Places You MUST Go In The Dominican Republic

Places You MUST Go In The Dominican Republic

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The tropical life only gets better over time, especially when you’re looking for a winter escape or a place to bathe in the sun all year round. It is a dream, but it can be easily achieved with Casa Linda Quality Communities. For over 20 years, we have provided villas for entrepreneurs, investors and retirees in the beautiful Dominican Republic. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing vacation or considering shifting to Caribbean life, you will find several things to do in the DR. 

Santo Domingo; The Colonial City

Christopher Columbus first landed in Santo Domingo, where the beautiful colonial architecture still remains today. You can visit Calle El Conde, the most popular street in Santo Domingo, and enjoy shopping while admiring the ruins of Monteserio de San Francisco and the Catedral Primada de America. Santo Domingo has preserved most buildings, including hotels and residential areas, taking you back to another era.


For a more laid-back and relaxing time, Cabarete is the town to visit. Unlike other destinations, Cabarete attracts backpackers, retirees, kiteboarders, free spirits and surfers. It is known for its easy-going atmosphere and a huge crescent-shaped beach with miles of crystal clear water you can enjoy. You can also find local restaurants where you can dine right on the sand! You might even stubble on musicians performing on the beachfront as the sun sets on this beautiful beach.

things to do in the dominican republic

Samaná Bay

From December to March, thousands of humpback whales enter Samaná Bay to mate and give birth. It is the best place to see the magnificent whales of the wild. Whale-watching trips can be booked all around the island at an excellent price; make sure to add this to your itinerary when you arrive. 

A Place To Call Home

Moving to the Dominican Republic is becoming more and more popular, especially during the winter months. Bathing in the sun in mid-January is the dream of all Americans, Canadians and Europeans. At Casa Linda, we are proud to help you find a place you can call home in the beautiful Dominican Republic. Contact our team today to learn about our available villa options most suitable for you.


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Quality Cabarete Living with Casa Linda

Quality Cabarete Living with Casa Linda

Your Perfect Villa

is waiting for you at casa linda

Live your best life in 2022 with Casa Linda Quality Communities!

Are you ready to switch things up and finally chase the dream you’ve always wanted to bring into reality? If you’ve been dreaming of moving to a tropical paradise, it’s time to let your vision enter into the real world and take your first steps towards saying “hello!” to island living. As one of the most trusted builders in the Dominican Republican, there’s nothing Casa Linda Quality Communities loves more than welcoming newcomers to our private paradise. Located just outside of Cabarete, on the north end of the island, our gated community offers you affordable living starting from just $207,300 USD as well as 24/7 onsite security and plenty of other perks to enjoy. If you’re looking to settle down in Cabarete, below are just a few of the fun things you can expect to enjoy!

Beauty Everywhere

Did you know that over 25% of the Dominican Republic’s shorelines and natural areas are designated and protected as natural parks? This tropical island is full of endless beauty, from lush green forests and mountains to ascend, and (of course) numerous world-class beaches that are well known for their surfing draw. If you’re looking to get away from grey and dull winters and bring some colour back into your life, there’s no better place to drink in the sun (which you’ll get over 300 days of each year) than the Dominican Republic. Our community includes exclusive access to private beaches as well, giving you the benefit of comfort and privacy as you unwind.

cabarete real estate

Warm Days Here We Come!

As we mentioned above, the DR gets over 300 days of sun each year, and average temperatures typically come in at 24°C/72°F daily, meaning that snowbirds will love adapting to the warmth of this tropical haven. Say goodbye to shoveling and icy roads and pack your sunscreen, your one-way ticket to paradise is sure to keep you feeling nice and toasty all year round!

Culinary Delights!

Calling the foodies! Whether you love to cook or simply enjoy good meals, the Dominican Republic is one of the best places in the entire Caribbean to enjoy exceptional cuisine at highly affordable price points thanks to the abundance of fresh products, etc. The DR is known around the world for its quality coffee, rum, and cigars, so if you have a taste for the finer things in life, you’re sure to love what you’ll find here!

