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Reasons to Buy a New Villa Instead of Resale

Reasons to Buy a New Villa Instead of Resale

Reasons to Buy a New Villa Instead of Resale

Why would you choose to build a new villa when you can buy one already constructed and ready for you move into?  There’s actually a lot of reasons why new is better.  Let’s delve into them:


North American Construction Process
& the Newest and Best Features

Over time, standards and processes improve.  Casa Linda is always evolving and embracing new technologies and innovations.  When you build new you can expect:

  • Very Short Construction Time. Typically only 4-5 months
  • North American and European construction supervisors stand for high quality constructions.
  • Casa Linda is a custom builder. Design your dream home your way. This includes the ability to add to your villa with outside buildings like casitas, outdoor entertaining areas, and carports as an example. Some other projects in the area do not allow any changes after purchase.
  • The newest and best features. New homes typically feature modern architecture and layout, such as great rooms, bigger closets and additional bathrooms, and do not include the formal dining and/or living rooms of older homes. New homes are easier to customize than resale homes because you can choose many details upfront: from floor plans, paint colours, doors, tiles, finishes, some cabinet configurations, faucets and light fixtures.
  • Newest Technologies. New homes are more likely to be wired with new technologies in mind, such as high-speed fibre optic Internet, ethernet connections more electrical outlets and cable connections as well as more natural light.
  • Warranties. We offer warranties that protect you, over time. 5-years on  structural, 10-year standard roof, and an engineering warranty. The home’s major appliances and systems also typically include manufacturers’ warranties.
  • Tax Savings. Lower transfer tax because values are often set lower than purchase price when you buy a resale. Resales pay at actual sales price.
  • Large selection of villa models. Choose a floor plan and room layout that meets your needs, but also feel free to make changes to existing floor plans. Our own in-house architects will help you, and it’s a free service that we provide to our customers. You get 3D renderings, and experienced people will guide you through the plans. Our experts will guide you to get the best positioning of your villa regarding breeze, sun, privacy etc. Or maybe you have your own design ideas or found something on internet, and want to start from scratch? We offer free in-house architectural service.
  • Energy and Cost Saving. Electricity is quite expensive in The DR, thus new homes are usually better insulated due to better windows, sliding doors (glass was increased from 3mm to 5mm), more efficient cooling equipment (inverter type AC) etc. Triple electricity supply from: the city, our own solar farm and back-up generators.
  • Less Replacement, Maintenance and Repair Costs. New homes are built with new materials and appliances, so less maintenance is typically required than with resale homes.
  • Proper Structural Plans. All new villas in Casa Linda have their own structural plans. Very important due to possible seismic and wind events.
  • Financing. Casa Linda has built a relationship with Scotia Bank and Banco Popular for “easy” financing. Casa Linda offers bridge financing to pre-approved buyers, and without any closing costs.
  • Everything is New. You don’t inherit the problems of a previous owner. Perhaps they have not done proper maintenance, or they have let the home deteriorate. Many people love that they are their villas’ first owner.
  • Varying selection of lots & sizes. The free architectural plans will also include an in-lot plan for your villa and lot. The “in-lot” plan shows you what will be delivered.
  • Interior Designers. Casa Linda can introduce you to several excellent professionals who can help you get your villa exactly how you envision it, and can offer design details you may not think of.
  • Guaranteed Privacy. All our contracts have a “privacy clause”, which means that we protect the homeowner’s privacy.  Especially important here in the DR, where everything is about outdoor living. Nobody likes it when your neighbour can look into your backyard/pool area. We make sure that cannot happen.

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