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Luxury Built, Just For You: Casa Linda Villas in Sosúa, Dominican Republic

Buying a villa at Casa Linda is not like other vacation home communities. Instead of purchasing a pre-built, ready-made villa that looks identical to every other one in the neighbourhood, Casa Linda villas are made to order. We offer 15 different floor plans that can all be customized to your exact specifications.

At Casa Linda, there are endless possibilities to create your perfect vacation villa near Sosúa, Dominican Republic. Keep reading to learn about the perks of custom-building the tropical villa of your dreams!

Perfection Takes Time

As all villas are built especially for the owner, the lot is an untouched land of opportunity. Not only is the villa’s interior customizable, but you also have total creative control over the exterior! Whether you stay true to the standard floor plan, enhance the landscaping or expand the pool, ground isn’t broken until the papers are signed!

The buying and building process can take anywhere between 7 to 9 months, depending on the amount of customizations or expansions. That might seem like a long time because you want to start enjoying the tropical lifestyle immediately! But believe us, the wait will be worth it.

Casa Linda uses the highest quality building materials; all villas have a modern luxury finish. You can find a list of possible customization options here, but the real limitations to customizations will be your budget and imagination!

Established Community

Are you used to living in suburban neighbourhoods with nearby neighbours? Life feels much the same at Casa Linda, except within a tropical environment! Over the last 40 years, the north coast of the Dominican Republic has been home to expats from all over the world! The majority of owners at Casa Linda are retired expats from North America or Europe, so the extra time construction takes is often beneficial, especially when applying for residency.

Casa Linda is a gated community located between the beach towns of Sosúa and Cabarete, home to some of the best beaches and surfing on the island! Not only will you be building the perfect villa for full or part-time living, you can expect to receive a warm welcome from our established and friendly community.

Safe, Secure and Serene

The north coast is a very safe area for locals, expats and tourists alike, but Casa Linda prioritizes the safety of our owners and their families above all else. The surrounding area is quite safe, but Casa Linda is a gated community with 24/7 security for added peace of mind.

Many villa owners only stay on their property for half the year, typically during their home country’s winter months! The beauty of our dedication to security is that owners don’t have to worry about their villas when they’re away. We ensure all villas are properly maintained and cared for in your absence.

If you have concerns about natural disasters affecting your investment, don’t worry! There are no recorded hurricanes or natural disasters along the north coast. Casa Linda is sheltered from the worst tropical storms have to offer.

Your Villa, Your Way

Have you been considering purchasing a vacation villa near Sosúa, Dominican Republic? Casa Linda is the community for you.

Get in touch with Casa Linda’s team today to learn more about building a luxurious vacation home on the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic!

Luxury Villas You Can’t Stay Away From in the Dominican Republic

Luxury Villas You Can’t Stay Away From in the Dominican Republic

A life of hustle is exhausting. Are you ready for a life of relaxation and luxury in a place with beautiful views? Take adventure to the next level when you expat to the Dominican Republic, and experience life at 28 degrees Celsius every day of the year. You’ll never be bored here! Read on to learn about why our current owners opt to stay in Casa Linda year-round and what villas are available to you.

Part-Time to Full-Time Expats

Most of our expats are living full-time in the Dominican Republic. While we offer options for those living here part-time, most of our owners take advantage of the year-round hot weather. Get to know your like-minded neighbors through holiday festivities hosted by the Casa Linda staff. Or, meet them at the Castaways Clubhouse and Eatery that has been designed for you and your fellow owners to connect over delicious food.

If you are set on staying in your own luxury villa in the Dominican Republic for only half the year, use our villa rental services. We will help you to offer your villa to verified renters through popular sites such as Airbnb, VRBO, and more. Your villa will be completely taken care of, and our staff will be in constant and clear communication with you.

Villa Sunseeker

Overlooking tropical paradise, Villa Sunseeker is customizable to your liking. It comes with a 9,422-gallon pool, two bedrooms designed for privacy, a spacious kitchen, and gorgeous landscaping. Every one of our villas comes with access to Castaways, the Waterworks Park, and more! The gated community security allows you to rest assured that your villa is secure, even when you are not there.

If you want more guest space, feel free to add up to 3 more bedrooms so that you can host the people you love. Our talented in-house architects can do any customizations you want. The finishings, pool shape, and more are all up to your imagination. What you dream of can be built with Casa Linda’s luxury villas in the Dominican Republic.

Villa Capri

This villa is what the word “luxury” was made for. Along with two bedrooms at opposite ends of the villa for full privacy, you are getting a stunning view from your own private backyard pool, a parking space for your vehicle and your golf cart, and all of the bells and whistles of our larger luxury villas. The Dominican Republic is the perfect place to sit back on the beach with a drink in hand, and that is exactly what we aim to provide you with: quick access to your in-house bar and the Castaways Clubhouse. Whatever it is you want to happen in your luxury Dominican Republic villa, we can make it happen.

Find Luxury Villas in The Dominican Republic

Casa Linda is home to a friendly community of like-minded people looking for a great retirement life. Whether you are looking to work abroad, retire in style, or find an escape from winter, our luxury villas are perfect! Ready to jump into island living? Contact our team today!