Create The Perfect Tropical Landscape With Casa Linda

Create The Perfect Tropical Landscape With Casa Linda

Are you ready to make the most of your gorgeous Dominican Republic Villa? Once you’ve decided to make the move and embrace island living, you’ll need to prioritize finding the perfect home to settle into. Located close to both Cabarete and Sousa Beach, Casa Linda is one of the foremost builders in the Dominican, and takes pride in connecting our homeowners with villas that are perfectly tailored to their sense of style and needs. With over 20 years in the industry, our team has developed breathtaking homes alongside a vibrant community full of ex-pats from all over the world, and plenty of perks to explore. Learn more about creating your dream home with Casa Linda, including a few fun landscaping options you can include, below!

So Much More Than Ordinary

Whether you’re looking for a winter escape or to relax in paradise all year-round, you and your loved ones deserve a home that’s designed to meet your every need while also giving you the chance to relax and unwind in luxury. Our floor plans feature stunning layouts, modern influences, and an abundance of style for everyone to enjoy!

dominican republic tropical villas

The Process

Casa Linda’s team of design and construction experts work closely with our buyers from start to finish to create a space that suits your sense of style, as well as your needs within the home, all at affordable prices. From custom stonework to outdoor kitchens, upgrading to infinity or salt water pools, swim-up bars, and more, we’re here to make your vision come to life.

A Yard To Die For

One of the most appealing aspects of life in a tropical paradise, is how lush and green the Dominican is all year round. With an abundance of landscaping options available to homeowners, you’ll have no trouble creating your own private oasis and bringing some of that greenery home!

Landscaping ideas include:

  • Living walls
  • Waterfalls
  • Dedicated gardening areas/greenhouses
  • Outdoor kitchens or BBQ pits
  • Entertaining palapa with bar
  • Putting greens
  • Infinity pools and Jacuzzi’s
  • Guest house (perfect visiting families)
  • Rooftop terrace with views, and more.
dominican republic tropical villas

What Are You Waiting For?

Stop dreaming about paradise and make it a reality today! Take the first steps towards finding your perfect villa by contacting Casa Linda today!

Make Your Tropical Dreams a Reality With Casa Linda

Make Your Tropical Dreams a Reality With Casa Linda

dominican republic dream villas

Tired of dreaming of starting your life in a tropical paradise? For those ready to make their dreams a reality, the Dominican Republic is an affordable haven that makes it easier than ever to find the perfect home to settle into. As the most visited location in the Caribbean, the DR is a favourite amongst expats eager to experience island living. Whether you’re looking to transition from snowbird to permanent resident, or are a savvy investor on the hunt for another property to add to your portfolio, there’s truly something in the Dominican for everyone. At Casa Linda, we’re proud to help you find the perfect Villa for your next phase in life, as well as offer a vibrant community for residents to enjoy. Learn more about the affordable cost of living, as well as the variety of homes available at Casa Linda below!

Help Your Savings Go Further

Choosing to move abroad is a significant step for any couple or individual, especially when it involves factoring in your current savings and longterm plans. Fortunately, for those worried about stretching out their savings to afford them a few extra years of relaxation, the Dominican is incredibly price friendly. In addition to affordable housing, you’ll find fresh food at a fraction of the cost back home, as well as many of the brands you’re used to encountering in North America and Europe. An exceptional healthcare system means you can rest at ease, and ever growing infrastructure makes it easy to access the things you need most. Simply put, if you’re looking to maximize the reach of your savings, the DR is the perfect place to settle down.

So Much To Explore

In addition to affordable living, the Dominican Republic has many other qualities that help it stand out from other expat locations. Known for miles of pristine white beaches and long sunny days with high average temperatures all year round, one of the best aspects of the DR is how much there for residents to explore. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast that always needs to try something new, or prefer low key activities and endless days spend relaxing in the sun, there’s something here for everyone. With less worry about financial issues, you are able to spend your day visiting with friends, entertaining at your fully-appointed villa, or just enjoying a day at the beach or on the golf course.

dominican republic custom villas

Luxury Villas at Casa Linda

Ready to stop dreaming of your life and paradise and make things a reality? Casa Linda is here to help. Situated on the north end of the island close to Sousa and Cabarete, our development futures stunning homes with customizable floor plans that make it easy to create the villa you’ve always wanted. In addition to stunning properties, we’re proud to offer a vibrant community for our residents to connect with and enjoy, as well as access to perks like private restaurants, our VIP beach club, and more!

If you’re ready to leap into paradise contact Casa Linda today to find out more about our custom-built luxury villas, life in the Dominican, and everything in between!

Explore Exceptional Dominican Republic Villas With Casa Linda

Explore Exceptional Dominican Republic Villas With Casa Linda

Are you ready to trade in long dark winters for warm sunny days in paradise? Moving to the Caribbean is an incredibly exciting decision, and can be the perfect way to start fresh after retirement and enjoy a much more relaxing lifestyle. If you’re looking to embrace the call of the island, the DR is the perfect place to settle down. Learn more about what to expect when it comes to life in the Dominican, as well as the many custom villas available with Casa Linda below!

