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Living the Caribbean Dream: Finding Your Dream Villa in Cabarete

Living the Caribbean Dream: Finding Your Dream Villa in Cabarete

Imagine waking up to the gentle sounds of waves crashing against stunning shores, feeling the warm tropical breeze and summer sun on your skin, and knowing that you are living the Caribbean dream. If this sounds like the life you’ve been dreaming of, Cabarete in the Dominican Republic is calling your name! With Casa Linda at your side, finding your own slice of paradise is simple. Next, we will explore some benefits of purchasing Cabarete real estate from Casa Linda. Continue reading to find out more!

Experience the Allure of Cabarete

Perched on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, Cabarete is a vibrant and cosmopolitan town known for its pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and exciting water sports scene. Cabarete has everything from world-class kiteboarding and windsurfing to breathtaking sunsets and lively nightlife to match! Whether searching for the next big adventure, serene relaxation, or a mix of both, Cabarete offers an unparalleled lifestyle that caters to your every desire.

Discover Casa Linda’s Luxury Villas

Now that you’ve fallen in love with Cabarete, it’s time to find your dream home that perfectly complements your new Caribbean lifestyle. Casa Linda is synonymous with luxury, quality, and incredible craftsmanship. At Casa Linda, we specialize in designing and building stunning villas that offer the utmost comfort and elegance. With a variety of floor plans, customizable features, and stunning architectural designs, Casa Linda ensures that your home reflects your unique personality and style. 

Endless Possibilities for Customization

At Casa Linda, we believe that your dream home should reflect your personality and unique taste. That’s why we offer a range of customization options to transform your slice of Dominican Republic real estate into a personalized oasis. From private swimming pools and lush gardens to spacious outdoor living spaces and stunning kitchens, every detail can be tailored to create a space that is uniquely yours. Our experienced designers and architects will work closely with you to bring your vision of paradise to life! 

A Community that Feels Like Family

Finally, at Casa Linda, we understand that a home is more than just a physical structure– it’s also a community and a sense of belonging. When you choose Casa Linda for your real estate in Cabarete, you become part of a welcoming and vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for the Caribbean lifestyle. With numerous community events, social gatherings, and a friendly neighbourhood atmosphere, you’ll quickly find that Casa Linda’s gated community in Cabarete feels like family. 

Seize the Opportunity Today!

Don’t let your dream of living in the Caribbean slip away! With Casa Linda as your trusted Dominican Republic real estate partner, finding your dream home in Cabarete has never been easier. Our experienced team will guide you through every step of the buying process, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. Whether you’re seeking a vacation home, retirement haven, or investment property, Casa Linda has the perfect luxury villa for you! 

Contact us today to learn more about our available real estate in Cabarete, Dominican Republic!

Casa Linda Villas Are Built With Your Needs In Mind

Casa Linda Villas Are Built With Your Needs In Mind

Make the best choice for your future by choosing a beautiful Casa Linda villa in the Dominican Republic! Casa Linda offers several impressive villas that suit the different and diverse needs of our residents and visitors. Casa Linda villas are built with your comfort and happiness at the forefront of our vision. If you’re ready to live your best life in a safe, consistently sunny country, here are some important things to consider before you choose your home.

Sizing Options

Casa Linda villas come in a variety of sizes that support different needs. If you want to set up a home that accommodates several guests, look no further than our multi-master villas like the Villa Dolce Vita or the Villa Atlantis. These luxurious and affordable villas include up to 4 master suits so that you and your guests can live comfortably.

The Villa Dolce Vita includes 4 bedrooms, each with a built-in full bathroom, as well as a half bath in the house. The smaller option comes with 3 bedrooms, each with 3 built-in full bathrooms, as well as a half bath in the home. In addition, these villas include guest suits for any visitors, making sure your guests’ stay is as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Our smaller, more comfortable villas are a better option for those who are less interested in entertaining large groups in their home. The Casa Linda Villa Sunset is an excellent example of a cozier villa. The villa features an ample living space of 1,156 square feet, with an outdoor bar and bath. The lot is also large, with an impressive space of 5,382 square feet. This space features 2 bedrooms and the option of 2 or 2.5 baths. This villa also includes a beautiful 8,000 or 9,422-gallon swimming pool with a sunbed area for all your sunbathing needs.

There are several other sizing options available to you and as home builders, Casa Linda also offers customization options, no matter your specific vision. Whether it’s a cozy, smaller villa, or a large, spacious, multi-master bedroom home, we’ve got you covered.

custom dominican republic villas

Beautiful Weather Every Day

Looking for a beautiful home in paradise? Our elegant villas are the perfect place for you. Located on the stunning northern side of the Dominican Republic, this beautiful part of the world enjoys an average temperature of 28°C (82°F) year-round. Living in Casa Linda villas means that you get a tropical island experience with the added benefit of safety and convenient amenities.

