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Private Villas in the DR with Casa Linda

Private Villas in the DR with Casa Linda

Looking to escape long dreary winters and settle down in a tropical paradise? The Dominican Republic offers snowbirds, retirees and work from home entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to start fresh and embrace island living at an affordable price. Casa Linda is proud to be one of the DR’s most reputable teams of home builders, and to bring over 30 years of construction experience to the gem of the Caribbean. Our custom villas combine luxury and convenience, giving you the perfect opportunity to start over in paradise.

Learn why you should consider owning a villa in the Dominican Republic below!

No More Cold Weather!

If you’re tired of shovelling, subzero temperatures and long winters that leave you feeling drained, the Dominican Republic has the perfect antidote. With over 300 days of sun a year and daily temperatures averaging around 28°C, you can say goodbye to cold days and bask in the beauty of the tropics. The DR has 1,500 km of stunning white sands to explore, plenty of culture and history, a world class healthcare system, and affordable living for expatriates to enjoy. Whether you’re looking fore the best place to retire or to run your business empire from your cabana (we won’t tell!), Casa Linda is here to help you build the Dominican villa of your dreams.

Build Your Dream Villa

One of the most exciting parts of moving abroad is deciding where to live. The DR offers an affordable cost of living, as well as beautiful homes that don’t force you to go over budget. Casa Linda Quality Communities helps you design and build your luxury villa in the Dominican Republic from start to finish, while also offering a vibrant community of fellow expatriates to settle in with. Our homes are custom made to your tastes, and offer exciting features like:

  • Custom-built pools
  • Fountain
  • Pond
  • Swim-up bar
  • Outdoor Kitchen and entertaining area
  • Carport
  • Guest homes
  • and more!

When building your luxury villa with Casa Linda, you’ll never run out of ways to make your new house truly feel like home! Our team of builders and designers proudly work with our families to create the perfect pace and to ensure that you truly feel like part of the creation process!

Build Your Luxury Villa in the DR with Casa Linda!

Casa Linda Qualities is here to help you through every step you need to build the perfect luxury villa in the Dominican Republic. Contact us today to learn more about our buying process!

Find Your New Home In The Dominican Republic

Find Your New Home In The Dominican Republic

Are you ready to kiss winter goodbye and embrace tropical Caribbean life but need help figuring out where to start? Casa Linda Quality Communities is here to help! For more than 20 years, we’ve helped ex-pats from the US, Canada, and Europe find their new home in the Dominican Republic and here’s how! 

As one of the leading custom builders in the Dominican Republic, we have helped many couples find their dream homes in one of our luxury villas in the Dominican Republic. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing retirement or a fun summer getaway, buying a luxury villa in the Dominican Republic is the perfect place for you! Learn more about our luxury villas in the Dominican Republic below! 

Why Choose the Dominican Republic?

Moving abroad is an exciting adventure, but there’s absolutely no denying that it’s a big decision which needs meticulous planning and preparation. While popular tropical countries in Latin America drive a lot of traffic from foreigners looking to move abroad, the Dominican Republic is often the top destination for investors and retirees. 

Not only does the Dominican Republic have one of the strongest economies in Latin America, but it also offers world-class medical services for all its residents. There are several private clinics and world-class hospitals located in major cities, such as Santo Domingo and Santiago, which carry out many operations and other medical services. All staff and medical professionals communicate in English, making it easier for foreigners to find the assistance they need. 

While there are many benefits to moving to the Dominican Republic, living in an affordable and luxurious villa is what many of our homeowners enjoy! 

Luxury Villas in the Dominican Republic

Residencial Casa Linda is proud to be one of the leading home builders in the Dominican Republic, and we have crafted state-of-the-art luxury villas for owners worldwide. While we offer owners a variety of villa design plans, we also custom-build luxury villas to suit your unique taste and needs. Some of our floor plans include the following:

Villa Capri:

Villa Capri is one of our entry-level villas that offers a spacious design for only 249,000 USD. Featuring two beds, 2.5 baths, an 8,045-gallon pool and a 1,190 ft2 (110 m2) of living space, the modern layout of our Villa Capri is designed to offer owners a luxury villa at an affordable price.

