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Embrace the Rhythm: Living the Dominican Republic’s Vibrant Lifestyle at Casa Linda

Mar 4, 2024 | Dominican Republic Villas, News, Things To Do in Dominican Republic

When you join the Casa Linda community in the Dominican Republic, you quickly learn that time moves differently on the island! Instead of the hustle and bustle of North American culture, people in the Caribbean are all about leisure, rest and relaxation. If we had to define island life in one word, it would be tranquilo, meaning calm or relaxed in Spanish.

If you are curious about the lifestyle in the Dominican Republic and how to prepare for your move, keep reading.

The Most Common Culture Shock: Friendliness!

Casa Linda’s community is located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, which has developed a large population of expats over the last 40 years. When you join the Casa Linda community, you can expect a warm welcome, friendly neighbours, many social events and excellent services for anything you need.

When Americans move to the Dominican, the most common culture shock they experience is how friendly our society is— and it’s true! Here in the DR, people will always take the time to say hi, ask how you’re doing, and catch up. We have a very sociable culture; Dominican people will always take the time to chat with you, even if they are busy.

Embrace the Culture

The best advice we can give a new arrival is to embrace the culture despite whatever differences you may experience. Immerse yourself in the culture, like learning a little bit of Spanish and taking a dancing class, or learning how to dance the merengue.

To thrive in the Dominican Republic, you should be open-minded to Latin culture. Most people can speak some English, but it is helpful to know a bit of Spanish to communicate with the people providing you services.

The inside of Casa Linda’s gated community may be quiet and tranquilo, but don’t let that fool you! Dominicans might value a calm and relaxing life, but we can get quite loud! When you venture into Cabarete and surrounding cities, you will notice a lot of music, motorbikes, shouting and laughter. We are fun loving, expressive people who cannot wait to get to know you.

Enjoy the Active Lifestyle

Unlike Canada or the United States, the Dominican Republic is beautiful all year round; the winters are pleasantly warm, and the summers are scorching hot. No matter the time of year, it’s always the right time for a dip in your villa’s private pool.

Whether you are a retiree in the golden years of your life or a family with young children, the Dominican Republic is a beautiful place to live. We attract a lot of snowbirds at Casa Linda, so the winter season is always jam packed with fun activities, like free live music, yoga classes or festive parties.

Visit the Dominican Republic

At the end of the day, your lifestyle in the Dominican Republic is whatever you want it to be. If you have a more active lifestyle, there are endless water sports, local dance lessons, and running locations to enjoy. If laying on the beach, soaking up the sun and drinking tropical beverages is more your speed, you can do that too.

Get a taste of the Dominican lifestyle before you invest in the vacation home of your dreams with Casa Linda. If you are considering moving to the Dominican Republic, get in touch with the Casa Linda team to learn more about renting a villa.

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