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Villa Dolce Vita: The Most Exquisite Villa in the DR

Villa Dolce Vita: The Most Exquisite Villa in the DR

Your retirement years are meant to be some of the best years of your life. They should be full of luxury, happy memories, and relaxation. The Villa Dolce Vita is the right choice for living out your retirement years. In a warm climate year-round, enjoy the benefits that this fantastic Casa Linda villa has to offer. Keep reading to learn why the Villa Dolce Vita is right for you.

Retire in Style

You could gaze over the beach every morning of your retirement from your very own property in the Dominican Republic. Casa Linda wants to help you retire to a home you feel comfortable in, so we work with you to customize your home to fit your lifestyle. Do you want a funky-shaped pool as opposed to a rectangle? Do you want a fourth bedroom to dedicate to your hobbies? Do you like detached or attached kitchen islands? Let us work with you to create the perfect Dominican Republic villa for your retirement years. From landscaping to finishes, your Villa Dolce Vita is yours to customize.

Sun, Beaches, and Fun!

The Casa Linda gated community is 7 minutes away from the closest beach and 10 minutes from the best beaches of the northern Dominican Republic coastline. Friendly, like-minded neighbors will greet you as you start your day and will gladly join you at Castaways, our Casa Linda restaurant. The DR has so much to offer you in terms of adventure, but we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to spend some days in the privacy of your own home. The Villa Dolce Vita’s private pool, optional outdoor bar, and beautiful architecture are alluring.

Friend, Family and Pet Friendly

Have you got a pet? Not a problem! Your Casa Linda home is pet-friendly as long as you care for them. And with 3 or 4 bedrooms available to design into your home, you have plenty of space to cater to your pet while still having a dedicated guest suite in your backyard. When you invest in the Dolce Vita, friends and family will have their own guest house for optimal privacy. Starting at just $529K USD, this Dominican Republic villa is a sweet deal!

Find Your Retirement Paradise

Casa Linda is all about giving you an unforgettable retirement experience. You deserve to retire in the way you want, with the weather you want. The Dominican Republic sits at a warm 28 degrees Celsius all year round, making it the paradise you need for your golden years. We’d love to hear from you! Contact our team to discuss what getting your luxury Villa Dolce Vita would look like.