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Reasons Why Canadians Retire To The Dominican Republic

Reasons Why Canadians Retire To The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic government has allowed people to retire to the DR since 2007 seamlessly. Law 171-07 was introduced for foreigners to be able to move to the DR by simply providing proof of stable income. You can begin your retirement application to the DR with minimal and straightforward requirements, no matter your age. 

Casa Linda is proud to be one of the most trusted communities in the Dominican Republic that provides our clients with exceptional villas, services and amenities. Read on to learn more about why people, especially Canadians, retire to the DR and choose Casa Linda for their new home. 

Dashing Through The Snow!

The only time the phrase “dashing through the snow” is used in fun and exciting atmosphere is when singing the Christmas carol during the holidays. It’s all fun and games until your car stops working the next day from the extreme cold or you’re shovelling 4-5 inches of snow 6 in the morning to dig your car out of the parking lot. With winter lasting more than six months a year and having snow and windstorms in the spring, Canadians have sought out retirement in a country that offers endless sunny days. 

With beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches and delicious cuisines, the Dominican Republic offers Canadian retirees the perfect retirement destination in the Caribbean. Over 200 days a year, the DR’s climate is sunny and warm, with average temperatures of 82ºF (28ºC) in July and 76ºF (23ºC) in January. Casa Linda’s development will provide you with comfortable homes and great weather all year round. 

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Low Living Costs

The cost of food, services and goods in the Dominican Republic is much lower than in the United States or Canada. Even in large cities like Santo Domingo, living costs are significantly lower than in cities back home. Living off your investments, savings or paychecks can be pretty restricting, especially if you’re on a tight budget. 

However, in the Dominican Republic, your money can last longer, no matter the monthly budget. Not only are the essential utilities and groceries very affordable, but the villas, restaurants and services are also a fraction of the price in Canada. Retirees choose to live a luxurious, affordable lifestyle in the Dominican Republic comfortably without worrying about expensive expenses. 

We Are Family!

Canadians, Americans and Europeans have chosen Casa Linda Quality Communities in the Dominican Republic for many years. The Sousa and Cabarete have been home to all foreign ex-pats for 40 years! Our community includes events, restaurants, clubs and a full-time travel concierge who plans our tours and activities all around the Dominican Republic. Whatever your interests may be, you will find a group to join here in our community. 

Retire with Ease

The Dominican Republic has made the process of retirement very simple. The steps to obtaining Dominican Republic residency are clear and accessible to all foreigners. With every step of the way, Casa Linda will help you escape the cold winters back home and build a new, sunny lifestyle in the DR. 

Contact Casa Linda and discover the Caribbean lifestyle today! We help our homeowners find the perfect villa for their needs and provide them with all the steps necessary to make the move.