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How Much Does A Villa Cost In The Dominican Republic 2023: Villas Under 300,000 USD

How Much Does A Villa Cost In The Dominican Republic 2023: Villas Under 300,000 USD

In this blog of our “How Much Does A Villa Cost In The Dominican Republic 2023” series, we will highlight the different prices available for two-bed and two-bath villas in the Dominican Republic.

But First Are Villas In The Dominican Republic Expensive?

The short answer is no; villas in the Dominican Republic are affordable, especially since you can purchase a luxury villa for the price of a regular family house in North America. Villas in Casa Linda range from 229,000 USD to 599,000 USD, depending on the size of the lot, the number of bedrooms/ bathrooms you are looking for and the type of upgrades you want to install. If you’re looking for a luxury villa with two beds and two baths under 250,000 USD, Villa Capri and Villa Sunset are perfect for you.

Villa Capri

Popular amongst many of our property owners, Villa Capri is an entry-level villa that has all the luxury of our bigger villas but at a more affordable price. The price of Villa Capri ranges around 249,000 USD, which includes a 4,305 ft2 (400 m2) lot, a living space of 1,1190 ft2 (110.57 m2) living space and an 8,045-gallon pool. The price of Villa Capri also includes the construction of the villa, the swimming pool, landscaping and service building for pool storage and equipment.

Villa Sunset

Another entry-level villa, Villa Sunset, also has the same amenities as our bigger villas. The price point of this villa makes it the go-to villa for property owners looking for a two-bedroom and 2.5-bathroom luxury villa. For under 230,000 USD, Villa Sunset is built on a 4,305 ft2 (400 m2) lot and has a living space of 1,118.3 ft2 (103.89 m2) with an 8,022-gallon pool! Similar to all our villas, the price also includes the construction of the villa, landscaping, the swimming pool and a service building for pool storage and equipment.

Since Villa Sunset is very popular amongst our property owners, we also offer an extended version of the villa that has 1,349 ft2 (125.3 m2) living space and a 9,422-gallon pool with a sunbed area for under 280,000 USD. For approximately 50,000 USD more, you can get an extended living space and a bigger pool!

Villa Sunbreeze

Villa Sunbreeze is another entry-level villa option under 299,000 USD featuring two bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and an 8,000-gallon pool on a 5,382 ft2 (500 m2) lot with a living space of 1,463 ft2 (135.96 m2). Villa Sunbreeze features two large bedrooms with private en-suites on either side of the villa. It also has an outdoor entertaining/bar area adjacent to the pool for fun BBQ nights and alfresco dining.

Enjoy The Caribbean With Casa Linda Quality Communities

No matter which luxury villa you choose, you will enjoy the dazzling sun rays illuminating your villa and the cool tropical breeze flowing through your home all year round. Every area has a picturesque view of the pool and the yard and a covered terrace that’s located just off the primary bedroom and the kitchen.

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