Comfortable and Convenient

Casa Linda villas are located close to an international airport for travel convenience. A larger, Walmart-sized store is also close by so that you can get all of your shopping done efficiently without having to travel too far. Essential services like hospitals are also available nearby to all our community members.

Travelling for those who cannot drive is also available to all Casa Linda members. Casa Linda is happy to serve you with our shuttle bus that works all day, every day to take you from point A to point B safely and comfortably.

Healthy Lifestyle

Residents enjoy a healthy lifestyle that includes the comfort of the beach and its water sport opportunities. You can spend your morning having breakfast in your backyard, taking in the lush greenery that surrounds your villa. Then, take a trip to the beach where you can enjoy paddle boarding, kiteboarding, and windsurfing, all in the warmth and sunshine of the Dominican Republic.

If you are interested in waterpark activities, we offer a wonderful waterpark with a jacuzzi, a lazy river and fun features for children.

Casa Linda communities also has a strong focus on good, nourishing food. Restaurants with healthy food options on their menus are readily available in the area.

Ready to Check Out Your Options?

Visit our website to learn more about our catalogue of luxurious and affordable villas today.

Fast Facts For Buying Property in the DR

Fast Facts For Buying Property in the DR

Are you getting ready to plan for the next phase of your life and embrace an adventure like never before? Settling into expat living is one of the most exciting and rewarding ways to make the most of retirement, embark on a new adventure, or even expand your business horizons in a new environment. The Dominican Republic is an incredible place to experience all that life has to offer and to start a new lifestyle full of sunny days, endless ways to explore, and plenty of fun just waiting to be had!

At Casa Linda, we’re happy to help expatriates from all over the world find their perfect fit in paradise. As a luxurious private community located in beautiful Cabarete on the north end of the island, Casa Linda is an ideal spot to settle down and explore life like never before. If you’ve been contemplating making a permanent move to paradise, the Dominican Republic is calling! Below, we’ll cover some of the most common questions asked when it comes to buying property in the DR. Read on to learn more!

dominican republic luxury villas

Does the DR welcome Foreign Investment

Yes! As many prospective expatriates will find, not all countries are overly welcoming when it comes to the prospect of allowing foreign investors to purchase a property. The Dominican Republic, however, is extremely friendly towards foreign investors and makes it simple to purchase your dream home in paradise, with no restrictions being placed on foreign investors.

How Does the Dominican Republic Govern Real Estate Transactions?

Real estate transactions are governed by the Land Registry Law of amendments. A new Land Registry Law was enacted in 2005, and oversees the steps involved in purchasing a home in the DR:

  • Selection
  • Offer of purchase
  • Offer Acceptance
  • Deposit and due diligence
  • Contract of sale
  • Balance of funds
  • Deed of sale
  • Ownership

Is Buying Land in the DR Difficult?

Buying property in the Dominican Republic is a relatively straightforward process, provided you stay on top of all requirements and work with the right legal team. At Casa Linda, we seek to make the buying process even easier by giving you access to buyer resources that clearly detail the buying process and make it easy to navigate each phase with confidence.

Are There Any Closing Costs or Tax Liabilities?

Yes. Buyers can expect to pay approximately 5% of the total sale price for taxes and closing costs. This 5% encompasses a transfer tax of 4.48%, document taxes, as well as stamps for registration and tips. Taxes are expected to be paid before recording the purchase at the title registry office, but you can take comfort in knowing that property taxes in the DR are incredibly low, meaning you can expect to save in the long run.

How Do I Ensure I’m Protected When Buying in the Dominican?

The reality of buying abroad is that, without the right information and legal team on your side, you do incur a certain amount of risk. With that being said, if you partner with a vetted community like Casa Linda, as well as a skilled attorney, you can remain confident that you’ll be protected throughout the buying process.

Paradise is Closer than You Think

It’s time to stop dreaming of paradise and make your new life on the island a reality! With 10 luxury floor plans and breathtaking villas waiting to welcome you home, Casa Linda Quality Communities is here to help you start your new life in the Dominican Republic. Contact us today to learn more!

Enjoy Your Perfect Getaway With These Dominican Republic Favourites

Enjoy Your Perfect Getaway With These Dominican Republic Favourites

Ready to enjoy some much-needed R&R in the Dominican Republic? Casa Linda has the inside scoop on fun and relaxing things to do so that you can make the best of your vacation. From beachside walks to water skiing to lounging by your very own pool, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn how you can make the most of your Dominican Republic vacation today!

