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FAQ About Life in the Dominican Republic

FAQ About Life in the Dominican Republic

Are you tired of shovelling snow every winter? Have you been considering moving somewhere warm and tropical? If so, then now is the time to consider a new life in the Dominican Republic with Casa Linda! The Dominican Republic is an island paradise well known for being welcoming and friendly to foreigners. However, before packing your bags to move to the DR, Casa Linda is sure you have a few questions about life on the island. Below we will answer some commonly asked questions about the Dominican Republic. Keep reading to learn more!

What’s the Weather Like?

Typical weather in the Dominican Republic is tropical all year-round, with slight seasonal variations. The cooler season runs from November to April and tends to be relatively low humidity and precipitation. During the cool season, the temperature averages around 23ºC (76ºF). Meanwhile, the warmer season is from May to October and has an average temperature of 31ºC (87ºF).

Many islands in the tropics have to deal with hurricanes. However, fortunately, Casa Linda communities are located on the northern tip of the Dominican Republic, which is sheltered from hurricanes. So when you live with Casa Linda in the DR, you’ll only have to worry about making sure you have enough sunscreen on!

How’s the Work/ Life Balance?

Local Dominicans value a balance between work and relaxation. After a long day at work, many locals will enjoy a pleasant and relaxing afternoon on the beach. Many shops, especially those in tourist-heavy zones, will close at noon for lunch and reopen in the late afternoon. Most shops and restaurants are closed on Sundays. Sundays are the perfect day to soak up in the sun on the beach or spend time with family and friends. Bars and convenience stores are typically open until midnight during the week. On Fridays and Saturdays, they remain open until 2 am.

For most expatriates, living in the Dominican Republic is about slowing down and enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle. Casa Linda’s gated communities encourage you to take advantage of island living and focus on what matters most to you. Our communities offer residents the opportunity to make new connections, practice a new or old hobby, and enjoy the stunning local beaches.

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How Long Can I Stay Without Permanent Residency?

If you do not have a residency permit, you can stay in the Dominican Republic for up to 30-days per visit. However, if you’d like to extend your stay, you may do so for up to 120-days. Extending your trip is simple; you need to apply online and pay a small fee. 

What’s the Residency Process Like?

To apply for permanent residency in the Dominican Republic, you’ll have to begin the process in your home country and then complete it in the DR. There are a few essential documents you’ll need to complete your application. Paperwork like your proof of income, health, criminal record check, and birth certificate, to name a few. Casa Linda is happy to provide prospective residents with a referral to a local law firm specializing in residency.  

Your Villa in Paradise

At Casa Linda, you can have the luxury island villa of your dreams for an affordable price. We have a range of floorplans available for you to choose from. We are sure you’ll love your new island home with a team of in-house architects to customize it as you see fit! Live your best life at Casa Linda today! Contact us to learn more about living in the Dominican Republic.