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Real Estate and Retirement in Cabarete: Exploring Options for Retirees

Real Estate and Retirement in Cabarete: Exploring Options for Retirees

Are you looking ahead and planning for your retirement years? At Casa Linda, we offer a unique opportunity for retirees to invest in a luxury villa in the heart of the Caribbean. Our gated communities are safe and welcoming to all. At the same time, our villas can be completely personalized, providing you not just a place to kick your feet, up but an investment in your golden years.

Let’s look at why a luxury villa from Casa Linda in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, could be the perfect choice for your retirement.  

Investing in Your Caribbean Home

As Casa Linda, we understand you have big plans for your golden years. By investing in real estate in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, you’re not only claiming a piece of paradise, but also making a wise financial decision. Casa Linda’s villas are an investment where your hard-earned money could help you accrue interest over time. More than just an investment property, a Casa Linda Villa is your private oasis, your home away from home in the Dominican Republic. 

Each of our villas includes a private pool, a designated parking pad, and the option for complete customization according to your unique preferences and needs. A Casa Linda luxury villa is not just a house; it’s your retirement dreams come true! 

The Beauty of Cabarete: A Paradise to Enjoy Life

Cabarete, located in arguably the prettiest part of the Dominican Republic, offers expats a backdrop of lush mountains sloping towards the sea– truly breathtaking views. With stunning summery weather and a near-perfect climate without the risk of hurricanes, this Northcoast town boasts incredible beaches, each with its own charm. 

For retirees looking to settle down in the Northern Dominican Republic, Cabarete offers excellent infrastructure. From tasty restaurants and fantastic shopping opportunities to hospitals, schools, and banking facilities, everything you’re accustomed to back home is just outside your front door. Plus, with a low cost of living and taxation, life in Cabarete ensures a comfortable and affordable retirement lifestyle.

Cabarete: More Than Just a Beach Village

Cabarete in the Dominican Republic is a cosmopolitan beach town with a bohemian flare. It is well known for its coral reef-protected bay and diverse dining experiences. This lively town also hosts world championships for kite and windsurfing, making it a must-see destination for water sports enthusiasts. 

This vibrant community of locals and expats offers a variety of other activities beyond water sports. From exploring local caves and lagoons to participating in community events and letting your hair down during the exciting nightlife, Cabarete is a bustling town with modern services, medical facilities, and shopping options.

Choosing Your Slice of Paradise with Casa Linda

Retirement in Cabarete is not just a dream; it can be a reality with Casa Linda’s luxury villas. Your personalized home away from home awaits in this vibrant community! Explore your options at Casa Linda and start a new chapter of life in the beautiful Cabarete.

Contact Casa Linda to get started!

Be Prepared when Moving to the Dominican Republic

Be Prepared when Moving to the Dominican Republic

The way of the Dominican Republic is to live a slow, relaxed life. There is no reason to hustle around in paradise! We call the way we live in the Dominican Republic the tranquilo life. Easy going, no rush—the good life. It is a change to go from hustle culture to a laid-back community, but the health benefits alone are worth it! We thought we would share other ways that you should prepare before moving to the Dominican Republic. Read on to be prepared for your international move.

No More Winter

Are you ready to part with your bulky parka? In the Dominican Republic, there is no need to bring thick layers! Once you’ve made the pleasant decision to move to the Dominican Republic, you can start to get rid of your winter clothes. You’ll only need flip-flops and your favourite sundresses.

The Dominican Republic has a steady 28 degrees Celsius temperature almost entirely year-round. You’ll get all the beach days without the fear of stormy weather, as there has never been a recorded hurricane in the north of the Dominican Republic. So sit back on any of the beautiful beaches and take in the sun.

Be Ready to Meet New Friends

Your villa neighbors in Casa Linda are like-minded expats looking to make a home on the most beautiful island in the world. Meet fellow retirees living full-time in our gated community by visiting the Castaways Clubhouse and Eatery! The kids and grandkids might even make friends at the Waterworks Amenities Park, while you take a visit to the swim-up bar.

Be ready to make friends because there are new friends everywhere you turn at Casa Linda. Locals and owners alike will look to make friends with you when you move to the Dominican Republic. We are all about socializing! We love a good party, and Casa Linda hosts owner events all the time.

Have the Villa You Design

Casa Linda villas are completely customizable to your style. Let our in-house design team work with you to create your dream luxury home in the Dominican Republic. Choose from a wide range of villas starting from only $229K USD and modify it to fit your exact needs. All villas have a stunning view of the landscape and can have added bedrooms, storage space, or anything else you need to make your villa a home.

