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Sunseeker Villa: A Day In The Life

Oct 18, 2023 | Dominican Republic Villas, News

When you own a Sunseeker Villa in our gated community, you have many options for things to do. Starting at just $329K USD, this Casa Linda villa is an affordable investment property. You’ll never get bored between the local shops, activities and beaches, as well as our members-only waterpark, restaurant and community parties! Your day-to-day in your custom Sunseeker Villa can look significantly different, but here is a few ideas of what one day could look like. Keep reading to see what your days could be with the Sunseeker Villa!

Morning: Calm Private Homes

In the Dominican Republic, we live more intentionally and peacefully than most of North America. You’d be free to wake up when your body feels well-rested—and not a moment before. If you get to wake up with the sun, you’ll witness a mirage of magnificent golds, oranges, and maybe even purples and pinks! In your luxury Sunseeker Villa, you have your very own full-service kitchen designed to your liking: a large island and an open-concept kitchen could be exactly your style, which is one of our popular options. Imagine drinking coffee in the warming air in your backyard, next to your 9,500-gallon private pool. Life in the Dominican Republic focuses more on peaceful living, and you can take advantage of that by reading on the side of your Sunseeker Villa’s pool or simply enjoying your homemade breakfast and watching the world wake up.

Afternoon: All the DR Adventures

When you are ready to venture into the community, you may encounter some friendly neighbors that invite you to dine with them at the community restaurant that evening. You can swim in the backyard pool or drive to a beach less than 10 minutes away to fulfill your swimming needs.

If water is not your favorite, many things are happening around the island that you can participate in! Try out some local shops and cafes. If you want to move around the island, there are many things for you to do! Tour cacao farms or caves, try ziplining or horse riding, rent a buggy with your friends, or take a trip on a party boat! The options are endless when you’re in the sun-soaked Dominican Republic. Be sure not to pack in all the activities to one day, as you have all the time in the world to try out everything. The Sunseeker Villa is your home, not a rental. You have all the time to adventure at a steady pace.

Evening: Settle In or Dine Out

When the sun starts to fade, and you’re ready to head back home to your Sunseeker Villa, It’s only a quick ride back. Getting back home already feels restful and rejuvenating, as you’ve created it to feel like home. You can choose to spend the evening eating at the Castaways Clubhouse in the Casa Linda gated community or make yourself comfortable for a night in. With your own private pool, all your basic amenities, and your own TV at home, you may just want to stay in. If you want to go out, you might also attend any events or parties that evening. Themed nights, owner parties, and more constantly happen in the Casa Linda community. It’s up to you to decide what you want to attend.

Now: Get Your Own Slice of Paradise with Casa Linda

Your very own Sunseeker Villa awaits! With fully customizable options including flooring, pool size, bedrooms, and more, you will feel at home in the Dominican Republic! Contact us today to secure your very own villa.

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