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Moving to the Dominican Republic from Colombia? You Need to Know This!

Moving to the Dominican Republic from Colombia? You Need to Know This!

Are you considering moving to the Dominican Republic from Colombia? Let’s take a closer look at the similarities and differences between our two beautiful countries and why relocating to the Dominican is the right choice for you!

Over the last 40 years, Casa Linda has developed a thriving community of expats from all over the world, including Colombian-Americans! Continue reading to learn more about the similarities and differences between our two cultures.

Similar Cuisine with Unique Differences

Despite being separated by the Caribbean Sea, Colombia and the Dominican Republic share many similarities as they are both Latin cultures. However, there are tiny cultural differences a native Colombian will notice, like the food!

Our common ingredients are the same:

  • Meat or seafood
  • Grains like rice or wheat
  • Vegetables and legumes
  • Starchy vegetables like plantains, potatoes and yuca
  • Fresh tropical fruits

Don’t be surprised if you eat a dish you’re familiar with from Colombia that tastes totally different in the Dominican Republic, despite the similar ingredients.

Accessible Travel in the Dominican

One major highlight for Colombians moving to the DR is the size of the countries: Colombia is 23 times larger than the Dominican Republic!

Flying in and out of the Dominican is incredibly easy, as we have eight international airports around the island. The DR is the perfect location for globetrotters who want their home base in a tropical country.

Colombians are used to lengthy commutes to visit another side of the country. It’s often easier to book a flight than to drive for 12+ hours through underdeveloped mountain roads!

The beauty of the Dominican Republic is how close everything is; you don’t have to go far to find a beautiful site worth exploring. For example, driving inland from Casa Linda to the Cordillera Septentrional mountain range takes roughly 4 hours round trip.

If you’re looking for a home near the ocean, Casa Linda’s sister company, DR Connections, offers beautiful seaside condos.

Less Populated but Still Lively

Colombia has more than 50 million people, whereas the Dominican Republic has a population of 11 million; life certainly feels slower on the island! If you’re searching for a break from the hustle and bustle of Colombia’s main cities, the tranquilo lifestyle of the Dominican is just what you need.

If you are a leisure seeker looking for a relaxing, non-crowded community to settle down in, Casa Linda is the choice for you. Casa Linda’s gated community is located on the northern coast between the lovely towns of Sosúa and Cabarete.

The north is less touristy and densely populated than the south compared to the major cities of Puerto Plata or Santo Domingo.

Similar In The Ways That Matter

At the end of the day, Colombia and the Dominican Republic share many similarities. Our cultures share the same friendliness and love of community, food and fun. Life in the Dominican will be less crowded and more relaxed than the busy Colombian lifestyle. Experience the differences for yourself at Casa Linda!

Contact Casa Linda today to learn more about moving to the Dominican Republic from Colombia.

Meet Your New Expat Life in the Dominican Republic with Casa Linda

Meet Your New Expat Life in the Dominican Republic with Casa Linda

Have you decided that your future lies in living abroad? While embracing the expat life is a big decision with plenty to be excited about, it’s also important to be ready for the change of lifestyle that comes with living in a new country.

For nearly 30 years, Casa Linda has welcomed expats worldwide to the Dominican Republic’s (DR) stunning shores and helped them find the perfect villa to call home. Next, we will tell you about life in the Dominican Republic and how our gated communities can make you feel right at home. Keep reading to find out more!

Discover the Crown Jewel of the Caribbean

Often referred to as the “Crown Jewel of the Caribbean,” the Dominican Republic is a stunning tropical paradise that countless expats and tourists visit year after year. Beyond the miles and miles of tropical views and sandy beaches, the DR also boasts a strong and stable economy, infrastructure and state-of-the-art healthcare. As one of the most visited nations in the Caribbean, welcoming approximately 5 million visitors every year, the Dominican Republic is not only an incredible tourist destination but a great place to call home as an expat living abroad.

A Beach Lover’s Paradise

Whether you’re planning on spending your retirement years with your toes in the sand or you want to try your hand at something a bit more adventurous, like kite surfing, you’re in luck! The Dominican Republic is home to more than 200 beaches and over 800 miles of beautiful coastline just waiting for you to explore. With over 300 days of sunshine each year, living in the Dominican Republic is a beach lover’s paradise!

Currency and Language

One of the many perks of living in the Dominican Republic as an expat is that both the currency and language are reasonably accessible. What we mean by that is that the official currency of the Dominican Republic is Pesos. Still, US dollars are also commonly used. With a favourable exchange rate, your Canadian or American dollars can go further! Similarly, the official language of the DR is Spanish, but due to the island’s large expat community, English is ubiquitous as well.

