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5 Tips for Moving to the Dominican Republic

Aug 3, 2023 | Expat Life, News, Relocating to the Dominican Republic, Working in Dominican Republic

Moving to a new place is incredibly exciting—and incredibly stressful! Casa Linda has the inside scoop on moving to the Dominican Republic (DR) that can make your move less challenging and more exhilarating. Below are five tips that anyone moving to a new country should know about. 

Exchange Your Money Before You Travel

The last thing you want is to be caught in the airport on your first day here, ready to take a long nap and realize that the currency exchange office onsite is closed. That’s why at Casa Linda, we recommend that if you plan on moving to the Dominican Republic, you exchange your dollars for Dominican Pesos (RD$) before hopping on your flight. This way, you can research the best exchange rates in your area and prevent yourself from being overcharged.

Be Prepared to Slow Down

Dominicans value their time. In the Western world, people are used to “hustle culture,” but in the DR, life is slow. If you are moving to the Dominican Republic with the mindset that every hour of your vacation needs to be filled, you may find yourself out of sorts. Take this time to appreciate the little things. Slow down and take a three-hour dinner with your loved ones. Walk without a destination. Admire the colors of the wildflowers. Your time in the Dominican Republic is time to make memories.

Know Your Source of Income

When you make the move, you’ll need to know your source of income. You could plan on working or on starting your retirement life: both will benefit you! Many careers have adapted to go remote recently, so the chances of finding remote work have drastically increased. It’s up to you if you want to find a DR job or if you want to stick closer to what you know (maybe you already have a remote job). Retiring? Congrats! Enjoy everything your new home has to offer.

Get Appropriate Healthcare

The Dominican Republic has an amazing healthcare system, which is perfect for the expat life. No need to give up world-class healthcare when you move to the Dominican Republic! Currently, the medical system comes in 3 tiers: contributive, subsidized, and contributive subsidized. Make sure you look into what tier is right for you and set it up as soon as you can. 

Have a Citizenship Plan

Arguably the most important part of taking the leap and moving to the Dominican Republic is your plan for getting into the country. There is both a residency visa and a provisional residency to choose from. However, a residency visa will not grant you permanent residency, and a provisional residency can be tricky for the average foreigner. 

Want to know the smoothest route for moving to the Dominican Republic? Invest in DR real estate. Casa Linda offers customizable luxury villas with different options for style and comfort so you can choose the right feel for your new property. The DR government is friendly to foreign investors; and at Casa Linda, we price our villas reasonably so that you can participate in all of the fun island events that you find intriguing!

The Dominican Republic Awaits

Need to know more about moving to the Dominican Republic? Read more here. We are so excited that you’ve decided to join us in island living! If you have any questions, we would love to answer them. Contact us today!

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