Retire in Luxury With Casa Linda

Retire in Luxury With Casa Linda

If you’re getting ready to celebrate retirement and are in the beginning stages of planning what your next step is, let us be among the first to congratulate you on reaching such a significant milestone! With all that hard-earned free time ahead, it’s time to focus on you and what this new chapter has in store! For many couples, this free time grants you the opportunity to achieve a lifelong dream: settling down in a tropical paradise. At Casa Linda, we’re thrilled to welcome people from all walks of life to our sunny shores in the Dominican Republic and to help you plan your perfect life on the island Below, we’ll highlight a few of the things to keep in mind when planning to retire abroad, as well as highlight the perks of building in the Dominican with Casa Linda. Read on to learn more!

Getting Started

Moving abroad is one of the most exciting decisions you’ll ever make. The chance to experience a new culture and transform your day to day is incredibly rewarding. The best way to ensure you have a smooth process is to begin planning early on to allow yourself enough time to handle all relevant details. The Dominican Republic is incredibly welcoming to foreign property purchasers, but before you move to the home-buying phase, it’s important to consider the following first:

Your Current And Projected Financial Standing

As with any major life investment, your finances are a major factor when making decisions. However, while you might be inclined to see them as more of a limiter, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that achieving your dream luxury villa can actually be quite affordable. Casa Linda is proud to offer our homebuyers exceptional floor plans that start as low as $199,000 USD. Coupled with the low cost of living in the Caribbean, your budget will go much farther than in other countries and allow you to lead a comfortable lifestyle for years to come!

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Alongside housing, one of the predominant concerns for anyone moving abroad is ensuring that you will have the proper care in your intended country. For those with existing conditions, or simply wanting peace of mind, you’ll be happy to learn that the DR offers exceptional first-world levels of medical and healthcare, with plenty of English speaking professionals readily on hand.


Everyone’s lifestyle is a little different, and before you commit to moving, it’s important to carefully evaluate your wants and needs. Doing so will help you ensure that you’ll feel at home when you move abroad and make it easier to find activities suited to your personal tastes once you settle in. After all, with all the extra free time on your hands, there’s no better opportunity to refine your hobbies!

Know The Requirements For Purchasing Property

Each country has a unique set of rules and guidelines for foreigners wishing to purchase land, with some being more friendly to the concept of outside buyers than others. The Dominican Republic has no rules prohibiting foreign investments and makes offers a straightforward residency process for those wishing to live on the island full time meaning that it is ideal for retirees looking to make the transition sooner than later.

Luxury Villas With Casa Linda

As a premier builder located on the north end of the Dominican Republic, Casa Linda is proud to create dream homes for our buyers. With multiple luxurious floor plans to choose from, as well as plenty of options for customization, living the life tranquilo (laid back and easy going) is simple. Add in a vibrant community, endless activities, and more and you’ll wonder why you waited so long to join us on the island!

Ready to take the first step?

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Quick Facts About Purchasing a Home in the Dominican Republic

Quick Facts About Purchasing a Home in the Dominican Republic

Ready to take the leap and start your new life in paradise? If you’ve always dreamed of retiring on a tropical island surrounded by lush greenery, a beaming sun, and crystal blue waters, there’s never been a better time to embrace life in the Caribbean and relocate to the Dominican Republic. As one of Latin America’s safest and best-developed countries, the DR has plenty of benefits for expats including a stable economy, low cost of living, and affordable housing.

With a vibrant community of locals and expatriates, settling into your new life is a breeze, and building with Casa Linda means you’ll never have to worry about the quality or longevity of your home. Below, we’ll take briefly about some of the main things to keep in mind when planning to buy a property in the DR, as well as the benefits of partnering with Casa Linda. Read on to learn more!

