moving to the Dominican Republic

Jan 16, 2024 | News, Relocating to the Dominican Republic

The way of the Dominican Republic is to live a slow, relaxed life. There is no reason to hustle around in paradise! We call the way we live in the Dominican Republic the tranquilo life. Easy going, no rush—the good life. It is a change to go from hustle culture to a laid-back community, but the health benefits alone are worth it! We thought we would share other ways that you should prepare before moving to the Dominican Republic. Read on to be prepared for your international move.

No More Winter

Are you ready to part with your bulky parka? In the Dominican Republic, there is no need to bring thick layers! Once you’ve made the pleasant decision to move to the Dominican Republic, you can start to get rid of your winter clothes. You’ll only need flip-flops and your favourite sundresses.

The Dominican Republic has a steady 28 degrees Celsius temperature almost entirely year-round. You’ll get all the beach days without the fear of stormy weather, as there has never been a recorded hurricane in the north of the Dominican Republic. So sit back on any of the beautiful beaches and take in the sun.

Be Ready to Meet New Friends

Your villa neighbors in Casa Linda are like-minded expats looking to make a home on the most beautiful island in the world. Meet fellow retirees living full-time in our gated community by visiting the Castaways Clubhouse and Eatery! The kids and grandkids might even make friends at the Waterworks Amenities Park, while you take a visit to the swim-up bar.

Be ready to make friends because there are new friends everywhere you turn at Casa Linda. Locals and owners alike will look to make friends with you when you move to the Dominican Republic. We are all about socializing! We love a good party, and Casa Linda hosts owner events all the time.

Have the Villa You Design

Casa Linda villas are completely customizable to your style. Let our in-house design team work with you to create your dream luxury home in the Dominican Republic. Choose from a wide range of villas starting from only $229K USD and modify it to fit your exact needs. All villas have a stunning view of the landscape and can have added bedrooms, storage space, or anything else you need to make your villa a home.

Guest suites can be modified to fit your hobbies in the interim between uses, and pools can take on almost any shape you’d like. The finishing touches are all up to you! Our team wants to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable in our beautiful gated community.

Make Your Own Paradise at Casa Linda

Our Casa Linda villas are the perfect place to retire, work abroad, or even escape the snow for a couple of months. Whatever your reasoning for moving to the Dominican Republic, we are glad you are coming!

Contact Casa Linda to get started on building your very own luxury villa. We can’t wait to connect!



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