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WEBINAR: Dominican Republic Real Estate and Lifestyle

Informative & Helpful

Dominican Republic Real Estate & Lifestyle Webinar

Find out why so many people choose the DR. Learn about titles, taxes, community, services & more.

The Buying Process in the Dominican Republic

Similar to North America

The Estate Buying Process in the Dominican Republic

Learn about offers, contracts, and the entire process in short form.

What You Need to Know about the Dominican Republic

Important Info!

All About the DR

History, money, weather, government and more.

Puerto Plata

Top 10 Beaches

If you have visited our beautiful North coast, and haven’t visited any of these gems then you are doing your vacation wrong.

What are the Pros of Living in the Dominican Republic?

Say NO to Snow!

What’s So Great About The Dominican Republic?

Find out why so many North Americans choose this amazing island and way of life

Welcome to the Tranquilo Lifestyle

Winter Doesn’t Have To Be Cold

All About Casa Linda

Learn about our great services and amazing community spirit!

Why Choose the Dominican Republic as a Home?

It’s Not Just About Weather

Why Choose the DR as a Home?

This is real Caribbean life!


Costs of Living in the DR

Find out some essential expenses of the Dominican lifestyle.

Why is the North Coast Better than Punta Cana?

It’s Better Up Our Way

Why is the North Coast Better Than Punta Cana?

Find out why the north area has more to offer.


Costs of Living in the DR pt.2

In this part 2, we focus on the bigger costs that owners and long-term renters face, like house or medical insurance, etc.

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