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Start Fresh with a Luxury Villa in the Dominican Republic

Start Fresh with a Luxury Villa in the Dominican Republic

Ready to stop dreaming about living in luxury in paradise? Casa Linda can help you realize your dreams with our stunning luxury villas in the Dominican Republic. Casa Linda’s villas are sure to suit your unique style and preferences, featuring lush green views, plenty of space, and stunning architecture. Our wide selection of villas offers expats an affordable yet luxurious home away from home. Continue reading to learn more about Casa Linda villas in the Dominican Republic!

Casa Linda: Your Home in Luxury

At Casa Linda, we are proud to offer a variety of beautiful luxury villas for you to choose from. Each floor plan complements a wide range of lifestyles, family sizes, and more. So, if you’re looking for villas in the Dominican Republic that are fit for hosting, we offer small to large villas with up to 5 master suites. That way, you and your guests can enjoy their stay in comfort and style. In addition, many of our luxury villas include outdoor entertainment spaces where you, your family, and your guests can soak up the stunning Caribbean sun and enjoy the vibrant views of the Dominican Republic.

Create Your Very Own Custom Villa

Are you looking to build a villa that matches your lifestyle and design preferences? Casa Linda can help! Our home builders and architects team will work with you to make your dream home a reality. Each of our villas in the Dominican Republic can be customized to fit your unique vision of “home”. Casa Linda can completely personalize your villa, from rooftop terraces and infinity pools to fountains, carports, and more. So, when you decide to join us on the island, Casa Linda’s in-house experts are here to help you build your dream home!

Luxury Villas for Families of All Sizes

At Casa Linda, our largest villas feature up to 5 bedrooms, making them a perfect option for those looking to host guests and family or enjoy that extra space. In particular, the Villa Sunseeker can range from 2 bedrooms all the up to 5 bedrooms, depending on your layout and budget.

This stunning villa features sliding glass doors and high windows, making it a bright and airy home. The spacious and modern kitchen has plenty of counter space and cabinetry, enabling you to have the room to host fantastic dinners with friends and family. In addition, the Villa Sunseeker also has luxurious amenities such as a large pool and outdoor entertaining area.

But if space is still a concern even with five bedrooms, Casa Linda can include a guest house on your lot! Our guest homes are conveniently located away from your villa, allowing your guests to enjoy some privacy. These guest houses are available in 3 standardized layouts so that you can choose the best model for you!

Ready to Start Anew in the Dominican Republic?

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Sousa Villas At Casa Linda

Sousa Villas At Casa Linda

Ready to move from the snowbird lifestyle to embracing full time living on the island? Life in the Dominican Republic is a wonder to behold, full of endless days of sunshine, warm days all year round, and a welcoming local culture that truly makes it easy to relax and unwind while exploring your brand new home. Known for breathtaking views, the stablest economy in the Caribbean and a consistently growing ex-pat community, the Dominican Republic is the ideal destination for those looking to purchase a home in their very own slice of paradise. Learn more below!

Why Choose The DR

With so many sunny beaches around the world to choose from, it’s fair to ask why you should consider calling the Dominican home. In addition to its breathtaking beauty, there’s no shortage of reasons investors, retirees, and other adventure-seekers decide to settle down in the DR. For those looking to make a solid investment in a full-time or vacation property, the Dominican’s welcoming attitude towards foreign buyers will make things considerably easier than other nations, and the ease of purchase combined with low cost of living, housing available at multiple price points and stable overall economy makes the DR ideal across the board. Residents enjoy top tier infrastructure, including high-speed internet, cable television, reliable electricity and more, along with a lower cost of living day to day. In fact, many ex-pats living within Casa Linda’s community often mention how surprised they are to find that the DR is just like home…only warmer!

sousa villas dominican republic

Security Where and When it Counts

In addition to boasting a dependable infrastructure system, the Dominican Republic is also home to a top-tier healthcare system that provides exceptional medical services in high-end facilities just like the ones you’d find at home. With highly trained professionals offering full care in English, and the overall costs of procedures and medication often coming in at significantly cheaper than those found back home for our American ex-pats, those with mild or common health concerns can typically relocate with confidence.

Note: we always recommend checking with your current care provider before making any major decisions!

Caribbean Living With Casa Linda

Located on the gorgeous northern end of the island right by Cabarate and Sousa, Casa Linda is the Dominican’s premier villa community. With over two decades building in the Dominican, we’re proud to welcome ex-pats from all over the world to our sunny shores and help them create the island paradise they’ve always dreamed of. With 24/7 security, a VIP beach club, shuttles to and from nearby beaches and more, you’ll have no problem fitting in with our vibrant community of residents and easing into your new life if island luxury!

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