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The Villa Atlantis: Luxury Living in the Dominican Republic

The Villa Atlantis: Luxury Living in the Dominican Republic

Experience the decadence of Caribbean living in Casa Linda’s Villa Atlantis! This luxe Mediterranean-style villa is ideal for entertaining a large group with a central courtyard, a massive swimming pool, and, most notably, two guest houses spaced out amongst the 10,764 square foot property.

The Villa Atlantis is a dream come true for people who love hosting their large family and friends. The main villa is a spacious 2,852.7 ft², providing more than enough space for four bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, an open-concept kitchen with extra cabinet and counter space, a breakfast bar, and so much more. The indoor dining area extends seamlessly into an outdoor wet bar and BBQ area overlooking the pool.

Living at Casa Linda is the best of both worlds: wake up every day in a luxurious resort-style community while enjoying the comfort and security of your own private villa! Keep reading to learn more about the incredible features of the Villa Atlantis.

Swimming Pool

The star feature of Villa Atlantis is the stunning 18,034-gallon chlorine pool. Part of the near-endless customization features Casa Linda offers also extends to the pool! You can choose between the standard chlorine pool, an infinity pool, a salt-water pool or even a mirror pool! You could even add a swim-up bar!

Instead of the typical concrete that you would normally find around a pool, Casa Linda uses natural coral stones from the Caribbean. Coral stones are ideal for pool decks because they do not absorb the sun’s heat, are non-skid, and are natural to the Dominican Republic. You and your guests can enjoy a scorching hot day in the pool without worrying about burning your feet on the pool deck!

Guest Houses

The Villa Atlantis lot size is a quarter of an acre, which provides more than enough space to build not one but two guest houses on your property! Owners can choose between three different guest house designs and have the opportunity to personalize both of the guest homes.

Designed to provide privacy for the host family and the guests alike, these guest villas are fully functional, including a kitchen, small pool and outdoor seating area. The guest houses for the Villa Atlantis have spacious bedrooms that fit a king-size bed and have full ensuites attached.


Thanks to Casa Linda’s team of in-house architects, we do it your way when we build your villa. The world is your oyster when it comes to customizing your villa. The customization options are nearly endless, allowing you to create the luxurious tropical home of your dreams. When you partner with Casa Linda, it’s your villa, your way.

If you have a design you have been dreaming about, this is your time to bring it to life. You have full authority over every little detail, like cabinetry, kitchen tiles, bathroom fixtures, ceiling texture, and so much more.

Keep in mind that additional customizations will cost you anywhere from an additional $5,000 – $20,000, depending on what you do! From construction to furnishing the villa, Casa Linda’s exceptional architecture and design team are here to make your dreams come true.

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The Villa Atlantis is available from the base price of $599,000 US. The original price includes the lot, construction of the main villa, two guest houses, landscaping, swimming pool, and service building for storing pool equipment.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about the Villa Atlantis and owning property in the Dominican Republic!

Start Fresh with a Luxury Villa in the Dominican Republic

Start Fresh with a Luxury Villa in the Dominican Republic

Ready to stop dreaming about living in luxury in paradise? Casa Linda can help you realize your dreams with our stunning luxury villas in the Dominican Republic. Casa Linda’s villas are sure to suit your unique style and preferences, featuring lush green views, plenty of space, and stunning architecture. Our wide selection of villas offers expats an affordable yet luxurious home away from home. Continue reading to learn more about Casa Linda villas in the Dominican Republic!

Casa Linda: Your Home in Luxury

At Casa Linda, we are proud to offer a variety of beautiful luxury villas for you to choose from. Each floor plan complements a wide range of lifestyles, family sizes, and more. So, if you’re looking for villas in the Dominican Republic that are fit for hosting, we offer small to large villas with up to 5 master suites. That way, you and your guests can enjoy their stay in comfort and style. In addition, many of our luxury villas include outdoor entertainment spaces where you, your family, and your guests can soak up the stunning Caribbean sun and enjoy the vibrant views of the Dominican Republic.