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Welcome Home: The Basics

Buying a home abroad can feel intimidating, but thankfully the Dominican government makes this process relatively easy for non-residents. In fact, many expats are pleasantly surprised to learn that buying property in the DR is straightforward in terms of financing, as well as all other related details. Typically the main initial hurdle to meet is having a minimum of a 30% downpayment to put on your home, as well as passing the initial verification process which can take some time to finish. Also worth noting is that you will usually need to be present when signing the final sale documents, however, there are certain cases where you may be able to assign someone the Power of Attorney and allow them to sign in your place if you are not able to travel.

As far as mortgages are concerned, the average mortgage term in the DR is 20 years long and rates are usually between 4-7%. Working alongside a lawyer, as well as a skilled building team like Casa Linda’s makes it easy to get approved and allows you to get one step closer to your island dream with ease!

Buy With Casa Linda

Nestled on the northern end of the island, Casa Linda is an affordable rateable community that allows you to embrace tropical paradise to its fullest! Over the past 30 years, we have become a popular destination for expatriates looking to settle into a development that is both safe and friendly. Our luxury villas at Casa Linda start at $199,900 USD and with 10 different floor plans to choose from ranging from bungalows to custom estates, there are endless ways to create your perfect space. Each home is crafted with high-end finishes and features stunning outdoor touches, including your very own pool and a fully landscaped property. All floorplans are customizable to your exact specifications, and our talented team of builders and designers are happy to help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

No Time Like the Present

It’s time to leave behind the cold and embrace the island. Contact us today for more information about DR living with Casa Linda.

Encounter Encuentro With Casa Linda

Encounter Encuentro With Casa Linda

Are you ready to discover your dream life in one of the most in-demand spots in the Caribbean? Casa Linda is here to help! As one of the premier builders in the Dominican Republic, we’re thrilled to share the exciting upcoming development of our exclusive Encuentro Beach community Stay and play in the sun like never before, and create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted in paradise!

Welcome to A World of Adventure

Known around the world for its beautiful shoreline and amazing waves, Encuentro Beach is beloved by surfers as well as those who love the peace and tranquility that the ocean has to offer. Nestled between Sousa and Cabarete, this stunning destination is the perfect place to take advantage of the many perks of the Dominican, including over 200 days of sun each year, a north coast (where Encuentro is located) that’s sheltered during hurricane season, daily temperatures that consistently stay in the high 70s (or mid-20s), and adventure that lurks around every corner. Ideal for those who love to lead a more active lifestyle, who may want a permanent vacation spot to call their own, or those who simply to enjoy the benefits of condo living, Encuentro Beach is the perfect place to call home.

encuentro villas

A Luxury Community in Cabarete

Located just minutes away from the beach, Casa Linda’s beachside community allows you to live life to the fullest while basking in comfort. Our exclusive development features 24/7 security, free shuttle buses to Cabarete and Sousa, Community Clubhouse and more, all designed with you in mind! With additional amenities like a VIP Beach, exclusive restaurant, custom landscaping options and plenty of additional luxuries available, there’s never been a better time to make your dream of life on the island a reality.

Settle Down in the Caribbean

If you’ve been wanting to make the leap to expat living, there’s no better time than the present. With over 30 years as a trusted builder in the Dominican, Casa Linda is here to help you make your dream of island living come to life.

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Luxury Villa Living With Casa Linda

Luxury Villa Living With Casa Linda

Have you always dreamed of escaping the hustle and bustle of city living and moving to a tropical paradise? Whether you have an eternal spirit for wanderlust or are simply tired of cold weather, the Dominican Republic is the perfect place to start a new life in the Caribbean. As one of the premier builders on the island, Casa Linda is proud to introduce homebuyers to their dream villa and to help you embrace the life Tranquilo (easy-going and relaxed) in the Dominican. Our community offers the whole package, to residents, including gorgeous homes, a private gated neighbourhood, a VIP beach club and so much more. Learn more about the benefits of building with Casa Linda below!

