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Popular Winter Activities in Cabarete: Dominican Republic Life

Popular Winter Activities in Cabarete: Dominican Republic Life

While the rest of the world bundles up, Casa Linda villa owners can bask in the sun on the nearby spectacular beaches, swim in the crystal-clear Caribbean waters, and indulge in outdoor activities. During the Christmas season, there is more than just snorkelling, hiking, and exploring vibrant city streets. Below, we talk about some of the fun things you can do in the winter while you live your best Dominican Republic life. Continue reading!

Winter in the Dominican Republic

Besides being able to walk around the Dominican Republic in your sandals at Christmastime, there’s always plenty of activities going on around Casa Linda! The festive season during winter brings a lively atmosphere with street festivals, vibrant Christmas celebrations, and flavorful cuisine in every city. Some of the events and activities that become more popular around the wintertime are:

  • Kite surfing
  • Paddleboarding
  • Live Shows
  • Spa Days
  • Christmas Caroling

To plan your winter in the Dominican Republic, let’s take a look more closely at each of these things.

Kite Surfing

There’s no better place to enjoy the thrilling activity of kite surfing than the Dominican Republic. The hot sun and alluring scenery will make your kite surfing all the more enjoyable! Bring a friend or loved one and take an afternoon to learn the art of kite surfing in great weather. There are so many beaches close by for you to learn at, and locals waiting to teach you.


This emerging sport is following our owners from home and are being incorporated into Dominican Republic life. For a more calm afternoon, take a paddleboard out onto the water. Nervous about waves or an audience while you learn? That’s what your backyard pool is for! Your very own Casa Linda pool is the perfect spot to practice your balance.

Live Shows

If you’re looking to stay out of water, walk into many local bars or restaurants in the evening to experience Dominican Republic life. Often, especially near holidays, you’ll come across exuberant live shows or live music. We love to connect in these social ways! Make sure to say hi to someone when you are visiting towns near your Casa Linda villa.

Spa Days

Indulging in a spa experience in the Dominican Republic is a true oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation. We are all about enjoying life on the island, and that includes through massages. With expert therapists, a serene ambiance, and a blend of traditional and modern therapies, a spa visit is a delightful escape where you can pamper your senses and sink into the life tranquilo in the Dominican Republic.

Christmas Caroling

Part of the Dominican Republic life includes deep investment into Christmas! We love celebrating around here by making connections with our community. Leave the presents at home, because all you have to bring here is yourself and a good attitude. Your carolling starts when we come carolling to your door. Join in and come to the next home with us—there’s food waiting for us at the end! Plus, in the warm island weather, no coat or boots are required.

Turn Winter into Fun in the DR!

Casa Linda awaits you to join our friendly gated community from the comfort of your luxury villa. Live the Dominican Republic life in your own private pool this winter. Contact Casa Linda today to get started!