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Looking to Work Remotely in the Dominican Republic? Here’s What You Need to Know

Jun 27, 2022 | News, Working in Dominican Republic

Working remotely has never been easier thanks to significant technological innovations such as cloud storage, video teleconferencing, and portable smart devices. The Dominican Republic has emerged as a popular destination for remote employees. This Caribbean paradise is perfect for those looking to ditch the office. Working remotely allows you to take part in a “working getaway” in the Dominican Republic. Spend your mornings in conference calls and meetings and then in the afternoon, hit the beach and enjoy the refreshing ocean breeze. 

As a foreign investment-friendly country that excitedly welcomes newcomers, the DR is exactly what remote workers who wish to enjoy the benefits of paradise are looking for. At Casa Linda, we want to make your island dreams a reality. We’re excited to help expatriates explore their new life on the island by offering custom villas to call home. If you’re ready for a change of pace while working from home, consider some of the following logistics first before packing your bags for the Dominican republic. Continue reading to learn more!

You’ll Need a Work Visa

Compared to many other countries, the Dominican Republic is very accessible to foreign workers. However, you still need a business/ work visa to conduct business in the country legally. Work visas come in two varieties: one that allows entry into the country for 60 days or multiple entries for a single year period (this maxes out at two months at a time), or a full-business visa. A complete work visa is typically granted under a fixed-term contract. It allows you to have more freedom, such as getting a driver’s license or opening a bank account. The process of applying for a visa is pretty straightforward. Still, you’ll need to have the proper documentation ready, including proof of self-sufficiency while in the Dominican Republic. 

Residency Permits Protect You

To work in the Dominican Republic for longer than two months at a time, you’ll be required to obtain a residency permit. A residency permit will grant you the same rights as a Dominican citizen under the country’s national Labour Code. It will also register you in the Social Security System. This is important as you’ll need this to pay your taxes correctly. A residency permit can be renewed yearly for up to four years; after that, you’ll be qualified to apply for permanent residency. While the residency process can be complicated, with a bit of guidance and patience, you should be able to meet the requirements quickly. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the visa and residency requirements before you decide to move to the Dominican Republic. 

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A Written Work Contract is Required

The Dominican Republic also requires employees to have a written contract from their employer that contains your contract terms, compensation details, and grounds for termination. This contract needs to be signed, and two copies are required to be filed with the corresponding DR labour department.

Get to Know Your Rights

While working in the DR, you’ll retain access to the same labour rights as the average Dominican National. Some of these rights include the right to unionize, strike, bargain, limited work hours, a minimum wage, and specific health and safety regulations. Sound familiar? It should! These are essentially the same labour rights you have back home. It’s crucial to be acquainted with your workers’ rights so that you can protect your best interests. 

Ready to Work Remotely in the Dominican Republic?

The DR has excellent infrastructure. If you can work remotely, technology is on your side here with excellent Internet services and access to technical support. Please look at our expat resources for more information and contact Casa Linda today to learn more about working remotely in the Dominican Republic.

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