Guest suites can be modified to fit your hobbies in the interim between uses, and pools can take on almost any shape you’d like. The finishing touches are all up to you! Our team wants to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable in our beautiful gated community.

Make Your Own Paradise at Casa Linda

Our Casa Linda villas are the perfect place to retire, work abroad, or even escape the snow for a couple of months. Whatever your reasoning for moving to the Dominican Republic, we are glad you are coming!

Contact Casa Linda to get started on building your very own luxury villa. We can’t wait to connect!

Meet Santa in Sosua: Retire in the Dominican Republic this Christmas

Meet Santa in Sosua: Retire in the Dominican Republic this Christmas

What better gift is there than the gift of bringing your loved ones to the Dominican Republic this winter? Enjoy your Christmas celebrations while resting on beautiful Casa Linda beaches, in your very own private backyard pool, or at our Castaways Eatery on-site. Your winter can be spent in luxury, where starting your car is easy, and you don’t have to wear a jacket. Keep reading to find out more about what retirement in the Dominican Republic can be for you.

Why Retire to the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is a haven for retirees who crave the heat all year round. At an average of 28 degrees Celsius almost every month of the year, you can live in a temperature of comfort and relaxation. Don’t just dream of lounging through the winter on the beach; make it real!

Casa Linda creates custom villas for retirees looking for a home away from the cold, complete with your own private pool. If you’re in the mood for sun in the sand for your retirement, head out to one of our beautiful nearby beaches that are within walking distance of your villa.

Our Lifestyle at Casa Linda

We live tranquilo here. We love to slow down and enjoy the view, not race through life. You’ll notice it quickly: peaceful, easy-going, and relaxed is how we do things in the Dominican Republic. You only have one retirement, so why not live your best life in your own affordable Dominican Republic villa? Our permanent residents adore living with the tranquilomindset here. There are far fewer worries when you aren’t scheduling your day from hour to hour!

While North Americans deal with the incoming snow, Casa Linda residents prepare for Christmas festivities on the beach. Our gated community is full of people who have retired to the Dominican Republic to escape the cold, blistering winters of the North. We host many Christmas events: It’s our favourite time of year! Meet Santa in Sosua this Christmas by retiring to the Dominican Republic.

Your Retirement, Your Way

Build your very own private villa in our gated community at a variety of price points. Our team can help you to design a custom home that fits your needs, from an on-site hobby shack to additional bedrooms—whatever your needs, we can build it.

Starting at just $229K USD, the Villa Sunset is the perfect option for retirees looking for just enough space for themselves and their guests. It comes with a gorgeously-planned backyard and an 8-thousand-gallon pool, just for you.

If you are looking for more luxury on your Casa Linda property, take a gander at the Villa Atlantis. At 2852.7 square feet, this beautiful villa contains multiple guest rooms, a spacious backyard with an 18-gallon pool, and an outdoor bar. Each villa is completely customizable with our in-house architects to your liking.

Paradise Awaits at Casa Linda

Experience Christmas festivities in flip flops and plus-28-degree weather when you retire to the Dominican Republic this winter. Contact Casa Linda today to get started on your custom villa in paradise! We can’t wait to meet you.

Find A Peaceful Life by Retiring in the Dominican Republic

Find A Peaceful Life by Retiring in the Dominican Republic

Looking for the perfect retirement spot? Your retirement should be the best years of your life, and when you retire to the Dominican Republic, it will be! Read on to discover why the Dominican Republic is the number one location you should consider moving to for your retirement.

Beaches, Private Pools, and Your Villa

Our gated community is only 7 minutes away from the nearest beach and only 30 minutes away from the highly photogenic and rightfully famous Puerto Plata. Take advantage of the 28-degree Celsius weather we get year-round and soak up some sun on one of our beautiful beaches. But if the people at the public beach are too much for you some days, that’s the perfect time to use your private pool! You’ll always have access to water and sun in the Dominican Republic.

Did you know our Casa Linda villas are entirely customizable? Starting at just $229K USD, you can have your very own custom luxury villa in paradise for your retirement in the Dominican Republic. A private pool in your backyard, custom villa design, and the ability to add a hobby shack and bar: what could be better?

Close to Delicious Restaurants and Bars

Castaways is our very own Casa Linda eatery for our villa owners. Say hi! We’d love to show you authentic Dominican food. If you’re looking for a new location to explore, many restaurants are scattered all over the island. It’s up to you to explore them all after retiring to the Dominican Republic! You’ll also find some fantastic bars around. Ask us about our recommendations for the best drink spots around the island, or stick close to home and drink at Castaways! We have happy hour specials daily, and we love hearing about your adventures.

