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Understanding Property Tax in the Dominican Republic: What Owners Need to Know

Understanding Property Tax in the Dominican Republic: What Owners Need to Know

If you’ve been considering moving to the Dominican Republic (DR) or buying an investment property on the island, you should understand the basics of the DR’s property tax. Luckily, Casa Linda is here to help! With decades of experience assisting expats in moving to the DR, we understand some of the questions and complexities our future residents may face when it comes to their villa’s property tax.

Below is a quick overview of the property tax in the Dominican Republic. Keep reading to find out more. 

Overview of Property Tax in the DR

Property tax in the Dominican Republic, or “Impuesto Sobre Bienes Inmuebles” (ISBI), is based on the value of your property, with the tax rate varying depending on the municipality. However, the tax rate in the DR is typically around 1% of your property’s value. Your property’s value is based solely on the building and land, not your furniture or equipment. 

When determining how much you’ll pay in property taxes, it’s important to note that the 1% is calculated only for values exceeding 6,858,885.00 DOP (about $150,000. This amount is adjusted annually for inflation). Anything under that amount is essentially free of charge. This means most Casa Linda villa owners only pay between $1-2K yearly in property taxes. 

In the Dominican Republic, real estate taxes are payable yearly on or before March 11. Still, even this is flexible as you also have the option to pay in two equal installments (50% on or before March 11. The remaining on or before September 11). However, these are a few circumstances in which property are exempt from paying real estate taxes. For instance, farm properties, homes whose owner is 65+ years old and has no other property in their name, and properties owned by companies (they pay a separate tax on company assets) are all exempt. 

If you have any questions regarding your potential property tax when moving to the Dominican Republic, Casa Linda can help you connect with a trustworthy and experienced accountant who can walk you through the details. 

Consequences of Non-Compliance

One thing to remember regarding property taxes in the Dominican Republic is that avoiding paying for them can result in steep penalties. A considerable amount of many residents’ property tax payments come from unpaid taxes. So, as an expat looking to invest in real estate in the DR, it is essential that you keep track of your taxes to avoid costly penalties or issues with the Dominican Republic tax authorities. And if you need assistance, working with a qualified accountant is always a good idea! 

Customizable Luxury Villas at Casa Linda

If you want to invest in a property to call home, Casa Linda’s luxury villas are an incredible option! Our villas are entirely customizable to your lifestyle, tastes, and needs. With our in-house design team, we can work with you to craft the luxury villa of your dreams. Our villas have a stunning view of the DR, a pool, terraces, large windows, and high ceilings. With options to add additional bedrooms or a guest house, Casa Linda’s villas are a beautiful home away from home! 

Making Your Dream Home a Reality

If you’ve been considering moving abroad and living a life of luxury in an island paradise, then the Dominican Republic is calling your name! Let Casa Linda help you design your dream home today! 

Contact Casa Linda today to find out more about our customizable villas!

Top 5 Customizations to Maximize Your Retirement Villa in Sosua, Dominican Republic

Top 5 Customizations to Maximize Your Retirement Villa in Sosua, Dominican Republic

Casa Linda is home to a large community of expat retirees who live full-time in the Dominican Republic! If you are packing up your whole life and moving to another country, your new home should be suited for full-time living rather than a vacation home.

Continue reading to learn about the top five villa customizations Casa Linda recommends to any retiree considering buying a villa in Sosua, Dominican Republic, for full-time living.

Walk-In Closet

For Casa Linda’s snowbird owners, a regular closet is okay because they are only on the island for the winter. However, if you and your partner consider permanently relocating to the Dominican Republic, you’ll want all the space you can get!

The first customization we highly recommend to our full-time owners is expanding the master bedroom’s closet into a walk-in closet. Your wardrobe will undoubtedly expand as you establish a life in the Dominican. It’s better to have more storage, even if you don’t need it right now. After all, when has extra storage space ever been a bad thing?

Kitchen Island

A universal truth is that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether that’s back in your home country or a new friend’s kitchen in the Dominican, the kitchen is a gathering place! Food is an integral part of Dominican culture, and that comes with the responsibility to host gatherings and barbecues where everyone comes together to eat, drink and be merry.

Trust us– you’ll want a kitchen island if you live full-time at Casa Linda! It adds extra seating, storage and counter space for meal preparation. Casa Linda’s team of in-house architects will guide you through the customization process. Whatever your specifications are, our team will do everything to make your vision come to life!

From the island’s layout to the countertop material, owners have complete stylistic control!

