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Discover Affordable Caribbean Living in The Dominican Republic

Discover Affordable Caribbean Living in The Dominican Republic

Dreaming of achieving the ultimate permanent vacation and retiring abroad in the Caribbean? Whether you’re looking to settle down and relax in paradise or pack your days full of adventure, the Dominican Republic is a picturesque place to call home. As the most visited island in the Caribbean and home to a state of the art medical care system, stable economy and more, the DR is favourite amongst retirees and ex-pats looking to start fresh in a tropical paradise. At Casa Linda, we’re happy to help people from all walks of life discover their own way to escape to the island with luxurious villa living.

As a longtime builder in the northern region of the DR in Cabarete, one of the most common questions our team gets from prospective owners revolves around the cost of living in the Dominican. Naturally, one of the biggest concerns when it comes to relocating is finances, but fortunately for many couples, they find themselves pleasantly surprised to learn that the cost of living in the Caribbean is typically much cheaper than other tropical locations. Below, we’ll explore three of the most common areas of financial interest, as well as what you can expect while living on the island.

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First Things First…

Whenever there’s a discussion regarding something as large as relocating and purchasing a new home abroad, the first step is for all involved parties to have an open, honest, conversation about the realities of their financial situation. Involve your spouse, as well as a financial advisor while drawing up plans to ensure you feel confident and informed moving forward.

Your New Home

Understandably, one of the biggest concerns after choosing a destination to settle down is finding a new home that is both affordable and allows you to maintain, if not improve upon your current standard of living. At Casa Linda, we’re proud to offer state of the art Dominican Republic villas starting at prices as low as $179.6k USD. Located on the northern end of the island, our gated community features ten incredible floor plans to choose from, as well as multiple amenities like 24/7 security, private restaurants, a VIP beach club and more to help guarantee your comfort. Finding a home that accommodates your needs while also giving you plenty of space to enjoy is a breeze with our team!

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Health and Wellness

No matter where you live, healthcare should be a foremost concern, especially if you have existing conditions. This is doubly important when moving abroad as you’ll need to enquire about the quality of care, as well as the languages in which service is offered. The Dominican offers exceptional care on all medical levels, alongside state of the art facilities and highly qualified professionals that offer support in English. As an added benefit, for those moving from the United States, the monthly cost for health insurance can be as low as $100 USD and wait times, as well as procedural costs, are typically much cheaper than they are back home. This means that the Dominican is a safe bet when it comes to taking care of your health today, tomorrow, and in the many years to come!

Everything In Between

Taking care of other daily essentials doesn’t have to break the bank! Another pleasant surprise for new residents of the DR is how much cheaper necessities like meat and dairy, as well as vegetables, are in grocery stores.

Finally, those worried about infrastructure can rest easy. The DR has easy access to high-speed internet, cable television, stable electricity and more. In fact, you’ll largely find that the Dominican is just like home, only warmer!

Ready To Learn More?

Tired of dreaming of palm trees and pina coladas? It’s time to make your vision a reality. Contact Casa Linda today to learn more about taking your first steps, and visit our resource centre for more information now!