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Dental Work in Dominican Republic

Mar 27, 2019 | Expat Life, Health and Wellness in Dominican Republic


Dental Work 

in Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is a  top “tooth tourism” destination, meaning people travel here specifically to get dental work done.  Dentistry is one of the well-studied subjects for those who attend Dominican universities. You can get great service from a cleaning to up to cosmetic dentists who cater to tourists looking for less expensive veneers and other esthetic dentistry procedures.

The Cost of Dental Work in Dominican Republic 

The prices for dental work are a fraction of what North Americans are used to. As an example, a cleaning is about $25, and a crown $400. If you live here, you can add dental to your health care policy.

Quality of Care and Service

Some people expect that the type of care you’ll receive will be about 30-years behind the times. Not true!  Expect the same level of care as your home country with modern equipment like xrays right from the dental chair and even the tv in the ceiling to amuse you during a procedure! Dentists and their staff give great care and most are English speaking in this area of DR.

Where to Go

In this article, we will be offering the names of some dentists along the North Coast of the Dominican Republic who come highly recommended by their patients. Bear in mind that we can only give a snapshot here and many other excellent dental practitioners are also available in these areas.


Located in Plaza Mazur in Sosua, Dr. Monica Garcia runs a dental clinic that comes highly recommended by the expat community who have found her work to be comparable to that of dentists back in Canada and elsewhere. Her prices are reasonable and fair, and her practice is easily accessible in town. (809-571-9949)

Also located in Sosua, CentroDental run by Dr. Wendy Juma is a well-established, reputable professional practice that is equally quality and reasonably priced. Her work is exceptional and well-known within the expat community. (809-571-2767).


The Dental Clinic Cabarete is probably one of the bigger dental practices in the area. As a top destination for tooth tourists, the Clinic offers all forms of dental hygiene from cleaning to root canals, crowns,veneers and more. They offer services in English, Spanish and German to accommodate their international clientele and offer up to 50% reduced prices from typical dental work of the same calibre in the United States and Canada. (809-519-1863)

Servi Med Dental Clinic is also a large practice in Cabarete that serves an international clientele with top-quality services. Located at Plaza Casa Laguna, it is easily accessible and open during the week. (809-571-0964).

Puerto Plata:

Located on Calle Duarte in Puerto Plata, Dr. Freddy Lepe offers the full-spectrum of dental services at a fraction of the cost that foreign nationals are accustomed to back home. Originally from Central America, while raised and educated in the United States, Dr. Lepe speaks perfect English so you have access to the information you need and can be put at ease if visiting the dentist makes you nervous!

Dr. Jose Alberto Reyes is also sought-after for his quality professional work and modern, up-to-date facility. He also speaks English if you would prefer to communicate in your mother tongue for ease of service.

Wherever you decide to go for your dentistry needs, know that you are in safe hands! You will likely need to budget a bit more time than you are used to got your appointment as dentists in the Dominican Republic tend to go over their times and run late for their scheduled appointments during the day – the perfect opportunity to put your new “tranquilo” attitude into practice!

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