Additional Storage Room

Every Casa Linda floor plan includes a detached service building for the pool equipment and extra storage space. But, as we said earlier, additional storage is always good, especially for full-time residents and retirees. If you love decorating your home with the seasons, you will need a place to keep your decorations!

Adjustments can be made to the service building to increase the amount of storage space, like increasing the overall square footage and adding built-in shelving.


What paradise would be complete without a jacuzzi to soak in after a long day of surfing or hiking through the mountain trails? Jacuzzis are a very popular villa addition amongst our retirees, for a good reason! Retirement is all about kicking your feet up, being stress-free and living the good life.

Imagine going for a late-night soak in your jacuzzi: the jets massaging your aches and pains away, a cool tropical breeze blowing through your hair, the twinkling night sky, and an ice-cold cerveza in your hand. Life is good, especially at Casa Linda.

Your Villa, Your Way

Over the last 40 years, Casa Linda has been home to a growing community of expats from all over the world. Casa Linda’s gated community is located between the lovely beach towns of Sosúa and Cabarete on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

You can choose between 15 different villa models that are customizable to your taste. Outside of your budget, the only limit is your imagination!

Ready to take the plunge? Contact Casa Linda today to learn more about buying a villa in Sosúa, Dominican Republic.

Paradise Found: Why Retiring in the Dominican Republic is the Ultimate Dream

Paradise Found: Why Retiring in the Dominican Republic is the Ultimate Dream

After a long life of hard work providing for your family and career, it’s time to retire and start living for yourself. You have worked so hard to set your family up for success; it’s your turn to kick your feet up and enjoy a well-deserved life of leisure.

What better way to live your golden years than on a tropical island with all the comforts of home and the luxuries of an all-inclusive resort? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about retiring in the Dominican Republic at Casa Linda’s gated community.

Just Like Home, But So Much Better

The Dominican Republic shares all the amenities and conveniences of your home country, like affordable healthcare, modern infrastructure, and vibrant communities. Contrary to what you may assume, the DR has an incredibly stable and consistently growing economy thanks to our thriving tourism industry!

The only thing you will miss about home is your friends and family. Other than them, the Dominican Republic has everything you could ever want or need. After all, does your home country have over 200 beaches and a massive rainforest to explore?

The Perfect Location

Casa Linda has spent the last 40 years building an ever-growing community of expats from all over the world. Casa Linda is located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, the best place for expats to land and start an exciting new chapter of their lives. Living at Casa Linda, you’re only a 15-minute drive from some of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic.

Are you worried about tropical storms and natural disasters? You have nothing to worry about at Casa Linda; no hurricane has ever been recorded to reach the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Casa Linda is a safe and friendly community of locals and expats between the lovely cities of Sosúa and Cabarete.

The Comfort of All-Inclusive Within the Privacy of a Neighborhood

Once you have reached retirement age, you’ve done your fair share of driving, cooking, cleaning, landscaping, and much more. Why not live in a place that handles all of that for you? Retiring in the Dominican Republic is much more than moving to a vibrant tropical oasis. It’s about providing yourself the life of leisure you deserve, and Casa Linda wants to provide that for you.

Land ownership works similarly in the DR, as once you own your villa, it’s yours; you can even apply for Dominican citizenship! If you’re used to living in a suburban neighbourhood, life won’t seem too different in our vibrant community. Okay, maybe it will be a little different, thanks to all of the unique perks you get from being an owner at Casa Linda.

Casa Linda’s villa management services are designed to make your life here as stress-free as possible. We offer services like weekly housekeeping and pool & garden maintenance; you could even pay a little extra for a chef to cook all three meals of the day.

Ready to Retire in the Dominican Republic?

Whether you’re looking to retire full-time in the Dominican Republic or part-time over the winter season, Casa Linda is the perfect place to spend your golden years. If you retire at Casa Linda, you are promised a future of soaking up the sun, indulging in fresh tropical fruit and delicious food, immersing yourself in a new culture, and so much more.

Are you ready to purchase a villa in the Dominican Republic and start the rest of your life? Get in touch with Casa Linda today to learn more about retiring in the Dominican Republic.

Retiring in Paradise: Why Expats Choose Casa Linda’s Dominican Republic Luxury Villas

Retiring in Paradise: Why Expats Choose Casa Linda’s Dominican Republic Luxury Villas

It’s a significant decision to pack up your life and move to another country! At Casa Linda, we hear a lot from potential clients who have concerns about moving abroad to a very different country. For over 40 years, Casa Linda has developed a thriving community of expats from Canada, the United States, and Europe!

Casa Linda is a beloved and highly respected builder of modern luxury villas in the Dominican Republic! Below, we will discuss the top reasons why retired expats choose Casa Linda over any other DR community builder.

