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What To Consider When Retiring Abroad

Sep 4, 2019 | Dominican Republic Villas, Expat Life

What To Consider When

Retiring Abroad

Are you excited about your upcoming retirement, and looking to start a new adventure by living abroad? Settling into an island paradise can be the perfect way to make the most of your new-found freedom while escaping the cold, busyness, and boredom of your usual day to day. If you’re considering retiring abroad, below are a few details you’ll want to keep in mind, as well as a few reasons why you should consider embracing the “life tranquilo” with Casa Linda!

Getting Started

Retirement is an incredibly exciting time, regardless of what your plans for the future may hold. Whether you’ve decided upon uprooting and relocating, or staying put for the time being, it never hurts to ensure you have the best information to guide your final decision. While moving abroad is a tangible possibility for most couples and individuals, it’s important to make sure you’ve taken all details into account. Doing so will help expedite the process, and ensure you’re prepared once you arrive in your country of choice. Factors that you’ll want to consider when making your decision include:

dominican republic retirement

Your Current And Projected Financial Standing

While it may be tempting to view your financial status as a potentially limiting factor, it’s important to realize that your finances are more of a guiding tool than a hindrance when it comes to choosing the right area and property to settle down abroad. Casa Linda, for example, offers affordable custom villas in the Dominican Republic for those looking to invest in a retirement property (or even just the ideal winter escape pre-retiring). Coupled with the low cost of living in the Caribbean, many couples are surprised to find just how far their savings will go.


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dominican republic retirement

Your Health and Wellness

Despite the Dominican often being (incorrectly) thought of as a third world country, it actually offers residents access to exceptional first-world levels of medical and healthcare, with plenty of English speaking professionals readily on hand. Even so, before deciding to make the move abroad, it’s important to undergo a comprehensive review of your health and consider how any current and future conditions may affect your quality of life.

Know The Requirements For Purchasing Property

Every country has a unique set of rules and guidelines for foreigners wishing to purchase land, especially with or without resident status. The Dominican Republic, for example, has no rules prohibiting foreign investments and makes offers a straight forward residency process for those wishing to live on the island full time.

Discover the “Life Tranquilo” With Casa Linda

As a premier builder located on the north end of the Dominican Republic, Casa Linda is proud to have spent over 27 years building dream homes for our owners. With multiple luxurious floor plans to choose from, as well as plenty of options for customization, living the life tranquilo (laid back and easy going) is simple.

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