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Your Dream Villa is Waiting for You in the Dominican Republic! Are You Ready?

Your Dream Villa is Waiting for You in the Dominican Republic! Are You Ready?

Have you been searching for a place to call home in the Dominican Republic (DR)? If so, then Casa Linda is here to help! With various luxury villa floor plans available in the heart of the Caribbean, Casa Linda’s villas are sure to feel like home, only sunnier! Keep reading to learn more about two of our most popular villa models. 

Your Dream Dominican Lifestyle is Calling!

There are a wide variety of reasons why someone chooses to move abroad. For some, it is the need to start a fresh new life with plenty of excitement and adventure. For others they’re looking to slow down and enjoy their retirement years in a country that is affordable and pleasant all year round.

Life in the Dominican Republic offers the same quality of services, shopping, and medical care as North America or Europe while enabling you to stretch every dollar further. At Casa Linda, our team is here to help you find the Dominican Republic villa of your dreams so you can truly enjoy your life abroad. Two of our popular villa models are as follows:

Meet the Villa Sunset

With the villa Sunset, enjoying a summer BBQ or cocktail next to your private pool is easy! The villa Sunset is crafted to allow natural light and beautiful views to fill the space. It is the perfect Caribbean home for those looking to soak up the tropical sunshine.

The villa Sunset includes the construction of the villa, the landscaping, the swimming pool, and the pool service building. This villa is a stunning 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom house, perfect for the busy entrepreneur or a couple looking to enjoy retirement. With numerous customization options, the Villa Sunset is a fantastic place to call home! Available in two sizes, here are further details on this beautiful Dominican Republic villa:

Option 1: Standard Villa Sunset

Living Space: 1,118.3 ft², (103.89 m²)

Lot Size: 4,305 ft², (400 m²)

Pool Size: 8,022 gallons

Starting Price: $229,000 US

Option 2: Extended Villa Sunset

Living Space: 1,349 ft² (125.3 m²)

Lot Size: 4,305 ft², (400 m²)

Pool Size: 9,422 gallons

Starting Price: $279,000 US

Meet the Villa Seashell

If you’re looking for a villa embodying modern, contemporary luxury, the Villa Seashell is your top choice! This villa features an ultra-modern layout, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and several terraces and balconies, which are perfect for watching the sunset or taking some well-deserved me-time with a good book. 

The Sheashell also includes a stunning outdoor space, complete with a pool, deck, full outdoor bar and entertainment area. With plenty of room for entertaining, you and your guests can enjoy the beauty of the Dominican Republic right at home! Below are a few more specifications regarding this expansive and customizable villa:

More Details

Living Space: 2,790 ft² (259.22 m²) 

Lot Size: 7.534 ft² (700 m²)

Pool Size: 12,710 gallons

Starting Price: $529,000 US

Transform Your Life with Casa Linda

For over 30 years, Casa Linda has been helping expats transform their lives with our stunning villas. Our team is proud to realize your dreams with our fully customizable luxury villas. So, if you’re ready to start anew in the Dominican Republic, Casa Linda is here to ensure your unique needs and preferences are taken care of. 

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The Villa Sunset: A Cozy Caribbean Oasis

The Villa Sunset: A Cozy Caribbean Oasis

Fall is here, which can only mean one thing: it’s snowbird season. As soon as frost appears on weather reports, it is time for the great snowbird migration from frigid Canadian winters to the sunny horizons of the Dominican Republic!

If you are looking for a place to land during the winter months, look no further than Casa Linda for the Carribean villa of your dreams. Casa Linda is a full-service development that caters specifically to foreign buyers!

The best part of owning a Casa Linda villa is that residents have all the luxuries of a resort at their fingertips while also having the pleasure of staying in their own private homes.

When you live in a Casa Linda community, you embrace the trainquillo lifestyle of island life, free from the hustle and bustle of major cities. When you operate on island time, there is no rush. Everything is trainquillo.

The Villa Sunset

If you’re looking for the ideal starter vacation home, look no further than Casa Linda’s small but mighty Villa Sunset! Despite the smaller square footage, the floor plan is cleverly designed to optimize the space and flow within the villa. The floor-to-ceiling windows open entirely to welcome warm sunbeams and a cool tropical breeze.

The Villa Sunset is available in two different sizes. The Standard Villa Sunset is 1,118.3 ft², with an 8,022-gallon pool and is available for $229,000.00 USD. The Extended Villa Sunset has slightly larger square footage than the standard at 1,349 ft² with a 9,422-gallon pool for $279,000.00 USD.