An Easy Choice

If you and your loved one have been considering relocating to somewhere warm, you’ve no doubt spent some time looking at the many options available. Expat life can be a thrilling adventure, but requires some initial homework to discover the best location for your needs. While popular destinations like Mexico, Belize, and other countries throughout Latin America drive a lot of interest, there are many reasons why the Dominican Republic remains a steady favourite among retirees and investors.

Why? Along with having the strongest economy in the Caribbean and one of the most stable in Latin America, the Dominican Republic offers residents access to world class medical services, a straight forward residency application, better value per dollar, access to your favourite brands, and more.

dominican republic expat life

About Residencial Casa Linda

For over 20 years, Residencial Casa Linda has been one of the foremost home builders on the north coast of the island. We’re proud to have a reputation for crafting state-of-the-art villas for our owners, and providing a warm and welcome community that makes it easy to live the “Tranquilo” (laid back and relaxed) lifestyle. Casa Linda offers our residents the whole package, from private villas, to the perfect location, to an upcoming VIP Beach Club, and more.

Welcome Home

Casa Linda offers homeowners a wide variety of options when it comes to creating your dream slice of paradise. Our floor plans feature plenty of space for the whole family to enjoy, with a wide range of features designed to help you make the most of your custom villa. Standout floor models include:

dominican republic gated community living

Villa Seashell

Featuring 3 beds, 3.5 baths, a 12,700 gallon pool and 2462 sq ft to enjoy, the ultra modern layout of our Villa Seashell is designed to take advantage of breezes and views. Multiple terraces and balconies make this home ideal for sunbathing, and the spacious living rooms are perfect for entertaining. Each bedroom has its own full bath for your convenience, and leads outdoors to the gorgeous infinity pool and sunbed area. View the floor plan here!

Villa Sunseeker

The Sunseeker is a versatile floor plan available in either two or three bedrooms and two bathrooms with 1219 sqft or 1557 sqft respectively. The villa is designed to be a bright, spacious home, with sliding glass doors, plenty of counter space as well as a large covered terrace. Bedrooms are spaced on opposites of the home, allowing for complete privacy.

Learn more about these homes, as well as life with Casa Linda by contacting our team today!

Life On Island Time: Discover Your Dominican Republic Dream Home

Life On Island Time: Discover Your Dominican Republic Dream Home

Are you ready to take the plunge and embrace life abroad? Whether you’re coming up on retirement or are looking to purchase an investment property for the future, the Dominican Republic is an ideal destination to settle down in. As the most visited destination in the Caribbean, the Dominican is revered for miles upon miles picturesque landscape, a vibrant local culture, rich historical background, and endless ways to explore. If you’re tired of long winters and feeling stuck in a hectic day to day routine, relocating to an island paradise can be the perfect way to reset and unwind. Discover a few of the benefits of relocating to the Dominican Republic with Casa Linda below!

Life’s A Beach

Fed up with long winters and snow days that never seem to quit? We don’t blame you! For those seeking lasting reprieve from the many challenges associated with the winter season, the DR is the perfect place to settle down. With averages temperatures 28 °C/82°F all year long, you’ll never have to worry about bulky snow boots or parkas here on the island! The DR is home to hundreds of miles of pristine white beaches just waiting to be explored, so grab your sandals and get ready to relax like never before!

dominican republic expat life

More To Explore

One of the biggest draws for expats is the sheer amount of variety that life in the DR affords. Whether you’re an adventure junkie that loves big thrills and spills, prefer to explore local culture, or simply want to unwind in the ever present tranquility that surrounds the island, The Dominican Republic has you covered. With world class golf courses, killer surfing spots, local rum and coffee factories, dance classes and a vibrant culture bursting at the seams, you’ll never run out of new things to experience at your own pace.

An Economy You Can Depend On

Moving abroad is a significant investment and requires considerable forethought when looking for the best location. The Dominican Republic is the stablest nation in the Caribbean, and offers one of the strongest economies and infrastructure systems in Latin America. In fact, first time visitors are often to surprise to find many of their favourite comforts from back home on the island, making it easy to settle in.

dominican republic expat life

An Economy You Can Depend On

Moving abroad is a significant investment and requires considerable forethought when looking for the best location. The Dominican Republic is the stablest nation in the Caribbean, and offers one of the strongest economies and infrastructure systems in Latin America. In fact, first time visitors are often to surprise to find many of their favourite comforts from back home on the island, making it easy to settle in.

World Class Healthcare

The last thing anyone wants to worry about when relocating abroad is the quality of their medical care. Fortunately, you can rest at ease in the DR due to our exceptional healthcare system that features state of the art facilities and highly trained staff that speak English as well as Spanish.

