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Live Luxuriously In The Dominican Republic

Live Luxuriously In The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic (DR) has a lot to offer ex-pats, retirees and entrepreneurs. They can easily afford to enjoy the calm, Caribbean lifestyle with its beautiful scenery, delicious food and exotic adventures. The cost of living in the DR is significantly less than in the United States or Canada, which is why it’s the dream destination for many retirees and entrepreneurs. If you’re considering moving to the DR and wondering what the cost of living might be, check out the breakdown below!

Cost Breakdown of Essential Home Bills

For a family of two, prices in the DR are quite affordable. Typically, monthly expenses for home essentials for a family of two does not exceed a budget of $600 CAD. With around $600 CAD, you can easily shop for groceries, pay your electric bills and your internet connection. There are many local food markets around the DR where you can buy everyday groceries like fruits, veggies, meat, poultry and beverages. There are also several supermarkets that import your favourite food from back home, where you can purchase your favourite cereal and your go-to chips anytime you want! The grocery bill for a family of 2 is usually no more than $400 CAD a month. You can stock up on all your regular groceries without worrying about overspending. 

Other home expenses such as electricity, cable, internet and telephone bills usually do not exceed $100 CAD a month for a family of two. Depending on your daily usage and what appliances you have at home, your electric bill will mostly stay between $50 – 80 CAD a month. Internet usage is also quite affordable, where you can get 8Mbps of mobile internet for as little as $35 CAD a month. Compared to the cost of living in the US or Canada, the prices in the DR are much lower than what you’d generally spend back home. A couple moving to the DR won’t have any problems buying all the home essentials they need while still having more than enough left for leisure and entertainment. 

Cost Breakdown of Entertainment

While dining out every day in North America is perceived to be a luxury, dining out every day in the Dominican Republic is considered a norm. Generally, a dinner for two can cost around $35 CAD, including drinks. You can enjoy eating out any time of day without worrying about exceeding your monthly budget. Suppose you’re in the mood to celebrate a special occasion at a fancy Italian restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of appetizers, two delicious main courses, wine and dessert. In that case, you can enjoy a breathtaking dinner experience with your partner without breaking the bank, as most high-end restaurants would typically offer a full dinner for two for approximately $70 CAD. 

Experiencing a night out in the vibrant city of Cabarete every day is another inexpensive luxury when living in the Dominican Republic. You can either take your loved one out to the local downtown club or neighbourhood pub for a couple of cocktails for around $18 CAD or book 2 of the best seats at the movie theatre for no more than $25 CAD. Living in the Dominican Republic with a budget of around $3000 CAD for a family of two can give you the luxurious life you’ve always dreamed of. Whether it’s home expenses, dining out, or self-care, the cost of living in the DR is much lower than the cost of living back home.

Ready To Move To The Dominican Republic?

Contact Casa Linda Quality Communities to learn about purchasing a home in the Dominican Republic and start living luxuriously today! 

Live Luxuriously In The Dominican Republic

Picture Your Perfect Life in Paradise with Casa Linda Luxury Villas

Are you nearing retirement and planning the ultimate adventure? Relocating to another country can be a fantastic way to celebrate your newfound freedom and create the life you’ve always wanted. As a favourite spot for expatriates from all over the world, the Dominican Republic is an ideal place to settle down and enjoy sunny island living. Say goodbye to long, dreary, winters and embrace sun, warmth, and gorgeous scenery that makes your new lifestyle a joy!

Below we’ll cover just a few of the many reasons to call the Dominican Republic home, as well as the benefits of building your dream villa with Casa Linda. Read on to learn more!

Dream Living in the Dominican Republic

Whether you’re looking to transition from snow birding to enjoying island life full time or are simply ready to make a big change, expatriate living is an incredibly rewarding adventure. While there are many countries that retirees and even work-from-home-based entrepreneurs choose to explore, it comes as no surprise that the DR is constantly at the top of the list for desirable locations. Known as the gem of the Caribbean, this luxurious island offers plenty of perks for expatriates including:

Fun in the Sun

For those ready to leave snow behind, you’ll be happy to hear that the DR gets over 200 days of sun a year. With daily temperatures averaging in the high 20’s (°C)/mid-80s (°F), warmth seekers will have plenty of reasons to rejoice in paradise!

Low Cost of Living

One of the biggest concerns of people moving abroad is being able to maintain their current lifestyle and keep a stable monthly budget. Many ex-pats are thrilled to discover that life in the DR is incredibly affordable with daily staples like groceries, utilities, and even internet coming in at significantly cheaper than you’re used to back home. If you’re looking to extend your budget and even improve your daily living standards, the Dominican is the place to be!

