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Your Dream Villa is Waiting for You in the Dominican Republic! Are You Ready?

Your Dream Villa is Waiting for You in the Dominican Republic! Are You Ready?

Have you been searching for a place to call home in the Dominican Republic (DR)? If so, then Casa Linda is here to help! With various luxury villa floor plans available in the heart of the Caribbean, Casa Linda’s villas are sure to feel like home, only sunnier! Keep reading to learn more about two of our most popular villa models. 

Your Dream Dominican Lifestyle is Calling!

There are a wide variety of reasons why someone chooses to move abroad. For some, it is the need to start a fresh new life with plenty of excitement and adventure. For others they’re looking to slow down and enjoy their retirement years in a country that is affordable and pleasant all year round.

Life in the Dominican Republic offers the same quality of services, shopping, and medical care as North America or Europe while enabling you to stretch every dollar further. At Casa Linda, our team is here to help you find the Dominican Republic villa of your dreams so you can truly enjoy your life abroad. Two of our popular villa models are as follows:

Meet the Villa Sunset

With the villa Sunset, enjoying a summer BBQ or cocktail next to your private pool is easy! The villa Sunset is crafted to allow natural light and beautiful views to fill the space. It is the perfect Caribbean home for those looking to soak up the tropical sunshine.

The villa Sunset includes the construction of the villa, the landscaping, the swimming pool, and the pool service building. This villa is a stunning 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom house, perfect for the busy entrepreneur or a couple looking to enjoy retirement. With numerous customization options, the Villa Sunset is a fantastic place to call home! Available in two sizes, here are further details on this beautiful Dominican Republic villa:

Option 1: Standard Villa Sunset

Living Space: 1,118.3 ft², (103.89 m²)

Lot Size: 4,305 ft², (400 m²)

Pool Size: 8,022 gallons

Starting Price: $229,000 US

Option 2: Extended Villa Sunset

Living Space: 1,349 ft² (125.3 m²)

Lot Size: 4,305 ft², (400 m²)

Pool Size: 9,422 gallons

Starting Price: $279,000 US

Meet the Villa Seashell

If you’re looking for a villa embodying modern, contemporary luxury, the Villa Seashell is your top choice! This villa features an ultra-modern layout, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and several terraces and balconies, which are perfect for watching the sunset or taking some well-deserved me-time with a good book. 

The Sheashell also includes a stunning outdoor space, complete with a pool, deck, full outdoor bar and entertainment area. With plenty of room for entertaining, you and your guests can enjoy the beauty of the Dominican Republic right at home! Below are a few more specifications regarding this expansive and customizable villa:

More Details

Living Space: 2,790 ft² (259.22 m²) 

Lot Size: 7.534 ft² (700 m²)

Pool Size: 12,710 gallons

Starting Price: $529,000 US

Transform Your Life with Casa Linda

For over 30 years, Casa Linda has been helping expats transform their lives with our stunning villas. Our team is proud to realize your dreams with our fully customizable luxury villas. So, if you’re ready to start anew in the Dominican Republic, Casa Linda is here to ensure your unique needs and preferences are taken care of. 

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Find Your Dream Dominican Republic Villa at Casa Linda

Live in paradise with Casa Linda villas in the incredible Dominican Republic. Our communities are safe and affordable for people like you looking to live their dream life. We make living in paradise a breeze with a range of villas to choose from to suit your every need. So take the opportunity to enjoy the stunning beach-side views and amenities that make you feel right at home! Keep reading to learn more about Casa Linda villas and living in the Dominican Republic.

Enjoy the Beautiful Weather

Are you tired of snow and the cold? Or are you tired of dealing with unpredictable weather and the issues it causes? With perpetual tropical summer weather and over 200 days of sunshine, the DR is a little slice of paradise. Living in the Dominican Republic means taking it slow and noticing the little things, like flowers blooming in January or the way warm sand feels between your toes.

Best of all, Casa Linda’s villas are strategically located on the island’s north end. That means even when hurricane season comes, your villa is sheltered from the storm. This area of the DR has an average temperature of 28°C (82°F), so you get to enjoy all of your favourite summer activities all year round. Enjoy your new life on the island without sacrificing the quality of services, medical care, or shopping experiences you’re accustomed to.