Choose Your Own Adventure

One of the best parts of moving somewhere new is that every day can be a new kind of adventure. The Dominican is truly a welcoming and open place for everyone to enjoy, no matter their activity or experience level. From hiking to sunbathing, fishing, and everything in between, you’ll have no trouble finding ways to pass the time and enjoy life a little more, every single day!

Settle Down in Paradise with Casa Linda

For over 20 years, Casa Linda Quality Communities has been a go-to source for expatriates from all over the world looking to move to the Dominican Republic. With custom villas available for as low as $207,300 USD, there’s never been a better time to join us on the island. Learn more about our homes, as well as life in paradise, by contacting our team today!


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Take the Vacation of a Lifetime with Casa Linda

Take the Vacation of a Lifetime with Casa Linda

Your Perfect Villa

is waiting for you at casa linda

Ready to take that vacation you’ve always dreamed of? Casa Linda villas are the perfect destination for you. Our sun-soaked villas located in idyllic northern Dominican Republic offer all the best amenities, set against the perfect backdrop of the sea. Enjoy the best island life has to offer by choosing our villa for your vacation today! Keep reading to learn more about what we offer.

Trusted by Visitors Like You

Casa Linda has been trusted by visitors looking to enjoy a worry-free vacation for over 20 years. With our expertise and commitment to giving you the best every time, you can trust us to make your holiday perfect.

Our beautiful villas, prime locations, and impeccable professionalism set us apart. On top of that, we can offer exceptional amenities such as free shuttle service to and from the airport, onsite restaurants and mini-markets with delivery options available and 24-hour front desk service.

Waterparks are also a staple at Casa Linda villas, including a lazy river, a kid’s area, and a currents machine, and you can also swim up to the bar for a quick drink if you’d like.

Casa Linda villas also offer tennis, bocce ball, pickleball, and shuffleboard options. If you want more of a variety in your surroundings, our villas are conveniently situated between various local beaches, shops and restaurants, as well as exciting nearby towns with vibrant culture and their own set of perks.

Vacation in Paradise

Casa Linda’s villas are strategically located in the beautiful northern Dominican Republic. The weather is perfect for visitors like you who want consistently warm and reliable weather during their visit. The northern Dominican Republic offers an average temperature of 28°C (82°F) year-round.

The north side of the Dominican Republic is also a safe place for visitors and residents. Casa Linda also offers 24/7 security to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible. Our staff is committed to your safety and security during your time on the island.

dominican republic vacations

Choose Convenience

Casa Linda’s villas are conveniently located in the northern Dominican Republic. Our villas are near the international airport, where shuttle buses are available to transport Casa Linda visitors. This convenient location is also safe from hurricanes, unlike much of the Dominican Republic.

Enjoy your stay at Casa Linda with our easily accessible amenities. Delicious restaurants and fun recreational spaces are featured near our properties. If you are not a Spanish speaker, you can also rest assured that communication will not be an issue. You’ll be able to talk freely to the staff and many of the locals in the surrounding area.

Make Connections

Casa Linda’s villas are also great for international visitors like yourself who want to connect with other visitors and residents. Since our villas host a diverse group of ex-pats and tourists from all over the world, there are always opportunities to make meaningful connections. Casa Linda hosts activities to help visitors get to know each other. As a culturally vibrant place, our communities can give you the added excitement you want during your visit to the Dominican Republic.

Love Your Stay

Want a villa with a backyard pool? Looking for a place that reflects your tastes in luxury? We’ve got options for you. Our villas come in all shapes and sizes and boast some of the most beautiful and stylish features we know you’ll love.

We truly want you to get the vacation experience you want, and we want your villa to reflect the beautiful environment of the northern Dominican Republic. Our catalogue of gorgeous villas is made with visitors like you in mind. We want you to love your stay, no matter what your tastes are.

Ready to Vacation in Paradise?

Contact our team to learn more about our beautiful vacation villas today!


