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Affordable And Luxurious Villas in the Dominican Republic

Jun 7, 2022 | Dominican Republic Villas, News

Affordable And Luxurious Villas in the Dominican Republic

Dreaming of the warm sun, the soft sand and the cool water crashing down on your feet? It sounds like the perfect vacation, right? What if you could enjoy the summer breeze all year round? Sip on your favourite drink by the pool on a Monday afternoon? Or even go out for a swim early Wednesday morning? Why wait for the weekend to kick back and relax when you can have fun in the sun every day.

If you’re looking for an all-year-round vacation, then the Dominican Republic (DR) is the place for you. Surrounded by beautiful beaches, delicious cuisines and state-of-the-art luxury villas, the Casa Linda Quality Communities offers you affordable luxury in paradise. Learn more about life in the DR and discover luxury living with Casa Linda below!

Retire in Luxury

Known for our artistic architecture, stylish designs and spacious floor plans, Casa Linda villas offer luxurious villas that start at $199,600 USD. There is nothing better than enjoying the Caribbean weather in the comfort of your home. Wake up to the sun streaming through your windows and the birds singing through the trees every morning without leaving your home. Designed with glass windows in every room, Casa Linda’s villas bring you the Dominican Republic’s cool tropical breeze flowing through your home. 

Our open floor plan grants you the freedom to entertain as many guests as possible without sacrificing space or comfort. You can also enjoy an afternoon barbeque in the yard by the pool as your family and friends bask in the sun. With easy access to an outdoor wet bar and a breakfast bar, you will never run out of ways to entertain your guests. At Casa Linda, we work with all our clients to provide them with the home of their dreams that is both luxurious and affordable. 

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Customized for Your Comfort

Moving to a different home is often accompanied by a sense of unfamiliarity. It takes time to get used to the new layout and become accustomed to the different design. That is why at Casa Linda Quality Communities, we provide all our clients with free in-house architectural services. You can have all the freedom to modify the layout to best suit your needs and design plans to make your new home comfortable for you and your family. 

Our knowledgeable sales staff will help you choose the right luxury villa for you, presenting you with numerous options and ideas. We will help you choose suitable base building material, the colour and style of the interior and exterior design, including the following custom ideas:

  • Rooftop terrace
  • Jacuzzi
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • A bigger or smaller pool 
  • Indoor/outdoor shower
  • Infinity, saltwater or mirror pool and more!

Whether you decide on an existing floor plan or customize the plan to your needs, you can surely depend on Casa Linda to make your dream home come true.

Are you ready to move to paradise? Contact Casa Linda today to learn more about our affordable and luxurious villas in the Dominican Republic! 

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