There’s No Place Like Paradise

One of the best parts of building with Casa Linda is the unbeatable location of our community on the northern end of the island. Sheltered from the storms during hurricane season, you’ll enjoy all the perks of being just 5 minutes away from Sousa, 10 minutes away from Cabarete and 15 minutes away from the closest international airport should you ever need to travel. With both villas and beachfront condos available, you can’t beat the convenience and comfort of Casa Linda!

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Experience Can Trust

Purchasing a home is a major investment, and finding a builder you can count on abroad can often feel intimidating. When you build with us, you can have complete peace of mind thanks to our 28 years of experience. Each of our homes is built with high-quality materials and designed to stand the test of time so you’ll always feel safe within the house you love.

Stunning Real Estate

Imagine coming home to a one-of-a-kind villa that’s perfectly crafted to your tastes and needs. While you might expect a custom home to cost an arm and a leg, at Casa Linda, we value being able to provide exceptional properties at reasonable prices, with models starting as low as $196,000 USD. Our team of developers works closely with each of our buyers to build a home that manages to “wow’ you every time you walk through the front door, making it easier than ever to create your dream life in paradise. Each home has its own private pool and with endless ways of customizing available, the perfect villa is yours to build.

Always Here For You

24-hour gated security means you never have to worry about unwanted guests or visitors within the Casa Linda community. Our staff ensure you can lock up your villa with confidence and offer a comprehensive onsite administration department with an English speaking office. Services offered include bill payments, maintenance, housekeeping, pool and garden care, and a dedicated emergency point of contact in the Dominican Republic.

What Are you Waiting For?

Stop dreaming about the perfect lifestyle…start living it! Contact Casa Linda today to learn more about purchasing your home in the Dominican Republic.

Quality Of Living in The Dominican Republic: Healthcare You Can Count On

Quality Of Living in The Dominican Republic: Healthcare You Can Count On

There are many reasons expats from all over the world choose to embrace life on the island in the beautiful Dominican Republic. With constant sun, affordable living, and no shortage of activities and places to explore, the island is a favoured place among snowbirds and sun-seekers alike, all year round! If you’re hoping to claim your slice of paradise, but are wondering about some of the more important logistics like healthcare, Casa Linda is here to ease your worries and assist you in getting started. Read on to learn more about medical care in the Dominican Republic.

World-Class Care, World-Class Facilities

One of the predominant concerns of anyone moving abroad is ensuring you’ll always have access to quality medical care when it matters the most. Healthcare in the Dominican Republic has seen vast improvements and expansion since 2001 and now includes a multi-tiered system that has been designed to provide optimal service for everyone. In addition to their reformed system, the Dominican now has a leading reputation for exceptional care, including readily available access to world-class facilities and highly-qualified medical professionals. Not only is the Dominican system well ahead of other Caribbean countries in terms of the quality of care offered, but shorter wait times and lower costs overall mean that residents have peace of mind where it counts the most.

Health Insurance You Can Rely On

Alongside an outstanding medical system, the Dominican offers residents easy access to affordable health and dental coverage. There are multiple plans to choose from, with advanced plans ranging from approximately $700 to $1500 USD annually (per couple). Plans cover doctor’s visits, hospital stays, in-hospital medicines, dental procedures, ambulance services, etc. and can be purchased on a yearly or quarterly basis, making them a perfect choice for Snowbirds.

healthcare in the dominican republic


One of the biggest surprises that might catch expats off guard is how advanced the level of healthcare is on the north coast of the Dominican. Five minutes from Casa Linda’s community is Centro Medico Cabarete, a full-service hospital which provides specialists for all medical issues, a full-service surgery, excellent diagnostic equipment like an MRI, as well as English speaking professional to assist.

Twenty minutes away in Puerto Plata you’ll find more hospitals, the best of which is Bournigal. This private hospital accepts local health insurance and has excellent facilities and doctors. Should you have the need for more advanced treatment, HOMS Hospital in Santiago (1 hour away) is a high-end facility that has become a destination health care provider for people from around the world. HOMS specializes in oncology, heart health, and even has robotic surgery options.

