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Purchase a Home in the Dominican Republic Today!

Purchase a Home in the Dominican Republic Today!

Owning real estate in the Dominican Republic is an increasingly popular option for people all over the world, and with life being so stressful over the past 2 years, is not hard to imagine why! If you’re ready to make the leap to island living and leave the chaos and busyness of your day-to-day for a life of relaxation, we’re here to help! Casa Linda Quality Communities makes it easy for you to join in on the Dominican Republic housing market by providing you with the guidance and support you need. Here are a few things you should know when looking into purchasing real estate in the Dominican Republic.

Live The Life Tranquilo

Living in a tropical country comes with several perks, but the Dominican Republic has so much to offer in particular. With clear skies and easy access to world-class healthcare, the DR offers a lot of the great amenities that are available in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, meaning that your new home won’t feel all that foreign and you can still expect to have access to great shopping and reliable health services, similar to your home country.

Life in the Dominican Republic is slow and comfortable. You can enjoy hikes, shopping, and an easy-going community that takes the chaos out of everyday life. Enjoy the beautiful sunset over the beach, check out the local markets, and indulge in the many things the island has to offer!

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Luxury You Can Afford

Not only is life more comfortable here in the DR, but expatriates are usually thrilled to discover that you can also enjoy luxury at a much lower price. We have over ten luxury villas available to you at an affordable price. From five-bedroom options such as the spacious Villa Sunseeker to cozier 2-bedroom options like the Villa Sunset, Casa Linda has got you covered. Our villas start at just $207,300 USD and include exciting amenities such as the lot, pool, and landscaping.

Casa Linda has a team of expert home builders if you would prefer to make your home from scratch. We support you every step of the way, from preparing your plans to executing your vision. We are also able to support you in any customizations you’d like to make to any existing layouts. Casa Linda’s architects and builders can take your ideas and make them happen!

Trust Casa Linda With Your Dominican Home

Casa Linda has worked for over 20 years to help prospective homeowners like you purchase in the Dominican Republic. As the trusted resource for homeowners and people interested in Dominican Republic real estate, Casa Linda is proven to make the process as seamless and straightforward as possible. Talk to one of our team members to get the most trustworthy information regarding your dream villa today.

Quick Facts About Purchasing a Home in the Dominican Republic

Quick Facts About Purchasing a Home in the Dominican Republic

Ready to take the leap and start your new life in paradise? If you’ve always dreamed of retiring on a tropical island surrounded by lush greenery, a beaming sun, and crystal blue waters, there’s never been a better time to embrace life in the Caribbean and relocate to the Dominican Republic. As one of Latin America’s safest and best-developed countries, the DR has plenty of benefits for expats including a stable economy, low cost of living, and affordable housing.

With a vibrant community of locals and expatriates, settling into your new life is a breeze, and building with Casa Linda means you’ll never have to worry about the quality or longevity of your home. Below, we’ll take briefly about some of the main things to keep in mind when planning to buy a property in the DR, as well as the benefits of partnering with Casa Linda. Read on to learn more!

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Welcome Home: The Basics

Buying a home abroad can feel intimidating, but thankfully the Dominican government makes this process relatively easy for non-residents. In fact, many expats are pleasantly surprised to learn that buying property in the DR is straightforward in terms of financing, as well as all other related details. Typically the main initial hurdle to meet is having a minimum of a 30% downpayment to put on your home, as well as passing the initial verification process which can take some time to finish. Also worth noting is that you will usually need to be present when signing the final sale documents, however, there are certain cases where you may be able to assign someone the Power of Attorney and allow them to sign in your place if you are not able to travel.

As far as mortgages are concerned, the average mortgage term in the DR is 20 years long and rates are usually between 4-7%. Working alongside a lawyer, as well as a skilled building team like Casa Linda’s makes it easy to get approved and allows you to get one step closer to your island dream with ease!

