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Top 3 Dominican Republic Real Estate Opportunities 2023

Top 3 Dominican Republic Real Estate Opportunities 2023

The Dominican Republic has many prime real estate opportunities for foreign investors. If you’re a snowbird, a future expat, or you work remotely, investing in Dominican Republic real estate could be your great next move! At varying sizes, prices, and styles, each villa is fully customizable and built to be your dream home in the sun. Below, we offer our favorite three Casa Linda villas to check out. Read on to discover our favorite villas!

  1. Villa Dolce Vita

Our Villa Dolce Vita is one of the best pieces of real estate in the Dominican Republic. This villa is a clean, modern villa for you to live your expat dreams in. Large windows allow natural light into the home, bringing a little bit of the beach to your bedroom. With three bedrooms, a 9,417-gallon pool, and over 800 meters squared of your own private land, you’ve got ample space to yourself. A parking pad, a two-bedroom guest house, and a golf cart parking space make this Dominican Republic real estate incomparable. Take a look at the stunning architecture on this one!

  1. Villa Sunset

For only $229K USD, you can have your very own paradise with Casa Linda’s Villa Sunset. The model starts with two bedrooms but has the option to add more bedrooms, a guest house and even an at-home bar. Take advantage of your private pool at either 8,022 gallons or extend your Villa Sunset to include a 9,422 gallon pool for more room. Your villa comes with your own car and golf cart parking pads and can be customized completely to your liking down to the finishes!

  1. Villa Atlantis

Villa Atlantis is one of our favorite Casa Linda villas for its double car parking pad, 4-bedroom interior, and over 18,000-gallon pool. You’ll have a spacious plot of land to yourself and in-house architects ready to work with you to make your Dominican Republic real estate your perfect home. The Villa Atlantis provides copious poolside lounge area for you to host friends, family, and neighbors any time. Want to have your very own hobby shack? Add a guest home and convert it into your creative space. The luxury customization options are endless!

Our Cultivated Community

Invest in your very own tranquilo escape for your retirement or remote work dreams. All of our Dominican Republic real estate properties are approximately 10 minutes from the best north coast beaches in the Dominican Republic. You’ll have access to our very own gated community Castaways clubhouse and eatery, Waterworks water park, and even a minigolf course—with more to come! Our large community is home to many friendly expats looking to make lifelong friends. Will you join them?

Your Slice of Paradise Awaits!

Starting at just $229K USD, you can have a piece of luxury real estate in the Dominican Republic. Casa Linda wants to work with you to make it happen. Contact us today to inquire about how you can join us in living a peaceful, sun-soaked life on the beach. Are you ready to make your dreams come true?

Your Dream Life is Calling! Discover Luxury Real Estate in Cabarete

Your Dream Life is Calling! Discover Luxury Real Estate in Cabarete

Are you on the search for real estate in a tropical island paradise? Then look no further than Casa Linda’s luxury villas in Cabarete! Our stunning gated community features villas to suit every lifestyle and family. At the same time, our incredible amenities ensure you have everything you need right outside your front door. Ready to learn more about this real estate opportunity in Cabarete? Then, keep reading to learn more about Casa Linda’s luxury villas! 

Welcome to Paradise!

Casa Linda is a premier luxury real estate builder and developer in the Dominican Republic (DR). Our stunning villas are located within our gated community close to Cabarete on the Northern Coast of the DR. Cabarete is a beautiful destination to call home; with over 200 days of tropical sunshine and shelter from hurricanes, this diverse community welcomes expats from across the globe! At Casa Linda, we have been welcoming our villa owners to paradise by providing the following:

  • A sociable and welcoming environment
  • Unlimited opportunities for adventure
  • Delicious cuisine
  • Fun shopping experiences
  • And more!

So whether you’re looking to enjoy a sun-soaked retirement or are simply searching for an island paradise to call home, Casa Linda has the luxury villa real estate for you!

Craft the Custom Villa of Your Dreams

At Casa Linda, we take pride in offering a variety of beautiful villa floor plans that can meet your unique needs and style preferences. Moreover, with the help of our in-house team of designers and architects, we can customize your real estate into your dream home! With options such as swim-up bars, living walls, infinity pools and more, your Cabarete home can be your own one-of-a-kind slice of paradise! Let Casa Linda’s team make your island real estate dreams a reality. 

Meet the Villa Sunset: Your Future Home

While Casa Linda has a range of villa floor plans to choose from, we’d like to highlight an entry-level one– the Villa Sunset. The Villa Sunset’s price point makes this a go-to for expats looking for a piece of real estate close to Cabarete. Starting at 229,000 USD, the Villa Sunset has two bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a living space of 1,118.3 ft² (103.89 m²), and a stunning private 8,022-gallon pool! With lovely glass doors along the backside of the villa and large windows in the great room and kitchen, the Villa Sunset has a clear view of the yard, pool, and covered terrace. Moreover, with its modern and open-concept design, the Villa Sunset is the perfect slice of paradise for entertaining friends and family and for enjoying a life tranquilo. 

Paradise in Cabarete is Waiting for You!

Living in Cabarete in the Dominican Republic is a dream come true for many of Casa Linda’s villa owners. With numerous opportunities for adventure and plenty of time to bask in the sun, your new life in paradise awaits you on the beaches of Cabarete.

With Casa Linda, you can make your dreams of owning real estate in the DR a reality. Contact us today to learn more about our luxury villas!