Relax in Paradise

The WHO currently ranks the Dominican Republic healthcare system within their top 100 systems, meaning you can have peace of mind and never need to worry about medical care acting as a barrier to living in paradise.

Are you ready to discover life in the sun? Contact Casa Linda today to learn how you can get started building your dream home!

Fact or Fiction: What to Know About Moving to the Dominican Republic

Fact or Fiction: What to Know About Moving to the Dominican Republic

If you’re in the early stages of planning to relocate to a warmer destination permanently, you’ve no doubt come to realize that choosing the perfect place to call home is not without its fair share of questions. While everyone has their own unique needs and wants as they look to move abroad, there are common concerns that can help to make your decision a little easier as you research. The Dominican Republic is one of the most popular destinations for expats from all over the world, and for good reason! In addition to our sun-kissed beaches swaying palm trees and crystal blue waters, the DR has plenty of perks for foreign residents to discover.

Casa Linda has been welcoming newcomers to our beautiful shores for nearly 30 years and is always pleased to help provide valuable insight when it comes to planning a move to the Caribbean. Below we’ll highlight 5 Common Misconceptions About Life in The Dominican Republic. Read on to learn more!

1. Owning An Island Property is Way Too Expensive For The Average Person

Almost everyone dreams of escaping to a tropical paradise at some point in their lives, but few will actually take the leap forward to try and learn more. Why? The common misconception is that island living is simply too expensive for the “average Joe”. While it’s true that some locations can be quite expensive, many prospective buyers are pleasantly shocked to learn that building a custom villa in the Dominican Republic is actually far cheaper than anticipated. Casa Linda strives to create stunning residences at affordable price points, and with 10 floor plans starting as low as $199,000, your dream of escaping to the island is much closer to reality than you think!

dominican republic relocation

2. I’ll Be Leaving My Comforts Behind

While it’s totally understandable to feel some apprehension about having to embrace a new culture and style of living, the Dominican Republic is actually quite close to standard western living…just warmer! Our local grocery stores feature the same products you know and love, and your favorite brands can be found in stores with ease. As far as infrastructure, internet, and other daily necessities are concerned, you can rest easy with the knowledge that the DR has the best communication systems in Latin American, as well as exceptional medical facilities and healthcare providers. Simply put, even though there will be a few differences to get used to, you’ll have no problem feeling at home.

3. Safety First!

Contrary to misconceptions, the Dominican Republic is a very safe place to live. Ranked 71st internationally, the Dominican actually ranks safer than other popular expat destinations such as Mexico, Cuba, Belize, The Bahamas, and more. This means that so long as you’re diligent with general self-awareness and best practices, you’ll have no problem enjoying this vibrant community full of first-class comforts. As an added peace of mind feature, Casa Linda offers 24/7 security within the community, which is particularly helpful for those who need to travel home for long stretches of time.

4. Medical Care is Below Average

If you’re worried that you might not receive the kind of healthcare you’re used to upon moving to the DR, you’ll be very pleased to learn you have absolutely no need to worry. The Dominican Republic is home to leading medical facilities and practitioners with service available in English. In fact, the Dominican is so well known for its medical services around the world that it has become an increasingly popular spot for medical tourism. With affordable insurance rates and expert care always available, you never have to worry about is being taking care of.

5. I’ll Have a Hard Time Settling in

Let’s be honest for a moment: relocating abroad is a big change, and with any major disruption to our daily norms, it’s more than fair to feel a little out of place, even when settling into paradise. Fortunately, thanks to the incredibly welcoming community of locals and expats here on the island, any feelings of being “left out” or isolated never last long. Casa Linda is full of friendly faces that have been in your shoes before, and with plenty of activities available, you’ll have no problem finding new ways to get involved and socialize!

Are ready to embrace life in paradise? Contact Casa Linda today to learn more about making your dream escape a reality!

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