Villa Sunset:

Another affordable luxury villa at Casa Linda is our popular Villa Sunset, for under 229,000 USD. Our innovative and unique design plan features two bedrooms, 2.5 baths, an 8,022-gallon swimming pool and a 1,118 ft2 (103 m2) living space. You can also purchase the extended version of Villa Sunset, which includes a bigger pool and extended living space, for an additional 50,000 USD

Additional Guest House

With many of our owners inviting family and friends over to see the beauty of the Dominican lifestyle, they often request building an additional guest house to offer a private space for relatives and guests. Casa Linda offers three different guest house plans that provide personalized options to suit your needs. 

Join The Caribbean Life Today!

Contact us today to learn more about our luxury villas in the Dominican Republic!  

Luxury Villas in the Dominican Republic

Luxury Villas in the Dominican Republic

Casa Linda Quality Communities has been home to many ex-pats for over 20 years! We not only offer affordable and luxurious villas in one of the most beautiful Caribbean countries, but we are also eager to maintain a strong, friendly and active community where you can make friends, meet new people and enjoy your favourite hobbies with like-minded owners! Learn more about our great community and luxury villas in the Dominican Republic below! 

You’re Never Lonely in Casa Linda Quality Communities

Moving to a new country can be challenging, especially if you’re moving to a place where you don’t have any friends or family around.

At Casa Linda Quality Communities, life is never lonely. We have a full-time travel planner on-site who regularly plans events and tours for owners in Casa Linda. Whether you like to go shopping, take a couple of dance lessons or stay up all night playing games, there’s always an event for you!

We also have a dedicated Facebook Page where owners can communicate with each other and bond over mutual interests — at Casa Linda Quality Communities; there’s always a way for you to meet new people and make new friends. 

The Island Life

As you probably already know, the Dominican Republic’s life is full of sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, but what’s it like living on an island?

The island life is all about enjoying freshly picked fruits and vegetables, exploring the colourful city and spending your nights with friends at good restaurants or backyard BBQs. You’ll also enjoy things like flowers blooming in January, running your lawn mower in February and having late-night summer walks in December. When moving to the Dominican Republic, you’re upgrading your quality of life by replacing a cold and stressful lifestyle with a relaxed and summer-all-year-round Caribbean lifestyle! 

Casa Linda Services

While many of our owners choose to permanently enjoy the island lifestyle, snowbirds tend to visit in the winter months and leave when it gets warmer back home. Both temporary and permanent residents feel safe leaving their luxury villas in our Gated Community as we offer 24-hour security where our trained guards patrol the area 24 hours a day. Whether you’re leaving your villa for a few hours or a few months, you can rest assured that your property is secure and monitored. 

We also offer villa management services where our local management partners ensure that your villa is fully maintained in your absence, including maintaining appliances, pool, roof, plumbing and electrical issues. They also provide housekeeping and pool/garden service from one to six days a week to ensure that your property is properly maintained and ready for you when you return. Our fully staffed administration office is always available on-site and is ready to assist you with any of your needs.

Luxury Villas in the Dominican Republic

For less than 300,000 USD, you can purchase a luxury villa with 1,18.3 ft2 (103.89 m2) living space, two bedrooms, each with a private bathroom and an 8,022-gallon swimming pool! All of our villas are also equipped with a sunbed area and an outdoor bar/ entertainment area where you can host your backyard BBQs, movie nights or pool parties and can be modified to suit your tastes and needs! Check out other villa floor plans and prices here

Live A Life of Luxury with Casa Linda!

Contact us for more information about luxury villas in the Dominican Republic, and if you’re looking to learn more about the island lifestyle, see what our owners have to say

Considering Real Estate in Cabarete? Let Casa Linda Help!

Considering Real Estate in Cabarete? Let Casa Linda Help!

If you have the itch to pack your bags and escape the winter, Casa Linda Quality Communities can help! Our team of experienced in-house architects and designers can assist you in creating a stunning custom luxury villa in the heart of the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic has seen significant economic growth that’s perfect for the savvy investor looking for real estate. If you’re interested in learning more about real estate from Casa Linda, continue reading below!

Safe, Secure, and Stable

Over the last few decades, the government of the Dominican Republic has made significant efforts to improve the country’s GDP growth while also reducing overall poverty levels. This hard work, legal improvements, incentives for economic growth, increase in foreign property ownership and more have created an economically sound country in the Caribbean. All of this work has made the Dominican Republic an island of opportunity. In addition, the DR has comparable and affordable medical care, shopping, and dining services, as you’re already accustomed to. With a favourable currency exchange rate and the help of Casa Linda Quality Communities, you can live on the island in luxury within your means.