Steady & Rapidly Growing Economy

There is a common misconception that the Dominican Republic is a poor, struggling and underdeveloped country. That cannot be further from the truth. Our small island country might have been one of the poorest Latin American countries in the mid-1960s, but much has changed in the last 60 years.

In actuality, the Dominican Republic’s economy is the steadiest and fastest growing in Latin America. The Dominican’s standard of living is approximately one-third that of the United States. That’s a marked difference from other Latin countries, whose average standard of living is typically around one-quarter of the USA.

Risk-Free Property Investment

If the Dominican continues to grow at the same rate, it’s projected that in 40 years, the DR will have an advanced economy on par with other first-world countries. Investing in a Dominican Republic luxury villa through Casa Linda is a sound investment for your current lives in 2024 and your future as well!

Casa Linda has been in business for forty years, and our community has steadily grown. What originally started as a small community has grown into a massive neighbourhood with long-standing owners. We are one of the most trusted and respected builders in all of the Dominican.

Safe Location & Secure Gated Community

If you are concerned about natural disasters living on a tropical island, there is nothing to fear. Casa Linda is located on the north coast of the Dominican, in between the beach towns of Sosúa and Cabarete. There have been no recorded hurricanes to reach the north coast of the DR— ever! You don’t have to worry about the risk of losing your villa to a rogue storm.

Casa Linda takes the safety of our owners and their families very seriously. While our community is located in a safe part of the island, Casa Linda takes extra precautions to ensure the well-being of our residents. We are a gated community with 24/7 security, providing owners immense peace of mind— especially for those who only use their villas in the winter!

Live Life Luxuriously

Life at Casa Linda is like living full-time at an all-inclusive resort, except you get to enjoy the privacy of your own home. We are proud to have a tight-knit and welcoming community of expats worldwide who cannot wait to welcome you into our fold!

Get in touch with Casa Linda today to learn more about building a luxury villa in the Dominican Republic!

Real Estate and Retirement in Cabarete: Exploring Options for Retirees

Real Estate and Retirement in Cabarete: Exploring Options for Retirees

Are you looking ahead and planning for your retirement years? At Casa Linda, we offer a unique opportunity for retirees to invest in a luxury villa in the heart of the Caribbean. Our gated communities are safe and welcoming to all. At the same time, our villas can be completely personalized, providing you not just a place to kick your feet, up but an investment in your golden years.

Let’s look at why a luxury villa from Casa Linda in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, could be the perfect choice for your retirement.  

Investing in Your Caribbean Home

As Casa Linda, we understand you have big plans for your golden years. By investing in real estate in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, you’re not only claiming a piece of paradise, but also making a wise financial decision. Casa Linda’s villas are an investment where your hard-earned money could help you accrue interest over time. More than just an investment property, a Casa Linda Villa is your private oasis, your home away from home in the Dominican Republic. 

Each of our villas includes a private pool, a designated parking pad, and the option for complete customization according to your unique preferences and needs. A Casa Linda luxury villa is not just a house; it’s your retirement dreams come true! 

The Beauty of Cabarete: A Paradise to Enjoy Life

Cabarete, located in arguably the prettiest part of the Dominican Republic, offers expats a backdrop of lush mountains sloping towards the sea– truly breathtaking views. With stunning summery weather and a near-perfect climate without the risk of hurricanes, this Northcoast town boasts incredible beaches, each with its own charm. 

For retirees looking to settle down in the Northern Dominican Republic, Cabarete offers excellent infrastructure. From tasty restaurants and fantastic shopping opportunities to hospitals, schools, and banking facilities, everything you’re accustomed to back home is just outside your front door. Plus, with a low cost of living and taxation, life in Cabarete ensures a comfortable and affordable retirement lifestyle.

Cabarete: More Than Just a Beach Village

Cabarete in the Dominican Republic is a cosmopolitan beach town with a bohemian flare. It is well known for its coral reef-protected bay and diverse dining experiences. This lively town also hosts world championships for kite and windsurfing, making it a must-see destination for water sports enthusiasts. 

This vibrant community of locals and expats offers a variety of other activities beyond water sports. From exploring local caves and lagoons to participating in community events and letting your hair down during the exciting nightlife, Cabarete is a bustling town with modern services, medical facilities, and shopping options.

Choosing Your Slice of Paradise with Casa Linda

Retirement in Cabarete is not just a dream; it can be a reality with Casa Linda’s luxury villas. Your personalized home away from home awaits in this vibrant community! Explore your options at Casa Linda and start a new chapter of life in the beautiful Cabarete.

Contact Casa Linda to get started!