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Better Than an All-Inclusive: Renting Your Dominican Republic Villa at Casa Linda

Better Than an All-Inclusive: Renting Your Dominican Republic Villa at Casa Linda

Buying a villa at Casa Linda in the Dominican Republic isn’t the only perk of owning a beautiful vacation home; you’re expanding your investment portfolio, too! If you’re searching for a part-time vacation home but full-time investment property, keep reading to learn about investing in property with Casa Linda.

Stable & Growing Economy

Investing overseas can certainly be risky, especially in a country you are unfamiliar with, but how much do you know about the Dominican Republic? It might surprise you that the Dominican Republic is one of Latin America’s fastest-growing countries.

Since the 1960s, our small island country has steadily grown out of poverty and into a prosperous and stable nation. The average standard of living in the Dominican Republic is one-third that of the United States, and it will only keep improving.

This is the time to invest in a vacation home outside your home country. Who doesn’t want to escape the winter months and soak up the sun in a luxury tropical villa? When you are not using the villa, there’s no sense in letting it sit empty waiting for your return! Why not make extra income on the side by signing up for Casa Linda’s Vacation Club?

Vacation Club

If you do not plan on living at Casa Linda full-time, why not sign your villa up for our successful Vacation Club program? Casa Linda handles everything in the vacation club, from advertising the villa to booking the guests and caring for them during their stay.

Some of our vacation club programs even have guaranteed rental income. What’s better than making passive income that you don’t need to worry about? There are a few perks to joining the vacation club, like trading your weeks for hundreds of similar properties worldwide, as well as daily housekeeping and pool and garden maintenance.

(When you purchase a Casa Linda villa and permanently join our community, your vacation club investment will be used to reduce your purchase price by the same amount within 18 months.)

Renting Your Villa

Casa Linda has connections with several excellent local rental management companies if the vacation club does not appeal to you. This is an excellent route for owners looking to keep their villas booked and busy in their absence and maintain a steady stream of rental income.

Casa Linda has simplified the rental process to be hands-off and stress-free for the owners. Our owners should be able to return home without worrying about the state of their villa, so we take care of everything on your behalf.

However, there are requirements to qualify your villa as a turnkey property. Namely, having a fully furnished and stocked villa, including linens, dishware, kitchenware, electronics, etc. The villa should have everything a renter needs to fully enjoy their stay, minus your personal effects, of course. If you need, Casa Linda has a comprehensive list of the required turnkey items.

Share Your Slice of Paradise

Located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, Casa Linda’s luxury gated community is the top vacation spot for families and travellers alike. Our community has all the amenities, services and fun of an all-inclusive resort while staying in a private villa with a full kitchen, private pool, and more.

Want to learn more about owning a villa in the Dominican Republic at Casa Linda? Get in touch with us today.