A Community that Cares

Casa Linda offers more than just real estate; we also provide a paradise lifestyle surrounded by a community of familiar friendly faces. Our gated communities in the Dominican Republic have been home to Americans, Canadians, and Europeans for almost 40-years. So whether you’re living alone or with your family, you’ll feel right at home.

You’ll find that our communities of expats have that small-town feel and include health-conscious people just like you. Whether you decide to live in the DR full-time or part-time our community is here to make you feel welcomed. Our friendly villa owners love living the island life, and we are sure you will too! So get ready to take advantage of the beautiful weather by playing tennis, swimming, or windsurfing with your new neighbours.

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Find the Right Fit

At Casa Linda, we believe that your life in paradise should be a custom fit for you. Every one of our villas is a personal work of art designed to satisfy all of your wants and needs. Whether you choose to build from one of our existing floor plans or wish to create your masterpiece from the ground up, our team is excited to work with you to build your dream villa. 

Casa Linda has been building dream villas for almost 30 years, so you can trust us to create your affordable yet luxurious island home. Our team of experienced builders works tirelessly to ensure your villa is the perfect fit for you! Whether you’re looking to install a pool in your backyard or add specific details to your new home, Casa Linda’s team of in-house architects can make your vision a reality. 

Ready to Learn More?

Casa Linda villas are waiting for you! Explore your new life in paradise today by contacting our team.

Your Dream House is Waiting for You in the Dominican Republic

Your Dream House is Waiting for You in the Dominican Republic

Buying a house in the Dominican Republic doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Casa Linda villas are here to support you in your journey to upgrading your life! We are ready with the best homes in the country. With villas ranging in size and style and exciting customizable options that will make you feel at home, Casa Linda Villas is here to make your buying process a breeze.

Floor Plans That Make Your Life Easy

Not sure where to start when buying a home in the Dominican Republic? Casa Linda is excited to offer several floor plans for you to consider! Whether you are looking for a larger villa that can accommodate your family or guests, there are some superb villas that will work perfectly for you.

Want something smaller and cozier for your new home? We have floor plans that can give you the comfort you need while still being spacious enough to easily store all of your things. Our floor plans feature villas like the Villa Sunseeker, a home built to let the sunshine in and give you ample living space. Some of the larger villas include the Villa Dolce Vita, a luxurious house with all the fixings. Our floor plans include pools and other amenities that potential homeowners like you are looking for.

Bring Your Dream Home to Life

You deserve the life you desire, and the starting point to making your dream life is building your home. Casa Linda offers some of the most beautiful villas to our clients. We are excited to bring you spacious, modern homes that will take your future to the next level. Gorgeous and dynamic, we offer several villas for you to choose from. Each villa comes with customizable options on all its features so that you never have to compromise. As custom home builders, Casa Linda is also ready to build your home from the ground up.

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Join Casa Linda Quality Communities

Ready to join a vibrant community of individuals from all over the world? Casa Linda communities are excited to have you! You can enjoy a diverse set of activities for you to meet people and enjoy, all set against the beautiful and inspiring backdrop of the always-sunny Dominican Republic.

Casa Linda has developed homes in the Dominican Republic for over 20 years. Residents have trusted Casa Linda to make sure that their new life has everything they are looking for. When it comes to creating a home, you don’t just want a beautiful space. You also want the reassurance that your home is situated in a space that best represents the lifestyle you want. With Casa Linda villas, you get that reassurance.

Wake Up To Sunshine Every Day

Put away your snow boots and the rest of your winter gear! The Dominican Republic is waiting for you! Often described as the gem of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is naturally stunning, with beaches and wildlife that will make you want to explore every day.

Casa Linda villas are strategically located on the island’s north coast, where hurricanes and extreme weather are not a factor. This side of the country has an average temperature of 28°C (82°F), making it a beautiful place to live if you are tired of winter weather. Casa Linda villas is excited to welcome you to live your best island life.

Ready to learn more?

Make the Dominican Republic your new home! Contact our team to take the first step in buying your Dominican Republic home today!