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Tips for Moving Abroad: Preparing For Expatriate Life

Tips for Moving Abroad: Preparing For Expatriate Life

Have you decided to embrace the adventure of moving abroad for good? Relocating to a tropical paradise is an incredible way to shake up your normal and make your dream of slow days with plenty of sun a reality. At Casa Linda, we know just how exciting, as well as how overwhelming it can be to prepare for life in another country. For nearly 30 years, we’ve welcomed people to our beautiful corner of the Dominican Republic and helped them find their dream home in the Caribbean. If you’ve been getting ready to make the leap to expatriate living, but aren’t sure what all you need to cover before leaving your home country behind, below are a few tips to help you get ready to transition. Read on to learn more!

Check Your Passport

It may sound silly or overly simplistic, but you might be surprised to learn how often people forget to check the expiry date on their passport before leaving home. You’ll want to ensure you have at least 6 months remaining on your passport, and we recommend you consider renewing your passport ASAP if it is set for expiry within the next year.

Get Your Long Term Visa

Most countries, including the Dominican Republic, will have strict rules as to how long visitors and non-residents can stay per visit. In the DR, you are limited to a maximum of 3 months. In order to stay longer, you’ll need to prepare to apply for a temporary resident permit, which is valid for up to 1 year and can be renewed for a total of 4, at which point you can apply for permanent residency.

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Begin Your Transition Early

There’s no shortage of details to handle when moving abroad, and the sooner you begin preparing the easier it will be to make the leap to your new life. Cancel any relevant memberships, set up mail forwarding and alert all necessary parties that you will be relocating to minimize disruptions.

Sort Through Your Belongings

If you plan on relocating permanently, you’ll want to lighten the load of what you need to bring abroad. Pair down your belongings to the essentials to reduce moving costs. You’ll also want to take this opportunity to make copies of important documents like your birth certificate, passport, etc.

Plan Around Pets

Bringing Fido with you? Ensure you have all of the necessary documentation before you go abroad to avoid complications and to keep everyone safe while travelling.

Know Your Timeline for Housing

If you’re building a new home on the island, you’ll want to have a set plan for when your new villa will be ready. At Casa Linda, we understand just how important it is to know when you’ll be able to settle in, and we work closely with our homeowners to design a construction plan that’s best suited to their vision, as well as your ideal timeline.

Ready to Move to the Island?

If you’re ready to stop dreaming about life in paradise and start living it, Casa Linda is here to help. Contact our team today to learn more!

What Can I Expect When Living in the Dominican Republic?

What Can I Expect When Living in the Dominican Republic?

Are you contemplating answering the call of the island and moving abroad? Expatriate life is an exciting adventure that allows you to experience things like never before and write a new chapter full of rest, relaxation, and (of course!) plenty of exploration. Whether you’re planning for retirement or hoping to relocate to a country that allows for lower operating costs as an entrepreneur, the Dominican Republic is an incredible place to settle down and start your new adventure.

For over 20 years, Casa Linda has welcomed expatriates from all over the world to our beautiful Caribbean paradise and helped them find the perfect villa to call home. We understand that relocating abroad can often feel a tad overwhelming. If you’re looking for information about what to expect when moving to the Dominican Republic, read on to learn more!

Welcome to Paradise!

With mile after mile of pristine beaches, crystal blue waters, and lush tropical greenery everywhere, it’s no surprise that the Dominican Republic is a popular destination for those looking to settle down in beachside paradise. Add in soaring daily temperatures that average 85°F and a vibrant community that’s ready to welcome you, and you’ll quickly see why the DR is well-loved around the world. Benefits of living in the Dominican Republic include:

Low Cost of Living

One of the biggest benefits of living in the Dominican Republic is a lower cost of living. Many find that they are able to easily maintain the lifestyle they are accustomed to, if not upgrade, thanks to the low cost of housing, food, and basic amenities. This is extremely beneficial for retirees as well as anyone looking to relocate on a stricter budget or even to simply stretch their dollar further. At Casa Linda, we’re pleased to offer high-class living in custom villas for as low as $185,000 USD. With 10-floor plans to choose from and endless ways to customize, affordable luxury living is far more attainable than you think!

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Quality of Life

When moving abroad, one of the biggest concerns, understandably, is relocating to a place that allows you to feel safe, happy, and fulfilled. In addition to affordable living, the Dominican also offers you a stable economy and government, a world-class healthcare system, high-quality infrastructure, and access to the modern amenities you’re already accustomed to. In fact, many new island residents are pleasantly surprised to find that life in the DR is just like home…only warmer!

Culture and Community

Another major aspect that helps you feel more at home in your new location is the local culture and community. The DR is full of friendly faces, including an ever-growing community of fellow expatriates from all backgrounds and walks of life. Casa Linda Quality Communities is happy to welcome everyone to our development, and is here to help you feel right at home from day one!

Ready to Learn More?

Stop dreaming about living in an island paradise and start living it! Learn more about relocating to the Dominican Republic with Casa Linda by contacting us today!