Paradise in Cabarete

The Dominican Republic is commonly known for being the heart of the Caribbean. Travelling to and from the island is easy as its ideally located between the North, South, and Central American markets. There are also ten international airports, and five main ports in the DR. Casa Linda villas are located on the island’s northern end. The northern tip is well sheltered from hurricanes and experiences over 200 days of golden sunshine yearly. For nearly 40 years, the community of Cabarete has been home to expats of all walks of life. Casa Linda’s stunning gated community in Cabarete is a homely and welcoming environment with plenty of adventures, food, and shopping to indulge in. So if you’re looking to move abroad to enjoy more sunshine, or you’re looking for a welcoming community to enjoy your retirement Casa Linda is here to help with our stunning luxury villas. 

Luxury Villas from Casa Linda

At Casa Linda, we offer a variety of stunning villa floorplans to suit your every need and unique sense of style. With customization options like swim-up bars, infinity pools, living walls, and so much more, your luxury villa can be a slice of paradise custom fitted just for you. However, suppose you’re planning to live in the DR part-time or are looking to supplement your income. In that case, Casa Linda offers the option of working with an approved Rental Host. That way, while you’re away from the island, your luxury villa can earn you a bit of income on the side. Deciding to invest in real estate abroad can be an expensive and complicated process. Fortunately, the highly experienced team at Casa Linda can assist you every step of the way!

Get Help from the Experts

Living in the Dominican Republic is like a dream come true. With so many opportunities to soak up the sun, go on an adventure, or invest in an additional income stream, your best life is waiting for you on the beaches in Cabarete. Let Casa Linda help you get there; contact our team to learn more about real estate in the Dominican Republic. 

Cabarete is Your Destination for Your Villa in Paradise

Cabarete is Your Destination for Your Villa in Paradise

Over the years, the Dominican Republic has developed into a stunning tropical paradise for expats and visitors. With significant improvements in economic stability, safety, tourism, and overall quality of life, the Dominican Republic is a slice of paradise that you can call home with the help of Casa Linda Quality Communities. At Casa Linda, we have decades of experience helping individuals and families escape the winter and build their perfect luxury villa. Suppose you’ve dreamed of living on a tropical island where the days are long, and the sun shines endlessly. In that case, Cabarete in the Dominican Republic is the place for you! Below we’ll discuss life in Cabarete and how Casa Linda can help make your dreams a reality. Keep reading to find out more!

Sunshine and Sand

Cabarete in the Dominican Republic is located on the island’s northern end, where it is well protected from hurricanes and gets plenty of sunny weather. This cosmopolitan beach village has a bohemian flare and an active community of expats and locals. Cabarete hosts numerous events along the beach like kite and windsurfing schools and competitions. Other activities in Cabarete include paddle boarding, hiking, sightseeing tours, starlight dining, and much more. The town of Cabarete has all of the modern services, shopping, and medical facilities you need to live a quiet, active, and Tranquilo life. At Casa Linda, our gated community in Cabarete is incredibly welcoming. It has been home to expats worldwide for almost 40 years. Whatever your interests, hobbies, or lifestyle, our Casa Linda team is sure you’ll fit right in Cabarete in the Dominican Republic. 

Live in Customized Luxury

If Cabarete sounds like a dream destination, then Casa Linda can make that dream a reality! Our in-house architects and designers team is highly skilled in creating luxury villas in the Dominican Republic. With several different floorplan options to choose from and plenty of additional customizable add-ons, Casa Linda can craft a luxury villa that’s uniquely yours! From guest homes to carports, swim-up bars, and more, your luxury villa in Cabarete can be your tropical island dream home. Our team was once foreign buyers too, so we understand the many complexities of moving to a new country. Between our incredibly welcoming community and our combined experience, we are sure your move to the Dominican republic will be straightforward. That way, you can focus on what matters, such as enjoying your hobbies, getting active, or relaxing on the beach. Let Casa Linda help you every step of the way throughout the buying process! 

Cabarete is Calling You!

At Casa Linda, we believe the most reasonable way to know if you like a place is to give it a test drive. That’s why we offer various rental villas to stay in so you can experience what it’s like to live like an owner. Our stunning villas and incredible expats community will make you feel at home. If you’re ready to check out Casa Linda’s luxury villas in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, contact our team today! Our friendly sales staff look forward to welcoming you to the island.