World Class Healthcare

Another major concern when moving is ensuring you’ll be able to receive quality care when it matters the most. As the most developed and stable country in Latin America, the DR offers an exceptional healthcare system featuring highly-skilled doctors and professionals, as well as services in English as well as Spanish. The cost of healthcare is much cheaper here (as is health insurance in general), and many find they are able to get their prescriptions etc, without any major inconvenience.

Build Your Dream Villa with Casa Linda Quality Communities

Located on the northern end of the island, between Sousa and Cabarete, Casa Linda Quality Communities is a luxury gated development. With over 30 years of experience crafting breathtaking villas, our team is proud to work with homebuyers to create the perfect space for your needs, with our wide range of villas starting as low as $199,000 USD. Each of our stunning homes allows you to customize your villa your way, feature a swimming pool (perfect for those extra hot days!), and has plenty of room for the whole crew to enjoy!

At Casa Linda, there’s nothing we love more than making sure you have the community and the experience you deserve when settling into your new, tropical paradise-based home!

Stop Dreaming, Start Living!

Contact us today to get started on your new home! With Casa Linda, you can build the house of your dreams in paradise at an affordable price. Find out how by giving us a call!

Why Your Next Home Should be a Villa in the Dominican Republic

Why Your Next Home Should be a Villa in the Dominican Republic

Beginning life in paradise starts with designing and building your dream home. At Casa Linda, our team of expert in-house architects and designers can create a custom villa for you in the Dominican Republic. Our team has decades of combined experience, meaning your custom villa will be a work of art and luxury! When you partner with Casa Linda, you can rest assured knowing that you’re one step closer to living in paradise. Below we’ll discuss why you should work with Casa Linda to design a custom villa in the Dominican Republic. Keep reading to learn more!

Opportunity for Fun in the Sun

The Dominican Republic is a sunny tropical paradise full of exciting adventures and things to do. If you’re the active type and want to spend more time outdoors, then Cabarete is the place to be! With stunning views, clean sandy beaches, and plenty of activities to try like kite or windsurfing, hiking, and more, our team at Casa Linda is sure you’ll find an abundance of things to keep you busy while you live in paradise. Our stunning gated community in Cabarete also offers a variety of activities, community events, and time for rest and relaxation. So you can take your time in paradise and soak up the Tranquilo lifestyle. Aside from the island’s many activities, the Dominican Republic offers over 200 days of sunshine with an average temperature of 28℃! In particular, Cabarete is protected from hurricanes, so you’ll never have to worry about the weather while soaking up the sun in the Dominican Republic. 

Luxury Customized for You

If life in the Dominican Republic sounds like a dream, Casa Linda Quality Communities can make that dream a reality. Our knowledgeable staff can help you determine the best floor plan for your personal needs, tastes, budget, and goals. You can even choose the base building materials, colour and style of your cabinets, doors, tiles, countertops, and the shape and size of your swimming pool. If that’s not enough customization for you, Casa Linda offers a variety of upgrades for your luxury villa. Some great custom add-ons include a jacuzzi, swim-up bar, rooftop terrace, carport, and more! So whether you decide to build your luxury villa from one of our existing floorplans, or you’re planning to create your own stunning home, our team at Casa Linda will happily work with you. 

Trust the Expert Villa Builders

For over 20 years, Casa Linda has been building custom luxury villas. Our team of designers and in-house architects has the knowledge and experience to make your dream tropical villa a reality. Our team is committed to providing you an affordable, luxurious life in paradise. Casa Linda is here to help you live your dreams in the Dominican Republic with our stunning gated community, incredible floorplans, and reasonably priced villas. Are you ready to take the next step toward paradise? Contact Casa Linda today to learn more about our villas and life in the Dominican Republic!

Cabarete is Calling You! Are You Ready?

Cabarete is Calling You! Are You Ready?

Shovelling snow winter after winter is brutal and bothersome. However, with the help of the team at Casa Linda, we can help you put the snow shovel down for good! Casa Linda is excited to offer a range of stunning villas in beautiful Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Rather than shovelling the walk another winter season, our team at Casa Linda can help you live in a tropical paradise with a custom villa just for you. Below we’ll discuss more about life in Cabarete and Casa Linda’s luxury villas and gated community. Continue reading if you’re ready to leave snow and ice behind this winter!

Sunny Cabarete Welcomes You

The Dominican Republic is a popular destination for expats and visitors alike. Cabarete, in particular, is filled with incredible beaches and fun and exciting activities. Not to mention, Cabarete is a short 11-mile drive from the Puerto Plata international airport. That means while in Cabarete, you can focus on soaking up the sun and getting some well-needed rest and relaxation rather than traversing some other busy, tourist-oriented city. Since Cabarete is located on the northern end of the Dominican Republic, the city is well sheltered from any potential hurricanes. With incredible daily temperatures averaging around 28°C and over 200 days of sunshine, life in Cabarete is like being on vacation every day. If you’re looking for a way to skip shovelling snow, Cabarete in the Dominican Republic is calling your name!

