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Luxurious Living in Casa Linda: Your Dream Villa in the Dominican Republic

Luxurious Living in Casa Linda: Your Dream Villa in the Dominican Republic

Are you looking for a change of lifestyle, scenery, and weather? Are you tired of shovelling snow every winter? If so, a luxury villa from Casa Linda in the Dominican Republic is calling your name! Our numerous stunning villas, safe gated community, and beautiful views are sure to make you feel like every day is a vacation day.

Let’s explore our community and villas below! Keep reading to find out more. 

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

At Casa Linda’s gated community, you will not only feel right at home in your luxury villa but also welcomed. Our friendly neighbourhoods foster a sense of community, with numerous amenities, fellow expats, and features to help you feel comfortable and safe. Our community features multiple walking trails, pedestrian-friendly streets, special events, community clubs, and more. So, whether you have a furry friend you’d like to adventure with, enjoy a fitness-focused lifestyle, or simply want a change of pace, Casa Linda’s gated community is here to welcome you home! 

Features that Make Casa Linda Villas Stand Out

When it comes to Casa Linda’s luxury villas, there are a few features that truly make them stand out. Our villas feature expansive terraces that lead from the living room to private pools, making them perfect for soaking up the sun in your own backyard. While the pools themselves are designed for relaxing and entertaining, the interiors of our luxury villas include walk-in closets, high ceilings, large windows, and ample natural lighting for a luxurious feel inside and out. With numerous options to customize your luxury villa to suit your taste, your new life in the Dominican Republic can be perfectly tailored to your lifestyle. 

Meet the Villa Sunseeker and Villa Capri

At Casa Linda, we have a variety of luxury villa floor plans that suit a range of lifestyles and budgets. Each floor plan includes the villa, lot, swimming pool, and landscaping. By joining our expat community, you can access Casa Linda’s Castaways restaurant and Waterworks Park!

Here are further details on two of our luxury villas that have been quite popular with our expat community:

Villa Sunseeker

Customizable to your liking, the Sunseeker features a 9,422-gallon pool, two bedrooms and a spacious kitchen perfect for entertaining. With sliding glass doors, a large covered terrace, and stunning landscaping, the Sunseeker villa is the ideal luxury villa to call home! 

Villa Capri

With 1,190.2 ft² of space, two bedrooms at opposite ends of the villa, and stunning views, the Capri is truly a luxury villa worth calling “home”. Even as an entry-level luxury villa, the Capri features many of the bells and whistles of our grander villas, making it an excellent option for expats on a tighter budget.

Ready for Paradise?

If you’re ready to soak up the sun on a warm and bright beach in the Dominican Republic, then Casa Linda’s luxury villas are calling your name! Come home to paradise in one of our stunning villas today.

Contact Casa Linda today to find out more about our stunning villas and gated community!

Experience Luxury Living in Cabarete!

Experience Luxury Living in Cabarete!

When it comes to finding a beautiful villa to call home in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, choose Casa Linda Quality Communities! As a premier luxury villa builder and community in the Dominican Republic, Casa Linda has been helping expats live a life of luxury for more than two decades. With numerous unique features and customization options, our villas are a step above other properties in the region. Continue reading to find out more about Casa Linda’s Cabarete villas.

Must-See Places and Activities in Cabarete

Of all the cities and towns in the Dominican Republic, Cabarete is a vibrant must-visit destination. With many luxury hotels, historic sites, shops, over 30 restaurants, a lively nightlife, and a welcoming community of locals, tourists, and expats, the atmosphere of Cabarete is one that is exciting!

Cabarete is also the Caribbean and the World’s water sports capital. This means that if you’re looking to take up surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing or wing foil, you’ve come to the right place! Cabarete Bay is a great spot to soak up the sun and waves, with Cabarete Beach at the heart of all the action. Encuentro Beach is also nearby (4km), and as one of the most popular beaches in the Caribbean region because of its acclaimed surf school, trying your hand at a new water sport is a breeze!

So, whether you’re looking to bury your toes in the sand with a nice refreshing drink or want to take up a new adventure, Cabarete is the place to be!

How Our Villas are Different

At Casa Linda, we can make moving to Cabarete in the Dominican Republic a dream come true! With several villa floor plan options to choose from and numerous opportunities to customize your villa to your unique tastes, Casa Linda’s in-house team of designers and architects is here to help you make your dream home in paradise. From swim-up bars, living walls, and infinity pools to walk-in closets, high ceilings, and abundant natural lighting, life in luxury with Casa Linda is a step above the rest!

Welcome Home to the Villa Sunset

While we have a range of floor plans, there’s one in particular we’d like to draw your attention to– the Villa Sunset.

Starting at $229K USD, the Sunset is the perfect entry-level villa to call home. This villa features two bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and an 8,022-gallon pool. With over 1,100 ft² of living space, stunning views, large windows, and a covered terrace, the Sunset is the perfect home to kick your feet up and relax. Its modern and open-concept design allows the Dominican Republic’s tropical breezes to carry across your entire space, letting you enjoy paradise inside and out!

Whether you want a villa in Cabarete for your retirement years or to start a new life in paradise, Casa Linda has you covered!

Ready to Pack Your Bags?

With the help of Casa Linda, we can make living in luxury an affordable option for you. Join our community of expats here in the Dominican Republic and see for yourself what it’s like to live in paradise.

Your new life in Cabarete is calling! Are you ready to pack your bags?

Contact Casa Linda today to find out more about buying one of our luxury villas in Cabarete!