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An Overview of Citizenship in the Dominican Republic

Are you considering moving somewhere where snow and ice are a thing of the past? The Dominican Republic is an incredibly welcoming country for expatriates, foreign investors, and retirees looking for sunshine and beautiful beaches. At Casa Linda, we can assist you throughout your residency process and provide you with the luxury villa of your dreams. Below we’ll discuss our villas and the permanent residency process in the Dominican Republic. Continue reading to learn more!

Permanent residency in the Dominican Republic is a means for foreign investors to gain legal status as full-time residents of the DR. Individuals with PR status are granted privileges and benefits over those visiting on a visa. It’s also essential for those looking to retire in the DR or live on the island year-round.
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Villa Capri, Casa Linda Villas

The Dominican Republic’s residency application process is reasonably straightforward. You have two options to consider for permanent residency: provisional residency or citizenship via investment. A provisional residency allows you to apply for permanent residence after four years of living in the country with a visa. Citizenship via investment grants you residency through investing in real estate or government funds. Once you purchase a property that has been government-approved and valued at at least $200,000 USD, you must continue to own the real estate for four years. After that, you’ll be granted full residency and access to several benefits!

Throughout the residency process, you’ll have to provide several documents to the government of the Dominican Republic. These documents are necessary to prove that you are in good health, able to sustain yourself, and have a clean criminal record. Working with a trusted immigration lawyer can make the process easier and avoid potentially costly errors. Casa Linda can assist you in recommending a reputable immigration lawyer.

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