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Welcome to Cabarete’s Exclusive Villa Community at Casa Linda

Welcome to Cabarete’s Exclusive Villa Community at Casa Linda

Have you been searching for the perfect destination to move abroad and settle down in paradise? From retirees looking to spend their new free time writing a fresh chapter in life to entrepreneurs, work from home converts, and anyone looking to escape cold weather, there’s never been a better time to consider moving abroad to Cabarete in the Dominican Republic. With mile upon mile of white sandy beaches, breathtaking beauty around every corner and plenty of other perks to enjoy, it’s no surprise that locales like Cabarete have become some of the most in-demand spots for those looking to move to the island. Casa Linda is proud to feature our exclusive gated community just outside of Cabarete and to help you find the perfect home in paradise. Learn more about the perks of living in the Dominican Republic, as well as a brief overview of our available floor plans below!

Quality of Living You Can Count On

Moving abroad is a major decision that, understandably, can often be a huge source of anxiety as well as excitement for couples. It’s easy to feel a surge of happiness when contemplating spending your days on the beach, but it’s also perfectly normal to feel a little nervous when considering the many details you need to be covered. One of the primary concerns facing any ex-pat is continuing the same quality of life, or (preferably) enhancing it with their move. Factors that influence quality of life include healthcare, housing, infrastructure and political stability, all of which the Dominican readily offers to newcomers and prospective residents. With a world-class healthcare system, thriving real estate market that is affordable, and trustworthy government that provides ample incentives for foreign buyers, settling in the DR is an investment that you can trust in both from a financial and happiness perspective. For added peace of mind, Casa Linda luxury villas are located within a gated community where you will enjoy a host of amenities as well as an environment that is safe and secure.

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Life on the Island

Are you ready to enjoy a slower lifestyle that’s less focused on running the daily rat race? Island living is the perfect way to relax and unwind without the typical stress that you’ve been accustomed to over all these years. With a welcoming community on your side and the ability to live life at your own pace, you’ll find it easier than ever to leave the cold and snow behind, and write the next chapter of your life from your new Casa Linda home.

Our Floor plans

Casa Linda currently offers 10 different floor plans to design your villa, each of which can be customized to create the perfect fit for your needs. Ranging from 2 bedroom bungalows to 4 bedroom estates, each of our homes comes with a private swimming pool and landscaping, and for those in need of extra space, an additional guest house can be added to the property.

Contact the team at Casa Linda for the best luxury villas available in the Dominican Republic and don’t miss out on your chance for island living today!

Here’s Why Cabarete’s Villas Are the Perfect Fit for You

Here’s Why Cabarete’s Villas Are the Perfect Fit for You

Make sunny Cabarete your home with Casa Linda villas! Located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, this slice of heaven is a major destination for visitors from across the world. With gorgeous beaches, exciting cuisine, and adventures that will welcome excitement into your life, Cabarete is truly the destination that keeps on giving. Keep reading to learn how you can upgrade your quality of life in Cabarete!

Live A Life of Luxury

It’s time to revamp your life with villas in Cabarete that you are sure to love. If you are looking for more rooms for your guests, we offer a wide selection of spacious and luxurious homes to give you ample room to entertain. Whether it’s a 5-bedroom villa with a gorgeous pool or a cozier space that lets the sunshine in, Casa Linda is ready to bring you the luxurious life you’ve always dreamed of with our Cabarete villas.

Do you have a specific vision for your home? We offer exciting customizable options on all our villas so that you can make your villa your own. Casa Linda is proud to offer fully customizable options. As homebuilders, Casa Linda’s team of architects and professionals is happy to build you the best home for your future. Work with us on your future home to make your dream villa a reality!

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Make Memories That Last

Travel lovers, rejoice! Cabarete is the perfect place to live if you love adventure and exploration of all kinds. This beautiful town is located in the idyllic north end of the Dominican Republic. Nearby towns like Costambar and Puerto Plata have their own set of impressive features and amenities that make them great places to spend your day.

Costambar is roughly an hour from Cabarete, while Puerto Plata is only a 45-minute drive. Whether it’s a day of shopping in Puerto Plata or a relaxing day of good eats and stunning views, Cabarete is surrounded by great towns that charm visitors with their beauty.

Connect With Other Ex-pats

Looking to make meaningful connections that will last a lifetime? Cabarete is a great place to meet people who share your vision for a beautiful life. With exciting events hosted by Casa Linda villas, we are sure you will meet make great connections. Join Cabarete’s vibrant ex-pat community from all over the world!

Choose Cabarete Today

Ready to make a major change in your life for the better? Contact the Casa Linda villas team to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

Bring Your Dreams to Life With the Villa Dolce Vita

Bring Your Dreams to Life With the Villa Dolce Vita

Enjoy the “sweet life” with the Casa Linda Villa Dolce Vita. An expansive villa created to bring you the space and luxury of modern design, this villa is truly the perfect place to call home. Keep reading to learn more about the Villa Dolce Vita and why it is exactly what you need to upgrade your life.

Spacious Layout

The Villa Dolce Vita is a super spacious villa that fits you and your guests perfectly. With a layout that is perfect for entertaining but cozy enough for everyday life, this villa really is the ideal space for anyone looking to live in luxury.

The great room is a beautiful space for coming together to enjoy the company of your guests. This expansive room is elegant and optimizes space to give you and your guests the most comfort.

The Villa Dolce Vita comes in two standardized sizes. The first option is 3 bedrooms and features 3 beautiful full baths and one-half bath. The three bedrooms can be considered masters so that you and your guests can enjoy optimal convenience.

The larger Villa Dolce Vita features 4 bedrooms and 4.5 baths so that each bedroom is essentially a master. This larger option is priced at $493,500 US, while the smaller option is $440,800 US. Both sizes for the Villa Dolce Vita include an impressive swimming pool, landscaping and the lot:


Villa: 2,867 ft2 (266.3 m2)

Lot: 8,644 ft2 (800 m2)

Pool: 9,417 Gallons

Price: $440,800 US


Villa: 3,207 ft2 (297.9 m2)

Lot: 8,644 ft2 (800 m2)

Pool: 15,000 Gallons

Price: $493,500 US

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Bring in the View

Living in the north side of the Dominican Republic means that you get to enjoy the stunning environment of a warm, tropical country every day. With the Villa Dolce Vita, you get a layout that takes the natural beauty of the Dominican Republic into consideration.

This villa is made with giant windows that give you a full view of the outdoors. Wake up to a beautiful sunrise and enjoy the tranquillity of the island sunset from the comfort of your home.

Entertain your guests with your very own outdoor bar. With consistently warm weather and lush greenery, you’ll want to enjoy the outdoors, and the Villa Dolce Vita makes it easy.

Ready to Learn More?

Casa Linda’s Dolce Vita is the perfect villa for anyone looking to make a major upgrade in their life. Contact us to learn more about our villas today!