Buy With Casa Linda

Nestled on the northern end of the island, Casa Linda is an affordable rateable community that allows you to embrace tropical paradise to its fullest! Over the past 30 years, we have become a popular destination for expatriates looking to settle into a development that is both safe and friendly. Our luxury villas at Casa Linda start at $199,900 USD and with 10 different floor plans to choose from ranging from bungalows to custom estates, there are endless ways to create your perfect space. Each home is crafted with high-end finishes and features stunning outdoor touches, including your very own pool and a fully landscaped property. All floorplans are customizable to your exact specifications, and our talented team of builders and designers are happy to help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

No Time Like the Present

It’s time to leave behind the cold and embrace the island. Contact us today for more information about DR living with Casa Linda.

Ready To Purchase A Home in the Dominican Republic? Here’s What You Need to Know

Ready To Purchase A Home in the Dominican Republic? Here’s What You Need to Know

Have you been considering taking the first steps toward purchasing a home in the Dominican Republic? If you’re tired of waiting for your island dreams to become a reality and are ready to get serious about making an investment in your future as well as your happiness, you’ll be pleased to know that buying a property in the DR can be a hassle-free process. Unlike many other tropical locales that can make it exceedingly difficult for foreign nationals to own property and reside overseas year-round, the Dominican is remarkably welcoming towards ex-pats making it a favourite amongst retirees, veterans and investors.

Whether you’re looking to transition from snowbird to full-time island resident, purchase an investment property, or maintain a private vacation home for family use, the Dominican Republic is an ideal choice. With sunny weather and soaring temperatures all year round, affordable cost of living, vibrant local culture, and endless ways to explore, the DR is a perfect place to settle in and settle down while you learn to adopt the life tranquilo. If you’re ready to make a change, it’s time to stop dreaming and make your island paradise a tangible reality. Learn more about purchasing a home in the Dominican Republic with Casa Linda below!

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Not All Paradises Are Created Equal

If you’re early into the research phase of buying a home abroad, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the many choices available. While each tropical destination has its own unique perks and magical locations to explore, few offer the multitude of benefits that the Dominican Republic gives to homeowners. In addition to incredible scenery, an unbeatable climate, and more, you’ll also find one of the stablest governments and economies in Latin America, as well as a solid infrastructure that makes it easy to access daily essentials like high-speed internet, phone lines, cable television and more. Local shopping centres also feature many of the most popular brands found across North America and Europe, meaning you’ll never have to go without the creature comforts you’ve come to love.

One of the main deciding factors that helps many couples settle on the Dominican Republic is the exceptional quality of medical care available. With world-class facilities and doctors readily available along with service in English easily accessible, residents can rest easy that their needs will always be met safely and proficiently.

Buying Property DR

Purchasing a home in the Dominican Republic is a relatively easy process for foreign nationals due to the government’s openness to external buyers. Financing is straightforward when working with international banks, and typically a minimum deposit of 30% or more is required to begin moving forward in the process. Mortgage terms in the DR last for 20 years and have higher lending rates (as of 2019, rates fluctuated between 4% to 7%) than the US or Canada, as well as a verification process that can be a little tricky to navigate at first. While you will typically need to be present for the signing of all documents in the DR, with the assistance of a skilled legal team you may be able to assign someone Power of Attorney if necessary.

For over 40 years, Casa Linda has partnered with buyers from all over the world to make the purchasing process easy and stress-free. Our team is happy to work alongside you to navigate every aspect and ensure your move to paradise is as smooth as possible. Our resources are at your disposal and our experts are always here to help!

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Embrace The Life Tranquilo With Casa Linda

Located on the gorgeous north end of the island (which is hurricane free all year round!), Casa Linda is a private gated community that features stunning villas and a bustling community of friendly ex-pats that are proud to call the Dominican home. With floor plans starting as low as $179,600 USD and ranging from two-bedroom and two-bathrooms, all the way up to 5 bedroom homes, there are endless ways to customize your space to meet your exact needs.

Each of Casa Linda’s villas feature high-end finishes and exceptional craftsmanship that is designed to last and provide optimal comfort in the long term. Whether you choose to build exactly to one of our existing spec models or to upgrade everything to bring your dream home to life, Casa Linda’s construction experts are here to guide you every step of the way. With a little hard work and patience, you’ll be sipping cocktails from the privacy of your very own pool in no time!

Contact us today to learn more about purchasing a home in the Dominican Republic, including how Casa Linda can help you get started on the path to paradise!