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Why You Should Relocate to the Dominican Republic

Why You Should Relocate to the Dominican Republic

Are you ready for a change of scenery? Now is the time to consider relocating abroad! The team at Casa Linda is here to help ensure you know what to expect when living abroad in the Dominican Republic.

Heralded as a dream destination for retirees, young professionals, and entrepreneurs, the Dominican Republic is a fantastic place to retire in style, work from home, or start a new business. The DR truly has something for everyone! Best of all, the DR is incredibly affordable. Continue reading to learn more about the cost of living in the Dominican Republic and how relocating to the DR can be an economically wise investment. 

Your Dollar Can Stretch Further

The cost of living is often the most significant source of stress for potential expats considering relocating abroad. However, the Dominican Republic is affordable (outside your initial moving costs). Over the decades, the DR has worked hard to become one of the most stable tropical destinations for expats looking to live abroad. Regarding finances, the DR has a unique advantage due to this stability and dependability. Many newcomers are excited to learn that living in the DR is more affordable than in their home countries. Some regular expenses you can save on when living in the Dominican Republic are as follows! 

Groceries and Dining

Are you tired of your grocery bill climbing to greater heights every trip? You can save some serious cash on your groceries in the Dominican Republic. The cost of an average meal in the DR ranges between 3-5 USD, but for those with more refined tastes, you can expect to spend a little more, about 25 USD, with tips included. Compared to restaurant prices across North America, that’s an incredible deal! So even when you don’t feel like cooking, you can still save money.

This affordability also applies to your grocery bill! In the DR, grocery prices are typically much more affordable than in North American stores. For instance, a family of two will spend about 200 USD a month on groceries (talk about a steal of a deal). Best of all, many of your favourite treats are available in the DR, so you can still enjoy a taste of home while living affordably abroad!


Understanding your future healthcare is a significant concern when looking to live abroad. Fortunately, the Dominican Republic has a world-class healthcare system and state-of-the-art medical facilities. That means you’ll never have to worry about having access to the care you need when it matters most. Moreover, healthcare in the DR is significantly more affordable, and wait times for procedures are also shorter. So when you relocate to the Dominican Republic, you can rest assured knowing that your health will be cared for without breaking the bank. 


One of the challenges expats face when looking to relocate abroad is that some foreign countries are not as welcoming to expats owning property. Purchasing a home abroad can also be a costly endeavour. However, the Dominican Republic is incredibly friendly to foreign investors! At Casa Linda, our team can help you craft the luxury villa of your dreams starting as low as 229,000 USD. With options for incredible amenities such as pools, carports, living walls, terraces, and more, Casa Linda is here to help you find the perfect home abroad! Best of all, each of our villa floorplans is entirely customizable. So when considering relocating to the Dominican Republic, let Casa Linda help welcome you to your new home!

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