Both options for the Villa Sunset sit on a 4,305 ft² lot and come with two bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, a covered terrace, a yard and, of course, a beautiful pool! Clients love working with Casa Linda because our villa prices include the lot, construction costs, landscaping, swimming pool, and a service building for pool equipment and storage.

Fully Customizable

When you buy a villa at Casa Linda, our in-house architects help bring your vision to life. Depending on what you want to change or enhance, the customization pricing can range from $5,000 to $20,000 USD!

Whether it’s the shape of your pool, adding a live-plant wall, or adding pet-friendly fencing around your property, our incredible architects will work with you to create the villa of your dreams.

Community Focused

Whether you’re a snowbird seeking refuge from the freezing winters or a retiree looking to live your golden years in paradise, Casa Linda’s vibrant and friendly community will welcome you with open arms!

For many people, retirement is the first opportunity since childhood to properly live life how they want, free from the stress of maintaining a career and raising a family. Casa Linda is full to the brim with expats and retirees who share a common goal: to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Get In Touch

Are you ready to live your best life? Contact our incredible team today to learn more about Villa Sunset and the fantastic Casa Linda community.

Design Your Own Luxury Villa in the Dominican Republic

Design Your Own Luxury Villa in the Dominican Republic

Most people dream of a home next to the sea at one point or another. To live next to a beach with a private pool in your backyard is not out of reach. Our luxury villas in the Dominican Republic start at just $229K USD! Below, we walk through some of the customizations you can do with Casa Linda villas. Keep reading to see what you can turn your future villa into.

Choose Your Villa

From the humble Villa Sunset to the glorious Villa Atlantis, we have it all. Each villa has a different size and style, so there is something for everyone! Take a look at what our four bedroom villas look like and what our owners have to say about us in our YouTube channel. Our villas go anywhere between $229K USD to $599K USD, which includes your own private pool, custom landscaping, the villa, and the lot it is built on. Take an extended vacation, work from the DR, or retire in style with Casa Linda.

Design Your Home Layout

What exactly can be customized in your Casa Linda villa? Almost anything! Our villa blueprints can be customized to your liking, whether changing the shape of your pool or adding bedrooms. We can work with any designs you bring to us. Our in-house architects will make sure you are delighted with your design. We can always add the guest house for your guests to stay in or for you to convert into a hobby shack. Finally, a dedicated space for your pottery! All of our luxury Dominican Republic villas come with a private pool in the backyard and have the option to add a full-service bar.

Enjoy the Dominican Republic!

Paradise is calling; will you answer? The Dominican Republic is your home of perpetual summer. At 28 degrees Celsius almost all year round, you will surely get as much sun as you desire. The DR is the best place to live! Dominicans love to live slowly, appreciating everything instead of rushing from place to place. With endless options for spending your time, you’ll never be bored. Casa Linda’s gated community has a waterpark and restaurant for all our owners. All you have to do is talk to us, and you’ll be convinced that luxury villas in the Dominican Republic are perfect for you.

Time to Get Started with Casa Linda

Anything is possible with our luxury villas! But it’s up to you to take the first step to make it happen. With owner-only amenities and access to local areas, our villas give you all you can want from your luxury villa in the Dominican Republic. Casa Linda can help you make the trip to living in paradise as straightforward as possible. Send us a message, and we can start the process!

Bienvenido Al Paraíso! Cabarete Villas at Casa Linda

Bienvenido Al Paraíso! Cabarete Villas at Casa Linda

Bienvenido Al Paraíso!

Warm sunny days, shining crystal blue waters, mile after mile of sandy beaches…this could be your life to enjoy in paradise! If you’re tired of dealing with long, unforgiving winters and are ready to treat yourself to the adventure of a lifetime, it’s time to stop dreaming about moving to a tropical haven, and start living! The Dominican Republic is calling, and all you have to do is answer the call with Casa Linda Quality Communities!

As one of the most trusted builders on the island, we’re proud to have created a safe, affordable, and luxury-oriented private development on the northern end of the Dominican, just outside of Cabarete. Our team is made up of real estate and development professionals that are equally passionate about finding the perfect home for each newcomer as we are about helping you settle in and embrace a lifestyle that most dare to dream about. With 24/7 on-site security, curated weekly activities, shuttle services and more, luxury living in the Dominican Republic can be an affordable reality. Learn more about moving to the Dominican Republic in 2022 below!

Why Move to the DR?

