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The True Cost of Living in the Dominican Republic

Dec 12, 2023 | Expat Life, News

Have you ever wondered what the true cost of living in the Dominican Republic is on your physical and mental health as well as your wallet? Any drastic change will have an adjustment period. But once that fades, what is left? Is it worth the hassle of the move? Is living in the Dominican Republic too expensive? Let’s answer these questions today. Read all about it below!

On Your Physical Health

Where the sun may go into hiding earlier in some seasons in the West, it’s always sunny in the Dominican Republic. Get your daily dose of sunshine year-round from the comfort of your private pool or one of our many nearby beaches. Your body will thank you for eating at Castaways Clubhouse and Eatery, as we have many delicious and healthy options to satiate your appetite. And if you’re worried about your activity levels, the Dominican Republic has many things to do: snorkelling, paddleboarding, yoga, volleyball, baseball, dancing, and so much more! The cost of living in the Dominican Republic on your physical well-being is very favourable!

On Your Mental Health

Being in a new culture can truly expand your worldview and make you a more rounded human being! You’ll learn about local Dominican Republic culture and make new friends both inside the gated community and in the cities. Your neighbors are all like-minded people who love Casa Linda! They might invite you to go scuba diving or kite surfing with them—try it out! It’s the perfect way to experience new things while making friends. We love the effect that great weather, good company, and great views have on our mental health.

On Your Wallet

What is the cost of living in the Dominican Republic on your wallet? While real estate in other countries can be pretty highly priced, our luxury villas start at just $229K USD. Your villa of choice comes with a backyard pool of your own, two or more bedrooms, a parking pad, and all the basic amenities you need. Plus, you can really make it your own when you work with us to customize your new home. Whatever you need, we can work with you: jacuzzis and firepits are just two popular add-ons!

If you are planning on only staying in your villa for half of the year, we can help you rent it out for the other half. Your villa will always be under the eyes of our 24-hour security, no matter who is or is not staying there.

Take note that your Canadian or US currency goes farther in the Dominican Republic. The cost of living in the US can be far higher than the cost of living in the Dominican Republic.

Bringing Dominican Republic Dreams to Life

Casa Linda builds luxury villas in the Dominican Republic in a security-guarded gated community. Check out our villa floor plans and find the right fit for you. Join us and experience the beautiful weather and gorgeous beaches daily! Send us a message to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!

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