Find Your Community

Casa Linda Quality Communities has over 30 years of building experience in the Dominican Republic. Our team is proud to welcome you to our wonderful community by developing the perfect private luxury villa for you. In addition to our stunning villas, Casa Linda also offers our residents the complete life in paradise package. Our private gated community features a VIP beach club, mini-market, restaurant, full-time concierge/ travel planner, and much more. At Casa Linda, you’re our family and neighbour; we pride ourselves on treating you to the many benefits of living the life Tranquilo. So if you’re ready to live a life of luxury at an affordable price with a community of like-minded people, Casa Linda’s villas in Cabarete are here for you!

Affordable Luxury Living

Life in luxury doesn’t have to be expensive; beautiful Cabarete in the Dominican Republic is incredibly affordable. For instance, a retired expat couple can easily live comfortably and well within their means for about $2,500 USD a month. That monthly cost includes fun in the sun and other exciting events like tours, shopping, movie nights, and more! Across the island, plenty of well-stocked grocery stores carry all your favourite snacks and necessities for roughly the same price as you would expect back home.

Aside from the affordable cost of living in the Dominican Republic, Casa Linda’s exquisite luxury villas are also incredibly affordable. We offer a range of floor plans to better suit your every need. With various customizable options like infinity pools, guest houses, lush gardens, and more, your luxury villa can be your dream home! When it comes to living your best life in the Dominican Republic, Casa Linda is here to help you get started.

Paradise is Waiting for You!

Get ready to say “goodbye” to snow, and say “hello” to sunshine and sandy beaches! Are you ready to learn more about living in Cabarete in the Dominican Republic? Contact Casa Linda today to find out how we can help you live in paradise with one of our luxury villas. 

Live Luxuriously In The Dominican Republic

Live the Quiet Life with Private Villas in the Dominican Republic

Are you ready to settle down in your own private villa on a beautiful tropical island? If so, then the Dominican Republic is calling your name! Casa Linda is excited to provide you with the luxury villa of your dreams at a price that lets you live a comfortable life within your budget. The Dominican Republic is well known for its incredible weather, beaches, and large expatriate communities. At Casa Linda, we make moving to the island easy! Below you’ll find out more about our gated communities, stunning villas, and weather conditions in the DR. Continue reading to learn more. 

Beautiful Sunny Beaches

Strategically located in the sunny northern Dominican Republic, Casa Linda’s villas are perfect for residents looking for warm and reliable weather. With an average temperature of 28°C (82°F) year-round and safety from hurricanes, the DR is a slice of tropical paradise. Where else can you enjoy summer weather all year round with the conveniences of the amenities you’re already used to? Best of all, the DR has some of the best beaches for kitesurfing, evening walks and catching a well-deserved tan.

Close Community

Casa Linda’s villas are perfect for long-term residents and visitors alike who want to get to know other residents. Our villas host a diverse range of expatriates and tourists from all over North America, Europe and beyond! So you have plenty of opportunities to make meaningful connections with interesting people. Casa Linda also hosts a variety of activities to help facilitate getting to know your neighbours. Our communities are culturally vibrant places to kick your feet up and enjoy the sunshine or participate in new and old hobbies. For well over 20 years, residents and visitors have trusted Casa Linda for worry-free living. 

dominican republic private villas

Casa Linda’s stunning private villas, beautiful locations, and high-quality customer service set us apart from the competition. We even offer our residents a range of exceptional amenities, such as a free airport shuttle service, mini-markets, 24-hour desk service, and onsite restaurants! At Casa Linda, we are committed to providing you with the best experience possible, regardless if you’re living with us full-time or part-time. So if you’re looking for an excuse to improve your tennis, pickleball, bocce ball, or shuffleboard game Casa Linda’s private gated communities are here for you!

Stunning Villas

Are you looking to live in luxury at an affordable price? Casa Linda villas start at just $199,999 USD and include the lot, swimming pool, estate, and landscaping. But that’s not all! Casa Linda is a custom home builder. So if you’d like to add that personal touch to your villa, our team of in-house architects can help you design your tropical dream home! From jacuzzis, and infinity pools, to outdoor kitchens and fountains, Casa Linda will prepare your estate your way to satisfy all of your needs.

Ready for Paradise?

For over 20 years, Casa Linda has been the trusted Dominican Republic custom villa builder for expatriates all across the globe. Our team of experienced builders and welcoming communities of ex-pats are here to help you adjust to life in a tropical paradise. Kiss snow and ice goodbye, and say hello to your new island life in the Dominican Republic! Contact us to find out more about our private villas.