If you’ve been on the hunt for tropical destinations to relocate to, you’ve likely noticed that there are quite a few places to choose from upon first glance. While there’s no denying that plenty of other countries are gorgeous and have the type of climate that you may be looking for, very few countries can compete with the many benefits offered by the Dominican Republic specifically. In addition to over 300 days of sun each year, daily temperatures that average 24°C/82°F, affordable housing and overall cost of living, as well as a world-class healthcare system, you’ll find countless ways to explore and enjoy this beautiful island paradise, one day at a time!

cabarete luxury villas

Villa Living Made Simple

We all know that one of the most important parts of moving is finding the perfect place to call home. There certainly is no exception to this when moving abroad, and in fact, finding the right fit can often feel even more daunting when distance gets factored in. If you’re worried about finding a home in the Dominican that’s just right for you, you can rest easy when you partner with Casa Linda Quality Communities. For nearly 30 years we’ve welcomed expatriates to the island and crafted stunning homes with the highest grade materials, all at an affordable cost. Built to provide you with the highest quality, our homes start as low as $207,300 USD and are designed to ensure you have everything you need. From quaint 2-bedroom bungalows to 5-bedroom villas big enough for the whole family to visit and enjoy, Casa Linda’s properties make it easy to feel perfectly at home. We also offer ample opportunity to customize your home with any of the following:

  • Choice of building materials, as well as color and style of cabinets, doors, floor/bath tiles, and more.
  • Choice of pool shape and size of a complimentary sun-bed area
  • Infinity, saltwater, or mirror pool
  • Rooftop terrace
  • Jacuzzi
  • Swim-up bar
  • Living wall
  • Additional lot size
  • Outdoor kitchen, and more!

When it comes to designing your dream life in paradise, your home should be the ultimate source of comfort and enjoyment. Learn more about creating your custom villa with Casa Linda by contacting our team today!

Buy Your Dream Home With These Beautiful Villas From Casa Linda

Buy Your Dream Home With These Beautiful Villas From Casa Linda

Looking for a beautiful home in the Caribbean? Casa Linda has you covered! With over 10 luxurious villa floor plans in the sunny country of the Dominican Republic, Casa Linda’s options leave something for everyone. Read on to learn about our villa floor plans today.

Imagine Your Dream Dominican Lifestyle!

Everyone has a different reason for choosing to move abroad. For some, it’s the need for excitement and adventure. For others, it’s the ability to relax, and for many, it’s about enjoying an affordable lifestyle that allows you to maximize each day without overspending your budget. Life in the Dominican allows you to make every dollar go further, and Casa Linda is here to help you find the home of your dreams. Some of most popular villa models include:

Villa Sunset

Sit by the pool and enjoy a cocktail with your brand new Villa Sunset! The Villa Sunset is the perfect Caribbean home. This villa is designed to let the natural light and beauty into the space with large windows that frame the outdoor scenery perfectly.

This villa comes with the lot, the landscaping, construction of the villa, swimming pool and the pools service building. The Villa Sunset is a gorgeous 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom villa with customizable options on all features. The following is a list of sizing options, which includes pricing:

Option 1: Villa & Lot

Living Space: 1,156 ft2 (107.4 m2 )

Lot: 4,306 – 5.382 ft2 (400 m2)

8,000 Gallon Pool


Option 2: Villa, Lot & Outdoor Bar/Bath

Living Space: 1,349 ft2 (125.3 m2 )

Lot: 4,306 – 5,382 ft2 (400 m2)

9,422 Gallon Pool

$230,200 US

custom villas dominican republic

Villa Seashell

The Villa Seashell is a stunning 3-bedroom, 3.5 bathroom villa that is sure to give you a taste of luxury. The Villa Seashell is a modern, Mediterranean villa with great views and a stylish layout. It is easy to enjoy entertaining guests thanks to the large two bedrooms and comfortable great room.

This villa also has a beautiful outdoor area with a pool, deck, and a full outdoor bar and entertainment area. With this outdoor layout, your guests can enjoy the tropical breeze and gorgeous sunshine from the comfort of your home. This expansive villa also comes with customizable options on all features.


Living Space: 2,790 ft2 (259.2 m2)

Lot: 7.535 ft2 (700 m2)

12,700 Gallon Swimming Pool

$422,900 US

Let Casa Linda Tranform Your Life

Casa Linda villas have been transforming lives for over 20 years. We are proud to make your vision for your home happen with our fully customizable villas. We make sure that your new home in the Dominican Republic is suited to your unique needs and can work with you to make sure everything is to your standard.

Ready to Learn More?

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