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Enjoy Your Perfect Getaway With These Dominican Republic Favourites

Enjoy Your Perfect Getaway With These Dominican Republic Favourites

The Perfect Getaway

in the DR

Ready to enjoy some much-needed R&R in the Dominican Republic? Casa Linda has the inside scoop on fun and relaxing things to do so that you can make the best of your vacation. From beachside walks to water skiing to lounging by your very own pool, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn how you can make the most of your Dominican Republic vacation today!

Explore The Beautiful Northside

Vacationing on the north coast of the Dominican Republic is the best way to experience this beautiful, sun-soaked country. Averaging 28°C (82°F), this side of the country is free from any extreme weather, making it the best vacation destination. Not to mention the endless perks that come with choosing the beautiful north coast of the Dominican Republic for your holiday.

The north coast is also home to a bursting ex-pat community that is welcoming to all visitors. Diversity is a significant part of the north end of the country. As the #1 tourist destination in the Caribbean with a whopping 6,187,542 visitors annually, the Dominican Republic is a must-see for vacationers all over the world. With residents and vacationers from diverse backgrounds, you are sure to make valuable connections that will last a lifetime!

Enjoy Your Own Dominican Republic Luxury Villa

Find your home away from home with a stunning north coast villa! Villas on the north end of the Dominican Republic are fitted with their very own pool. You get to choose from a wide selection of villas depending on your needs and desires. Bring the whole family on a journey to paradise with villas that help keep you cozy and at home, and features that keep everyone happy.

Choose your very own pool and villa features that work for you. You can get as large of a space as you need, whether you are opting for comfort or going for something with a more luxurious feel. With Casa Linda villas, you can vacation your way.

Enjoy Your Local Waterpark

Enjoy the benefits of your local waterpark located right inside Casa Linda villas. It’s a family-friendly way to have fun and relax. Our waterpark has something for everyone, including a lazy river, an area for kids, and a current machine. Looking to enjoy a drink while you swim? The waterpark features a swim-up bar for you to enjoy, as well as a calming jacuzzi! Want to take a break from the kids? Our adults-only pool gives you the time and freedom you need to enjoy some time away. With sunbeds and a lounge area, soon our Waterworks waterpark will have you forgetting all of your worries!

Adrenalin-Pumping Fun

Take a walk on the wild side with some high-adrenalin activities! Enjoy surfing or waterskiing on one of our world-class beaches. Learn the ins and outs of the island by hiking the beautiful landscape. The Dominican Republic offers a massive selection of exciting activities for you to enjoy, no matter your taste or preference. With these action-packed adventures on the horizon, we know you’ll find something that suits you perfectly.

Ready to Learn More?

Casa Linda is here to support you in creating your luxury getaway vacation! Contact us today to learn how you can make your dream holiday a reality.


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Don’t Miss Out on Life in Cabarete

Don’t Miss Out on Life in Cabarete

Life In Cabarete:

do not miss out!

Are you ready to settle into a life of luxury and adventure? If you’re looking to make the shift from occasional snowbird to full-time island resident, there’s no better place to settle down than the Dominican Republic. With mile after mile of white sandy beaches (including several world-renowned locations), sparkling blue waters, delicious restaurants and a vibrant culture that’s just waiting for you to join in, it’s no wonder that the DR is a favourite among expatriates.

Nestled on the northern end of the island in sunny Cabarete, Casa Linda’s bustling community features breathtaking custom villas, 24/7 onsite security and plenty of other perks to enjoy. We’re proud to welcome people to our little slice of paradise and to help you experience as much of the Dominican as possible. If you’re looking to settle down in Cabarete, below are just a few of the fun things you can expect to enjoy!

World-Class Beaches

It wouldn’t be a tropical paradise without beaches to lounge on, and the Cabarete gives you plenty to choose from. From world-famous surfing haunts like Encuentro Beach to VIP beaches only available to residents of Casa Linda Communities, you’ll have ample opportunity to enjoy the feeling of warm sand between your toes and the sound of waves lapping at the shore.

cabarete dominican republic villas

Foodies Rejoice!