Create Your Very Own Custom Villa

Are you looking to build a villa that matches your lifestyle and design preferences? Casa Linda can help! Our home builders and architects team will work with you to make your dream home a reality. Each of our villas in the Dominican Republic can be customized to fit your unique vision of “home”. Casa Linda can completely personalize your villa, from rooftop terraces and infinity pools to fountains, carports, and more. So, when you decide to join us on the island, Casa Linda’s in-house experts are here to help you build your dream home!

Luxury Villas for Families of All Sizes

At Casa Linda, our largest villas feature up to 5 bedrooms, making them a perfect option for those looking to host guests and family or enjoy that extra space. In particular, the Villa Sunseeker can range from 2 bedrooms all the up to 5 bedrooms, depending on your layout and budget.

This stunning villa features sliding glass doors and high windows, making it a bright and airy home. The spacious and modern kitchen has plenty of counter space and cabinetry, enabling you to have the room to host fantastic dinners with friends and family. In addition, the Villa Sunseeker also has luxurious amenities such as a large pool and outdoor entertaining area.

But if space is still a concern even with five bedrooms, Casa Linda can include a guest house on your lot! Our guest homes are conveniently located away from your villa, allowing your guests to enjoy some privacy. These guest houses are available in 3 standardized layouts so that you can choose the best model for you!

Ready to Start Anew in the Dominican Republic?

Contact Casa Linda to learn more about finding a stunning luxury villa in the Dominican Republic today!

3 Signs You Should Invest In Dominican Republic Luxury Villas

3 Signs You Should Invest In Dominican Republic Luxury Villas

Is investing in a Dominican Republic (DR) property your next big move? Are you waiting for a flashing neon sign to drop from the heavens? Consider this blog post to be your sign. Investing in foreign property is a great choice for many people and for many reasons. Below, we have shared just a few of these reasons.

You Travel To The Dominican Republic A Lot

Maybe you have the travel bug, or maybe you are looking at moving to the Dominican Republic in the future. Either way, investing in a luxury villa secures you a home in the Caribbean. At Casa Linda, we help you personalize a luxury villa for your own private use in our gated community. By investing in a Casa Linda villa you are putting your hard-earned money into an investment rather than throwing it away. Your very own luxury villa, besides the potential to make interest, also allows you private space that you can call your home away from home. Your Dominican Republic villa comes with your very own private pool, a parking pad, and can be fully customized to your wants and needs.

You’re Getting Ready To Retire

Life is settling down, you’re taking up new hobbies, and feel like a change of scenery would do you good. That’s where our luxury villas can help you! Our community comes with its own restaurant and waterpark onsite, and there is always something going on for you to get involved in. And say hi to your neighbors! The community is filled with friendly folks who would love to make your acquaintance. Each villa comes with room for a guest home that has the perfect spacing to be converted into a hobby shed between visitors, should you need extra space. Our luxury villas are affordably priced so as to not take advantage of your retirement savings, because we want you to enjoy the finer things when you come to the Dominican Republic. 

You Are Looking To Expand Your Financial Portfolio

Did you know you can rent out your luxury villa while you are away? Casa Linda offers a vacation rental program for our villa owners, giving you passive income while also diversifying your assets. If you have the means to expand and invest, Casa Linda luxury villas are a great opportunity for you. We go through a vetting process to attain Rental Hosts that will manage a small amount of properties on the owners’ behalf. These Rental Hosts maintain the property inside and out, market your villa to potential renters, and even plan personalized experiences for your tenants. Casa Linda works to ensure that each person’s experience in a Casa Linda villa is better quality and more personable than a resort. Plus, you get the financial benefits!

Your Luxury Dominican Dream Starts Today

DR luxury villas are an amazing option for many groups of people in different stages of life. Casa Linda will be there to make your dreams come true when you sign on for a villa of your choosing. Questions? Contact us today!