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Paradise Awaits in the Dominican Republic

May 6, 2019 | Expat Life

Paradise Awaits in

Dominican Republic

Life in the Dominican Republic couldn’t be more perfect. All that’s missing is… YOU!

At Casa Linda, we know that it takes more than beautifully crafted villas and condos to help make your dream of life in paradise a reality. That’s why we’re proud to have one of the most vibrant and diverse communities of residents on the island! From recent retirees to former veterans, entrepreneurial spirits, and snowbirds eager to escape the winter months, life in Casa Linda is full of friendly faces, along with endless opportunities to be involved.

Learn more about life at Casa Linda from one of our homeowners below!


pierre and sheriMeet Pierre and Sherri

Like many of the couples and homeowners that embrace life in the Dominican Republic, Pierre and his wife Sheri knew they were ready to make a change and get away from the long, cold winters of Ontario, Canada. As a 27 year veteran of the Canadian Forces, Pierre was eager to adopt a more laid back lifestyle and adapt to warmer weather. Similar to many of our homeowners, he and his wife liked to imagine escaping to a tropical paradise, but never dreamed they could own or build a custom home in The Dominican Republic. Little did they know how close the island life was to becoming a reality.

Discovering Paradise

The Casa Linda team met Sheri and Pierre just over seven years ago when they joined us on a vacation specially designed to introduce interested buyers to our properties and community. One of the elements that quickly struck Pierre during his time on the Island was the fact that both Casa Linda’s developers and real estate agents live within the community themselves, and are actively engaged in daily life.

Why does this matter? While many agents and developers may come to the DR as a business opportunity, not everyone chooses to join the community and fully embrace the Island. As your neighbours, we care just as much about the care and development of our properties as you do. That means you can count on Casa Linda to provide an extra level of attention to detail to everything we do.

Pleased by the dedication and quality he found in Casa Linda’s communities, Pierre, like many of our homeowners, fell in love with the Dominican Republic and decided it was time to make Island Life a reality!

Getting Started

Prior to arriving in the Dominican Republic, Pierre and Sheri had done their homework to find out if the Caribbean was the best fit for their lifestyle and needs. Both were pleased to discover that the DR has an incredibly stable democratic system in place, along with the most stable economy in the Caribbean. Since finding adequate healthcare was also a point of consideration, they were pleasantly surprised to find that the DR has an incredibly advanced medical care system with exceptionally trained professionals and treatment available… often with shorter wait times than at home!

With their minds made up and a vision of their dream custom home in mind, Pierre and Sheri took the plunge and haven’t looked back since. For the past seven years, they have been proudly escaping to their private slice of paradise, and have been happily dividing their time between Canada and the DR equally for the last three.


The Best Neighbors On The Island

As active members of our community, Pierre and Sheri are a wonderful example of just how outgoing and friendly Casa Linda residents are. Since adopting the Island Lifestyle (or, Life Tranquilo, as we like to say!) they’ve constantly found themselves surprised by how welcoming the locals are, and just how much there is to explore! Whether you like to be in the heart of the action or put your feet up at home, there’s something here for everyone. As Pierre will tell you, for those looking to adjust to to a laidback, easygoing culture, the Dominican Republic is the perfect fit!

Are you ready to take the first steps to life in paradise? Contact Casa Linda to learn more about creating your dream home in the Dominican Republic today! Hear more about life in the DR from Pierre and Sheri via the video below (it’s a few years old now)!

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