Embrace Island Time

Life in the Dominican Republic differs from what you may expect coming from North America. This is because island time is a real thing! If you’re used to punctuality and the hustle and bustle of busy city living, you may need to adjust your expectations once you move abroad. Both locals and expats alike are notoriously easygoing and tend to work on their own time schedule at their own pace, which is much more laid back than you may think. All this is simply part of living the life tranquilo on a beautiful tropical island!

Your New Community of Fellow Expats

If you have any hesitations about living in the Dominican Republic because you’re worried you’ll feel out of place, don’t fret! At Casa Linda, our luxury villas are located on the island’s Northern end in our beautiful and welcoming gated communities. With plenty of fellow expats from all walks of life, community events, clubs, and other opportunities to meet new people, our team is sure you’ll have no problem making new friends. Our communities are built with our owners in mind because your happiness matters most to us here at Casa Linda!

Ready to Start Living Like a Local?

If you’re ready to start packing your bags for your new life in the Dominican Republic, now is the time to contact our team at Casa Linda! We are here to help you find the luxury villa of your dreams and welcome you into our thriving community. Together, we can help you take your first step to living in paradise!

Retiring in Paradise: Why Expats Choose Casa Linda’s Dominican Republic Luxury Villas

Retiring in Paradise: Why Expats Choose Casa Linda’s Dominican Republic Luxury Villas

It’s a significant decision to pack up your life and move to another country! At Casa Linda, we hear a lot from potential clients who have concerns about moving abroad to a very different country. For over 40 years, Casa Linda has developed a thriving community of expats from Canada, the United States, and Europe!

Casa Linda is a beloved and highly respected builder of modern luxury villas in the Dominican Republic! Below, we will discuss the top reasons why retired expats choose Casa Linda over any other DR community builder.

Steady & Rapidly Growing Economy

There is a common misconception that the Dominican Republic is a poor, struggling and underdeveloped country. That cannot be further from the truth. Our small island country might have been one of the poorest Latin American countries in the mid-1960s, but much has changed in the last 60 years.

In actuality, the Dominican Republic’s economy is the steadiest and fastest growing in Latin America. The Dominican’s standard of living is approximately one-third that of the United States. That’s a marked difference from other Latin countries, whose average standard of living is typically around one-quarter of the USA.

Risk-Free Property Investment

If the Dominican continues to grow at the same rate, it’s projected that in 40 years, the DR will have an advanced economy on par with other first-world countries. Investing in a Dominican Republic luxury villa through Casa Linda is a sound investment for your current lives in 2024 and your future as well!

Casa Linda has been in business for forty years, and our community has steadily grown. What originally started as a small community has grown into a massive neighbourhood with long-standing owners. We are one of the most trusted and respected builders in all of the Dominican.

Safe Location & Secure Gated Community

If you are concerned about natural disasters living on a tropical island, there is nothing to fear. Casa Linda is located on the north coast of the Dominican, in between the beach towns of Sosúa and Cabarete. There have been no recorded hurricanes to reach the north coast of the DR— ever! You don’t have to worry about the risk of losing your villa to a rogue storm.

Casa Linda takes the safety of our owners and their families very seriously. While our community is located in a safe part of the island, Casa Linda takes extra precautions to ensure the well-being of our residents. We are a gated community with 24/7 security, providing owners immense peace of mind— especially for those who only use their villas in the winter!

Live Life Luxuriously

Life at Casa Linda is like living full-time at an all-inclusive resort, except you get to enjoy the privacy of your own home. We are proud to have a tight-knit and welcoming community of expats worldwide who cannot wait to welcome you into our fold!

Get in touch with Casa Linda today to learn more about building a luxury villa in the Dominican Republic!

Embrace Island Living: Life in the Dominican Republic

Embrace Island Living: Life in the Dominican Republic

Are you looking to leave winter behind you once and for all? Then, you should move to the Dominican Republic (DR) with the help of Casa Linda and our stunning luxury villas. Known for its renowned beaches, vibrant culture, and relaxed lifestyle, the DR is a beautiful tropical paradise to call home! Keep reading to find out more about what living in the Dominican Republic is like.

Immerse Yourself in Local Culture and Traditions

The Dominican Republic is rich in culture, history, and numerous traditions. Whether you’re a history junkie on the lookout for a new historical site to explore or an adventurous diner looking for a new cultural dish to sink your teeth into, the Dominican Republic has you covered!

The DR hosts numerous events, festivals, and activities throughout the year to keep you busy and immersed in the local culture. From watching the stunning tropical sunset on Sosua Beach to sitting down and enjoying the Jazz Festivals and over live music events, there’s always something to do!