Incredible Villas

Finally, what’s a new life without a beautiful home to call your own? At Casa Linda, we’re proud to help our homeowners find a custom fit that’s tailored for your exact tastes and needs. Each of our homes is built to the highest quality and designed to provide you with comfort, safety, and (of course) enjoyment. Contact our team today to learn about our available floor plans and more.

Your Luxury Island Life Awaits

Your Luxury Island Life Awaits

Are you ready to leave your cares behind and embrace a life of luxury in a beautiful tropical paradise? Located on the northern end of the island, Residencial Casa Linda offers buyers from all over the world the chance to settle down in their very own stunning villa in the Dominican Republic. We believe in helping our owners to embrace the “Life Tranquilo”, full of relaxation, beauty, and plenty to explore. Learn more about life in the Dominican Republic, as well as affordable luxury living with Casa Linda below!

Welcome Home

Known for incredible sunny days and a vibrant community of locals, the Dominican Republic is a preferred destination for those looking to drink up the warmth and relaxation that the Caribbean has to offer. The island offers diverse terrain, including towering mountains, lush rain forests, and endless miles of pristine beaches. Perfect for everyone from retirees to entrepreneurial spirits and those looking to say goodbye to endless winter the Dominican Republic treats residents to first world medical services, an active community, and a climate that remains beautiful year round!

dominican republic luxury villas

Your Life of Luxury Starts Here

What does luxury mean to you? For some it means breathtaking villas, with every last detail covered. For others, it’s knowing that you’ll never have to worry about shoveling the front walk, or even temperamental weather (the North end of the island is sheltered during hurricane season), or the fact our gated community will happily ensure your home is safe and properly kept while you’re away.

No matter what your definition of luxury is, living in your dream tropical paradise is easy in the DR. As one of the most developed nations in Latin America, you can expect to find the majority of the comforts you’re used to in North America and Europe, including world class medical care that includes healthcare professionals from all over the globe, advanced communication systems, as well as modern conveniences like 24 hour emergency electricity and power backup, and more.

dominican republic luxury villas

Who is Residencial Casa Linda

As a premier builder in the Dominican Republic, Casa Linda has over 27-years of construction, administration, and rental management history. We are proud to be one of the most respected developers in the DR, and strive to ensure our owners rest easy knowing they are in experienced hands. Our villas are crafted to meet the needs of our owners and offer multiple models to choose from.

Learn more about life in The Dominican Republic, as well as our available homes, by contacting Casa Linda today!

Explore Exceptional Dominican Republic Villas With Casa Linda

Enjoy Paradise By Making The Move To the Dominican Republic

Are you looking to make the transition from snowbird to a full-time resident in paradise? For those eager to leave long dreary winters behind and embrace island life, there’s no better place to get your fill of endless warm sunny days than the Dominican Republic. Known as the crown jewel of the Caribbean, the DR is the perfect spot for retirees, investors, and everyone in between. If you’re considering taking the plunge and making the move to a tropical haven, below are just a few of the many reasons to consider purchasing a home in the Dominican Republic.

A Stunning Place To Call Home

The DR is renowned for miles of sandy beaches, crystal blue oceans, and lush greenery that help keep this paradise vibrant all year round. If you’re looking to leave the hectic pace of your day to day behind and settle into a new routine that embraces a more tranquil lifestyle, the Dominican Republic is ideal. Sit back and unwind in the sun and leave your days of shoveling and snow boots behind!

moving to the dominican republic

A Stable Economy Means Peace of Mind

One of the most challenging aspects of moving to another country is selecting a stable location to settle down in. The Dominican has the strongest economy in the Caribbean Islands, and one of the most stable in Latin America. For those looking to make a wise investment, you can rest easy knowing that your new home is a wise decision in the long term.

In addition to a strong economy and government, the Dominican also offers residents many of the familiar comforts they may have become accustomed to back in North America or Europe including:

  • High-speed internet, phone service, and cable
  • Shopping centres with your favourite brands
  • Exceptional healthcare and access to medical professionals, and more.


In addition to a secure economy, the DR stands out from many tropical destinations with its world class medical system featuring highly trained doctors, service in English, and state of the art facilities. Those with persistent medical conditions or hoping for the best long term care available can be assured that they’ll be safe in the hands of local medical providers.

dominican republic expat life

An Incredible Community

The Dominican Republic is well known for it’s friendly and inviting community of locals and expats. With an incredibly diverse culture just waiting to be experienced, you’ll feel right at home as you settle in and adapt to the “life tranquilo”.

Endless ways to Enjoy Paradise
Whether you’re hoping to adopt a minimal lifestyle full of days spent relaxing or want to pack your days full of adventure, there’s something for everyone in the DR. With your custom Casa Linda Villa you’ll have plenty of opportunities to create your own perfect space in paradise. Embrace the island life and discover your life in the Dominican Republic by contacting our team today!