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How Much Does A Villa Cost In The Dominican Republic 2023: Villas Under 400,000 USD

May 10, 2023 | Dominican Republic Villas, News

In our previous blog, “How Much Does A Villa Cost In The Dominican Republic 2023: Villas Under 250,000 USD,” we illustrated our entry-level luxury villas, including Villa Sunset and Villa Capri, which are under 300,000 USD. In this blog, we’ll explore bigger villas under 400,000 USD.

Villa Sunseeker

Featuring sliding glass doors and high windows, Villa Sunseeker brings in the tropical sunlight that brightens up your space all year round. With a spacious kitchen and plenty of counter space and cabinets, Villa Sunseeker is perfect for hosting your dinner parties and game nights! To ensure complete privacy when guests stay over, the bedrooms are on opposite sides of the villa with private en-suite bathrooms. Villa Sunseeker is also one of our most adaptable models as it can be built to incorporate several bedrooms, including:

  • 2- Bedroom: 
    • Lot: 6,458 ft2 (600 m2)
    • Living Space: 1,466.6 ft2 (136.25 m2)
    • Price: 329,000 USD
  • 3-Bedroom:
    • Lot: 6,458 ft2 (600 m2)
    • Living Space: 1,837.4 ft2 (170.7 m2)
    • Price: 369,000 USD
  • 4-Bedroom:
    • Lot: 8,611 ft2 (800 m2)
    • Living Space: 2,157 ft2 (200.46 m2)
    • Price: 439,000 USD
  • 5-Bedroom:
    • Lot: 9,688 ft2 (900 m2)
    • Living Space: 2,231.5 ft2 (225.89 m2)
    • Price: 514,000 USD

Villa Coral Reef

One of the best features of Villa Coral Reef is that it can be built as a one-story 2-bedroom villa or a two-story 3-bedroom villa. With spacious bedrooms, each with a private bathroom, Villa Coral Reef features the following:

  • 2-Bedroom:
    • Lot: 6,458 ft2 (600 m2)
    • Living Space: 1,614 ft2 (149.9 m2)
    • 9,400 Gallon pool
    • Price: 339,000 USD
  • 3-Bedroom:
    • Lot: 8,611 ft2 (800 m2)
    • Living Space: 2,456 ft2 (228.3 m2)
    • 12,700-gallon pool
    • Price: 499,000 USD

Villa Whitesand 

With two spacious bedrooms featuring walk-in closets and entryways leading to the backyard, Villa Whitesand offers ample space to accommodate all your needs! For the price of 349,000 USD, you can enjoy a 2-bedroom and 2.5-bathroom villa built on a 6,458 ft2 (600 m2) lot with a living space of 1,687 ft2 (156.73 m2) and an 8,00-gallon swimming pool with a complimentary sunbed area! Our large covered terrace with an outdoor bar and entertainment area is perfect for enjoying late-night drinks with friends and family!

Villa Vesta

Starting from 359,000 USD, you can enjoy a 2-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom villa with a living space of 1,71 ft2 (159.51 m2) and a 9,400-gallon pool with a sunbed and outdoor bar! You can also adapt Villa Vesta to accommodate three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms with an extended living space of 2,234.5 ft2 (207.59 m2) and a 9,422-gallon swimming pool!

Build Your Villa Your Way With Casa Linda

At Casa Linda Quality Communities, we offer full customization of your villa to ensure that you find the villa of your dreams! With guidance from our design and architectural team, you can choose the perfect lot and floor plan that fits your personal taste and add any of our standard upgrades! Have an idea for something special? Bring it to us for pricing!

Casa Linda Villas: A Villa For Every Budget

When starting your life in paradise, you should have the ability to customize your villa as you please! Because no two homeowners are the same, we tailor our villas to suit your taste and your budget!

Contact us today to learn more about our available villas, or check out our previous blog for luxury villas in the Dominican Republic for under 300,000 USD!

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