Much like you’d expect from any North American city, the Dominican Republic also hosts numerous concerts, shows, sporting events, and more. So whether you want to experience the cultural traditions of the DR or kick back and relax with some beachside tunes, we are sure you’ll find plenty to do in paradise.

Your New Relaxed Lifestyle with Casa Linda

One thing many of Casa Linda’s villa owners are surprised to discover when they begin living in the Dominican Republicis the relaxed lifestyle and atmosphere of the island. After a long day of working, many DR locals relax on the beach and soak up the sun. That means many shops, especially those in tourist hotspots, tend to close around noon for lunchtime and reopen in the late afternoon. With many shops and restaurants closed on Sundays, Sunday is the perfect day to spend time with friends and family or focus on a new or old hobby.

At Casa Linda, our gated communities encourage our residents to take advantage of island life’s slowed-down and relaxed pace. Instead of worrying about the hustle and bustle, focus on what matters most to you. Whether taking up kite surfing, pursuing a new hobby, or joining one of our community clubs, living in the Dominican Republic is all about doing what you love most!

Accessibility and Connectivity

The Dominican Republic is immensely popular among tourists and expats alike. With the island’s multiple international airports that receive direct flights from over 26 countries across North America and Europe, travelling to and from the island is easy! That means travel is more straightforward if you have friends or family back home who’d like to drop in and stay a while.

Also, if you’re worried about moving into one of Casa Linda’s luxury villas and feeling out of place, we have you covered! Our gated communities are incredibly welcoming and include expats from all across the world. With numerous community events, we are sure you’ll have no problem meeting new friends and cultivating a community you love.

Ready to Move Abroad?

The DR is a stunning tropical island chock-full of opportunities to make new friends, experience something new, and explore a rich cultural history. If you’re ready to take your first step to living in the Dominican Republic, Casa Linda is here to help!

Contact us today to learn more about our luxury villas and what life is like in the Dominican Republic.

Jet Setter’s Paradise: Own Property in Casa Linda for Ultimate Travel Convenience

Jet Setter’s Paradise: Own Property in Casa Linda for Ultimate Travel Convenience

“Property in the Dominican Republic”

Have you considered moving abroad for retirement and are looking for a property investment in a tropical destination? Look no further than Casa Linda, a luxury gated community located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

Purchasing property in the Dominican Republic is a safe, secure investment that appreciates over time. Whether you are a digital nomad looking for a home base to land at between your travels or a retired couple looking to make the most of your golden years, Casa Linda is the home away from what you have been searching for.

Keep reading to learn why Casa Linda is the best community for purchasing property in the Dominican Republic.

Risk-Free Investment

The Dominican Republic is a long-standing democratic country run by a government that invests in infrastructure, social systems and its citizens. Purchasing property in the DR is a risk-free, secure investment that has good capital appreciation year after year. Land ownership is similar to North America, where you fully own the property and titles.

There is stability in longevity, and Casa Linda has been in business for over 30 years. We have spent the last three decades developing a large community of expats and retirees who absolutely love where they live. Dominicans are well known for their hospitality and friendliness, so when you join the Casa Linda community, be prepared to make friends!

Travel with Convenience

If you are a jet setter who loves travelling the world, Casa Linda is where you want to live because you can come and go as you please, whether it’s a spur-of-the-moment trip or pre-planned. The Dominican Republic has seven international airports with direct flights to Europe, Canada and the US! Casa Linda is only 20-minutes away from the Puerto Plata International Airport.

Enjoy a Life of Luxury

Does the idea of living full-time in an all-inclusive resort appeal to you? Casa Linda offers all the similar amenities, services and fun features of an all-inclusive resort, but you have the additional perk of owning a stand-alone private home.

Every Casa villa comes with private pools, landscaped yards, and exceptional customer service built into the base price of the villa model. There’s something for everyone at Casa Linda, like a family-friendly water park, volleyball courts, a centrally located restaurant, and much more.

Your Villa, Your Way

Every villa in our community is slightly different because Casa Linda custom-builds villas for our clients. There are 15 villa models at varying prices, and you can build your dream vacation home to your exact specifications.

As each villa is customized to the owner, the overall process from start to finish takes around 8-12 months. Casa Linda proudly offers affordably priced villas built with executive-level construction.

Beautiful Weather All Year Long

For North Americans, there is nothing more appealing than perpetual summer all year long, especially because the sun disappears for months in the winter. The Dominican Republic enjoys over 200 days of sunshine! As Casa Linda is on the island’s north coast, the community is sheltered from hurricane season and other tropical storms.

Get In Touch

Ready to join the snowbirds and fly south for the winter? Contact Casa Linda today to learn more about owning property in the Dominican Republic.