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Live Luxuriously In The Dominican Republic

Oct 11, 2022 | Dominican Republic Villas, News

The Dominican Republic (DR) has a lot to offer ex-pats, retirees and entrepreneurs. They can easily afford to enjoy the calm, Caribbean lifestyle with its beautiful scenery, delicious food and exotic adventures. The cost of living in the DR is significantly less than in the United States or Canada, which is why it’s the dream destination for many retirees and entrepreneurs. If you’re considering moving to the DR and wondering what the cost of living might be, check out the breakdown below!

Cost Breakdown of Essential Home Bills

For a family of two, prices in the DR are quite affordable. Typically, monthly expenses for home essentials for a family of two does not exceed a budget of $600 CAD. With around $600 CAD, you can easily shop for groceries, pay your electric bills and your internet connection. There are many local food markets around the DR where you can buy everyday groceries like fruits, veggies, meat, poultry and beverages. There are also several supermarkets that import your favourite food from back home, where you can purchase your favourite cereal and your go-to chips anytime you want! The grocery bill for a family of 2 is usually no more than $400 CAD a month. You can stock up on all your regular groceries without worrying about overspending. 

Other home expenses such as electricity, cable, internet and telephone bills usually do not exceed $100 CAD a month for a family of two. Depending on your daily usage and what appliances you have at home, your electric bill will mostly stay between $50 – 80 CAD a month. Internet usage is also quite affordable, where you can get 8Mbps of mobile internet for as little as $35 CAD a month. Compared to the cost of living in the US or Canada, the prices in the DR are much lower than what you’d generally spend back home. A couple moving to the DR won’t have any problems buying all the home essentials they need while still having more than enough left for leisure and entertainment. 

Cost Breakdown of Entertainment

While dining out every day in North America is perceived to be a luxury, dining out every day in the Dominican Republic is considered a norm. Generally, a dinner for two can cost around $35 CAD, including drinks. You can enjoy eating out any time of day without worrying about exceeding your monthly budget. Suppose you’re in the mood to celebrate a special occasion at a fancy Italian restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of appetizers, two delicious main courses, wine and dessert. In that case, you can enjoy a breathtaking dinner experience with your partner without breaking the bank, as most high-end restaurants would typically offer a full dinner for two for approximately $70 CAD. 

Experiencing a night out in the vibrant city of Cabarete every day is another inexpensive luxury when living in the Dominican Republic. You can either take your loved one out to the local downtown club or neighbourhood pub for a couple of cocktails for around $18 CAD or book 2 of the best seats at the movie theatre for no more than $25 CAD. Living in the Dominican Republic with a budget of around $3000 CAD for a family of two can give you the luxurious life you’ve always dreamed of. Whether it’s home expenses, dining out, or self-care, the cost of living in the DR is much lower than the cost of living back home.

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