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Tranquilo: Our Lifestyle in the Dominican Republic

Nov 1, 2023 | Expat Life, News

Hustle culture is significant in the US and Canada. But, alongside increasing productivity, employees are starting to feel the effects of such high expectations. High stress, high anxiety, and high rates of burnout are rampant in these countries. Are you experiencing any of these? Keep reading to discover how you can overcome hustle culture and move to a place of tranquilo.

What Is Tranquilo?

Peaceful, easy-going, and relaxed are just some words to describe tranquilo. Tranquilo is how we would describe island life. It refers to a slower, calmer lifestyle than the hustle culture that many North Americans are used to. We take our time in the DR; there is no need to rush. This might be why many people prefer to stay here full-time after retiring. The clock no longer dictates where you are or what you are doing because there is no race to finish projects or to get to places.

Converting To Life Tranquilo

Our Casa Linda communities are in love with life tranquilo. We have many owners in our gated community that permanently moved here and have fully converted to the tranquilo lifestyle in the Dominican Republic. But for someone who may be coming out of hustle culture, we know it’s not always easy to rest. Here are our tips for embracing the slower pace of the Dominican Republic:

  • Don’t cut all activities out.

We have many, many things to do here in the DR. Embracing tranquilo does not mean sitting around doing nothing! Try snorkelling or scuba diving at one of the DR’s gorgeous beaches. Or take a whirl at parasailing, paddle boarding, or surfing! Casa Linda always has something going on; from open restaurants to neighborhood parties, there will always be something to do. The point is to be intentional about what you choose and not constantly check the time.

  • Leave your phone at home.

Being accessible at all times throughout the day can have its benefits in case of emergency. However, many North Americans have become used to apps and schedules with little benefit to their mental and physical health. In the lifestyle of the Dominican Republic, there’s nothing that needs to be completed right now. Constantly being aware of and checking the time preoccupies a part of your brain, causing unnecessary stress.

  • Give yourself time to adjust.

You won’t go from needing to check things off your list to being peacefully in the moment overnight. It takes time to desaturate yourself from being so busy all the time. You’ll slowly adjust to living at the pace of the locals, and when you adapt to the tranquilo lifestyle in the Dominican Republic, you’ll never want to go back.

Why is Tranquilo Important?

How many times have you burnt out in the last year? The constant hustle of the US and Canada results in high stress and anxiety, which is detrimental to your physical and mental health. The burnout rate in Canadians alone is rising at more than a third of all Canadian employees.

The lifestyle in the Dominican Republic prevents burnout and high stress levels for extended periods and instead promotes creativity, life, and happiness. The amount of vitamin D you will get from the sun and the beautiful ocean view will increase your mental health. This is why tranquilo is so important to us: there’s nothing more important than our wellbeing.

Discover A New Life With Casa Linda

Casa Linda wants to help you on your adventure to embrace your new tranquilo lifestyle in the Dominican Republic. Check out our customizable villas that start at just $229K USD, or contact us and ask us all of your questions! We’d love to hear from you.

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