Explore The Beautiful Northside

Vacationing on the north coast of the Dominican Republic is the best way to experience this beautiful, sun-soaked country. Averaging 28°C (82°F), this side of the country is free from any extreme weather, making it the best vacation destination. Not to mention the endless perks that come with choosing the beautiful north coast of the Dominican Republic for your holiday.

The north coast is also home to a bursting ex-pat community that is welcoming to all visitors. Diversity is a significant part of the north end of the country. As the #1 tourist destination in the Caribbean with a whopping 6,187,542 visitors annually, the Dominican Republic is a must-see for vacationers all over the world. With residents and vacationers from diverse backgrounds, you are sure to make valuable connections that will last a lifetime!

Enjoy Your Own Dominican Republic Luxury Villa

Find your home away from home with a stunning north coast villa! Villas on the north end of the Dominican Republic are fitted with their very own pool. You get to choose from a wide selection of villas depending on your needs and desires. Bring the whole family on a journey to paradise with villas that help keep you cozy and at home, and features that keep everyone happy.

Choose your very own pool and villa features that work for you. You can get as large of a space as you need, whether you are opting for comfort or going for something with a more luxurious feel. With Casa Linda villas, you can vacation your way.

Enjoy Your Local Waterpark

Enjoy the benefits of your local waterpark located right inside Casa Linda villas. It’s a family-friendly way to have fun and relax. Our waterpark has something for everyone, including a lazy river, an area for kids, and a current machine. Looking to enjoy a drink while you swim? The waterpark features a swim-up bar for you to enjoy, as well as a calming jacuzzi! Want to take a break from the kids? Our adults-only pool gives you the time and freedom you need to enjoy some time away. With sunbeds and a lounge area, soon our Waterworks waterpark will have you forgetting all of your worries!

Adrenalin-Pumping Fun

Take a walk on the wild side with some high-adrenalin activities! Enjoy surfing or waterskiing on one of our world-class beaches. Learn the ins and outs of the island by hiking the beautiful landscape. The Dominican Republic offers a massive selection of exciting activities for you to enjoy, no matter your taste or preference. With these action-packed adventures on the horizon, we know you’ll find something that suits you perfectly.

Ready to Learn More?

Casa Linda is here to support you in creating your luxury getaway vacation! Contact us today to learn how you can make your dream holiday a reality.

Northern Dominican Paradise with Casa Linda

Northern Dominican Paradise with Casa Linda

Are you tired of dreaming of living in an island paradise and ready to make it a reality? Feeling a little worried that it might be difficult to find an affordable home and relocate to a new country? Casa Linda has you covered! Nestled in the heart of the northern end of the island right by the popular destination of Cabarete, our community gives you the chance to experience the wonder of island living as well as the perks of living in one of our customizable villas. For nearly 30 years, we’ve helped expatriates just like you start their new life abroad and settle into island living. Learn more about the realities of living in the northern Dominican Republic below!

Kiss Jack Frost Goodbye

If you’re looking to escape long winters full of snow, ice, and the many inconveniences associated with month after month of cold weather, we hardly blame you! Fortunately, for snowbirds looking to make a more permanent shift to sunny days and warm temperatures, the Dominican Republic is the perfect fit. The DR experiences almost 300 days of sun each year and average daily temperatures of 85°F (25°C) making it ideal for anyone who’s had enough of chilly days and endless time spent shovelling after snowstorms. If you’re ready for sandy white beaches and golf courses and tennis courts that are open all year, say hello to the Dominican Republic!

northern dominican republic villas

Quality of Living

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest concerns when moving abroad is ensuring that you’ll have a similar, if not better quality of life than you are already accustomed to. Thanks to the low cost of living, stable government and superior infrastructure in the Dominican Republic, you can expect to live comfortably for less. With more and more people choosing to make a permanent shift to working from home as well, the DR has become a popular hub for individuals looking to enjoy the perks of island living while working abroad.

Casa Linda: Affordable Luxury

Buying a home in the Dominican Republic makes it easy to fulfill your island living dreams. Casa Linda offers a secure, welcoming, and active community for you to settle into. With team custom floor plans to choose from and homes starting as low as $185,000 USD creating the perfect space in paradise is easy and affordable. Choose from villas that are two-bedroom bungalows all the way up to spacious four-bedroom homes, and enjoy your very own swimming pool to cool down during summer days. Our exclusive community offers amenities such as a VIP beach club, full-time security, and a shuttle bus, meaning you’ll always have access to plenty of perks to make your time on the island as enjoyable as possible.

If you’re ready to leave winter behind and join the thriving ex-pat community in northern DR, it’s time to contact the team at Casa Linda. Let’s get started on building your dream home, life in paradise is waiting for you!