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Dominican Republic Villas: Expectation Vs. Reality

Jul 26, 2023 | Dominican Republic Villas, News

You’ve probably dreamed of retiring to a home on an island at one point or another. But dreams are sometimes crushed by what we perceive to be the reality. Is your fear of the unknown stopping you from pursuing your dream of buying a Dominican Republic villa? Do you believe the myths that others tell you? Casa Linda is here to restore your dreams of the Dominican Republic (DR) to their former glory. Read on to debunk some of the expectations that stop people from pursuing their island dreams.

Expectation #1: I’ll Be Isolated and Bored

This is not true! If you’ve ever been on a tropical vacation, you know that there is always something to do if you ask. This is the same principle we apply to our gated community. With every Dominican Republic villa comes a friendly community of people just like you looking to make friends through any of our many entertaining events or in one of the fun onsite amenities. Eat your dinner at sunset in our Castaway’s Clubhouse and Eatery after a long day in the Waterworks Amenities Park with your loved ones. If a morning stroll on the beach is your speed, you’ll love the copious stretches of sand at your disposal. For the more active souls, try water skiing, surfing, or any of our other plentiful activities ready for you to take on. You’re sure to make friends, no matter which of the activities you participate in! If you need a day in but still itch for a good swim, enjoy your own private pool from the comfort of your Dominican Republic villa.

Expectation #2: It Costs Too Much

Instead of throwing away the money you worked for into resort vacations, why not invest your money in a Dominican Republic villa? You will be saving (and perhaps making) money with your property! At Casa Linda, we understand that shelling out a lump sum for a new property is not financially doable for many people, which is why we offer mortgage financing by two means: using your current equity and taking out a new mortgage with a DR-local bank. Buying a property is an investment, meaning there’s a chance that you will see a raise in property value over time.

When you get here, you’ll discover that the USD and CAD currencies are higher in value, meaning that your hard-earned money will take you further. The US dollar is currently sitting at a ratio of about 1:54, meaning you get about 54 Dominican Pesos for only $1 USD. Pretty good, right?

Expectation #3: The Dominican Republic Is Dangerous

The DR is not dangerous! While all countries have areas one should avoid—the Dominican Republic is no different— it is rare that a Casa Linda resident will run into trouble. Our gated community, guarded by 24-hour security guards, provides a safe space for you to feel at home and comfortable in your Dominican Republic villa. Locals love foreign investors and will more than likely try to be your friend! If you act with the same precautions you would do at home, you should be safe. Should you have any security concerns, please bring them up to our dedicated Owner’s Liaison.

Weather safety is something we take seriously at Casa Linda. Tropical areas are prone to hurricanes, but our community locations are situated in the north, where there has never been a recordable hurricane! Rest peacefully knowing that our worst weather is beautiful tropical rain.

Discover The Dominican Republic For Yourself

At Casa Linda, we do everything in our power to help create a beautiful atmosphere that you would love to take part in. If you’re ready to join the tropical community of your dreams, contact us today!

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