Weekly Activities and Annual Events

When you retire to the Dominican Republic, you’ll find endless possibilities for your daily activities. If you’re looking for a retirement that doesn’t consist of only beach days, the Casa Linda gated community is for you. We host weekly yoga classes, Zumba classes, and sports games for our owners who want to live an active lifestyle. Or search the island for other classes you are interested in: you won’t have to look far! We can take you there with our Casa Linda shuttle.

Between weekly fitness classes, check out any of our events! We have annual December holiday parties, a yearly barbecue in the summer, and much more. Plus, we give our owners tickets and transportation to the local annual jazz festival.

…Or Live Tranquilo

In the DR, we live our daily lives more peacefully and far less rushed than people in the US and Canada. You will find that the average person has very little stress in their daily lives, and this is because we follow a tranquilo way of living. The tranquilo lifestyle is slow, taking one day at a time. There’s no need to look at the time every hour, as there is no rush in the DR. Your time is your own, and there is no pressure to do or create on any schedule. Retire in the Dominican Republic and unwind from your years of constant stress.

Live Retirement At Your Pace in the Dominican Republic

Casa Linda is waiting for your message! We want to help you retire in style by creating a custom villa for you. Whatever your vision is for a DR villa, we can work with you to create it. Contact us today!

Embracing Retirement in Paradise: Casa Linda’s Exclusive Properties in the Dominican Republic

Embracing Retirement in Paradise: Casa Linda’s Exclusive Properties in the Dominican Republic

Retirement marks the beginning of a new chapter in life, filled with opportunities to relax, explore, and savour the joys of living slowly. If you’re seeking an idyllic destination to spend your golden years, look no further than the Dominican Republic. With its beautiful beaches, rich culture and welcoming community, the Dominican Republic is an island paradise that welcomes retirees with open arms. At Casa Linda, we offer a range of stunning luxury villas designed to cater to the tastes of retirees and other expats alike. Keep reading to discover what retired life is like in the Dominican Republic and how Casa Linda’s villas can make you feel right at home! 

Tranquil Retreats Amidst Nature’s Beauty

Retirement is a time to escape the frantic pace of working life and find peace and solace in tranquil bliss. Casa Linda’s exclusive luxury villas are nestled away in the picturesque Dominican Republic (DR). Imagine waking up to the sound of gentle ocean waves, taking leisurely strolls along beautiful beaches, and basking in the warmth of 28° Celcius (82° Fahrenheit) sunny weather. Casa Linda’s exclusive villas offer retirees the opportunity to unwind and immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Dominican Republic.

Thoughtfully Crafted Homes for Comfortable Living

At Casa Linda, meticulous attention to detail is given when designing our luxury villas as we prioritize our residents’ comfort and ease of living. Our villas feature thoughtful, open-concept layouts, single-level living options, and various amenities tailored to enhance your retirement experience. From spacious floor plans that foster seamless movement to custom features tailored to your unique preferences and needs, our villas are carefully crafted to accommodate expats from all walks of life. When planning your retirement, embrace the joy of residing in a well-craft luxury Casa Linda villa! 

A Haven of Safety and Security

At Casa Linda, we understand that our retired residents value the peace of mind from living in our safe, gated communities. With round-the-clock security and professional property management services, our residents can relax knowing that their villas are well-protected and maintained. Moreover, our gated communities offer numerous amenities and opportunities for residents to get to know their neighbours and create lasting friendships and memories. Casa Linda’s secure communities provide an environment where our residents can thrive in their new lifestyles! 

Endless Explorations and Engagements

Your retirement is a time for indulging in new experiences, adventures, and engagements with the world around you. The Dominican Republic offers a wealth of opportunities for retirees to soak up the wonders of nature, explore captivating tropical landscapes, and immerse themselves in the rich local culture. From golfing on pristine courses to participating in exciting water sports, hiking through breathtaking trails, or savouring the unique flavours of the local cuisine, the Dominican Republic is a playground full of endless possibilities. So seize the opportunity to create a retirement life filled with adventure, discovery, and cherished memories with Casa Linda!

Ready for a Change of Pace?

Casa Linda’s exclusive villas offer a haven where retirees and expats alike can bask in the tranquil beauty of the Caribbean. Begin your retirement journey with Casa Linda and discover the fulfillment and contentment that awaits you in the stunning tropical paradise of the Dominican Republic. Contact us today to learn more about our villas!