Are you a lover of good eats? The Dominican has you covered! With fresh produce and an abundance of mouth-watering eateries in the area, you’ll have no shortage of places to dig in and enjoy an incredible mix of flavours. For those who love to indulge in rum, chocolate, and even the occasional cigar, you’ll be happy to know that the Dominican is a chief export of each of these products and has some of the best selections you can find anywhere right here on the island as well!

Explore for More!

One of the best parts of moving somewhere new is opening yourself up to a brand new world of wonder and intrigue. The Dominican is the perfect adventure for people from all walks of life and of all activity preferences. Whether you prefer athletic excursions like surfing, hiking, or water skiing, or a slower pace in general, you’ll never run out of different ways to make the most of your time on the island, day after day.

Settle Down With Casa Linda

For over 20 years, Casa Linda has welcomed expats from all over the world to the sunny shores and helped them find their perfect home in paradise. With custom villas available for as low as $185,000 USD, there’s never been a better time to join us on the island. Learn more about our homes, as well as life in paradise, by contacting our team today!

Fun Facts About Life in the Dominican Republic

Fun Facts About Life in the Dominican Republic

Fun Facts About Life

in the dominican republic

If you’re in the process of getting ready to move abroad, you’re liking feeling a unique mix of excitement and exhilaration. Embracing expatriate life is a big decision, and settling down in paradise is cause for celebration all around. For nearly 30 years, Casa Linda has welcomed adventurers to the Dominican’s sunny shores and helped them find their perfect house in their island home. From custom villas designed to meet your every need to a safe and exclusive community that makes it easy to find your next adventure, life with Casa Linda is simple. Below, we’ve covered 10 fun facts about the Dominican Republic. Read on and learn what life is like on this beautiful island paradise.

1. Meet the Crown Jewel of the Caribbean

The Dominican Republic is frequently referred to as the “Crown Jewel of the Caribbean” and for good reason. Beyond the endless miles of natural beauty, the Dominican also boasts the strongest economy and infrastructure in Latin America and is the most visited nation in the Caribbean. Each year, the island welcomes approximately 5 million guests to its shores!

2. Beach Lover’s Paradise

If you can’t wait to spend your retirement soaking up the sun and getting sand beneath your toes, you’re in luck! The DR is home to over 200 beaches, and 800 miles of coastline just waiting to be explored.

3. Unbeatable Weather

Snowy days and cold weather be gone! The DR gets over 300 days of sun each year, and the northern end of the island, where Casa Linda is located, is sheltered during hurricane season giving you extra peace of mind.

retire in the dominican republic

4. Easily Accessible

Due to the Dominican’s vast popularity among tourists and expats alike, the island has multiple airports and receives direct flights from over 26 countries, 64 cities, and 90 different airports across North America and Europe. This is particularly advantageous for those looking to relocate permanently, as it makes visiting friends and family back home a breeze!

5. Currency and Language

The official currency of the DR is Pesos, but US dollars are used frequently as well. Similarly, the official language of the Dominican is Spanish, but due to the island having a large expat community, English is increasingly common as well.

6. State of the Art Healthcare

A lesser-known fact about the DR is that it is home to an exceptional healthcare system that is both highly affordable and reliable. The island has several world-class hospitals and medical facilities, as well as highly skilled medical professionals that offer treatment in both English and Spanish.

7. Island Time is Real

If you’re used to punctuality, you may have to adjust your expectations if you plan on staying in the DR for the long term. Dominicans are notoriously easygoing and work on their own time schedule…which is notoriously late. This laid-back nature is simply all part of the life tranquilo!

8. Delicious Exports

Are you a fan of coffee, chocolate, cigars, or rum? You’re in luck! These are some of the Dominican’s biggest exports, meaning they’re readily available to you on the island.

9. Friendliness

Dominicans are known to be incredibly kind and welcoming, making it easy for outside visitors to settle in and feel at home.

10. Thriving Expat Community

If you’re worried about feeling out of place when first landing in the Dominican, you have no need to be concerned. With plenty of fellow expatriates on the island, you’ll have no problem finding new friends to relate to and build a new community with.

Ready To Start Your New Life?

Let’s talk! Contact Casa Linda today to learn how your dream of island living can become an easy reality.


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